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  1. Seriously. You don’t think Justin would put up numbers in this situation?
  2. Fields is the superior talent. Is Wilson a big ten champion?
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Dorrell He was with the Jets from 2015-2018 and did a great job with WRs. Spent last year as AHC with the Dolphins under Flores. Currently HC of Colorado and has them 4-1 in his first season. Not sure if he would leave the Buffs after one season, but would be an interesting candidate.
  4. Interesting that a lot of fans are advocating for the Jets to do the same thing they ridiculed gettleman for three years ago.
  5. What’s the rush? The only QB they have under contract beyond next year is James Morgan! You want to say Lawrence is “generational”? Fine, will next years crop really be better than Fields, Wilson, Lance, Trask, Jones, etc.? The Jets are in position to take one of these guys without having to trade up. Unlike Sam the Jets will have plenty of draft capital to build around the new QB. They can get a good prospect at another position with Seattle’s pick or the first pick in the 2nd round. It certainly is enticing to draft a blue chip prospect at another position, but until you have a Q
  6. So what is your plan at QB? Now the Jets can only take “generational” QB prospects? No, they are going to have to settle for a worse QB prospect that they will likely need to trade up for.
  7. This was the exact thought process in 2017 and how did that workout? The Jets are sitting at the top of the draft and do not have trade up. Take the QB!
  8. Wilson is not in Fields class as far as talent goes. I think Wilson will be a solid/Daniel Jones type QB. Better than Darnold, but not upper echelon.
  9. There is no guarantee they will be in position next year to draft a top QB. Also among the top projected 2022 QBs is USCs Kedon Slovis.
  10. If the Jets run it back with Sam next year I am done. Did you watch him play this season? What more do you need see? Let some other team try and fix him. He is done here.
  11. So because Dwayne Haskins and Art Schlichter didn’t pan out Justin Fields will be a bust? What Texas Tech QB did well in the NFL before Mahomes? What about Clemson QB before Watson? Under Jim Tressel OSU was never an attractive destination for a QB recruit with pro aspirations given his style of play (ball control/defense). Meyer and Day have opened things up and now OSU is getting elite QB talent to Columbus.
  12. He carved up Wisconsin, Penn St, and Michigan last year which had good defenses. Indiana and Northwestern had good game plans and Day was slow to adjust. I don’t blame Fields for either game.
  13. I actually thought Darnold looked better his rookie year and they were pretty close last year. Obviously this season Allen has emerged into a stud and Darnold likely played himself out of a job.
  14. I am curious to see how the team responds for this win. I’m expecting them to revert back to looking like crap on Sunday.
  15. The Jaguars probably need Lawrence more than the Jets do given the state of their organization from a fan interest/engagement standpoint. As much as their ownership group probably wants to lose it is a tough thing to control. It’s the NFL. Even the backups are among the top 1 percent of football players in the world. The players and coaches are going to try to win and play well.
  16. I mean the Jets are playing a ton of backups as is and handing the ball off to Frank Gore is incredibly “pro-tank”. I don’t think you can underestimate how badly the Rams screwed us.
  17. Jag coach and QB, but they could be good together. Romans offense worked well for Kaepernick, Tyrod Taylor, and Lamar Jackson. Mariota has more passing ability than all those guys.
  18. I think Roman and Fields could work as well. I still think Roman and the monster oline is a good move.
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