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  1. The move to retain Bowles was an underrated mistake IMO. Although I think part of that decision was based on going after Cousins in the offseason. If you recall Jeremy Bates was a Mike Shannahan guy and was elevated in OC in part to attract Cousins to the Jets. Retaining Bowles allowed the Jets to sell “stability” to Kirk. Entrusting Todd Bowles; a defensive coach on the hot seat, to oversee the development of Sam Darnold in his rookie year was a big mistake. Had Sam been paired as a rookie with a coach like Frank Reich who knows how things could have turned out.
  2. Makes sense for Jacksonville. He is a god over there.
  3. Not happening with this WR/TE/QB combination. If you want a running game you need to find a capable passing offense.
  4. If the opposing teams best pass rusher moves the the right side that is a win for the offense. The QB can see him rushing from the right side. That is why left tackle is more valuable than right .
  5. So many to choose from, but I narrowed it down to these five. To me it was ownerships decision to allow McCagnan a “do over” after the 2016 season.
  6. Which was ridiculous. Jared Goff ran the same offense at Cal and was drafted number 1 overall.
  7. Will it even be Douglas’s decision? A lot of this will depend on the HC the Johnsons hire.
  8. It seems like both of those franchises hit absolute home runs with their head coaching hires.
  9. Fitz was moving down the field like he was playing against air. They weren’t stopping him in a 2 minute drill. It was just as tough for him to gain 40 yards on two plays.
  10. What is he going to do? His defense stinks and he knows it. If he gave Fitzy 90 seconds he would have scored a TD.
  11. How many times did Bowles/Gase pull Darnold for ineffective play?
  12. If you look at the QBs who have been most successful recently it’s been the guys with the elite physical traits. Watson, Jackson, Mahomes, Allen, Herbert.
  13. Just don’t see it with him. I think the fact that Mac Jones came out of nowhere and put up a heisman season tells you all you need to know about QBing at Alabama.
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