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  1. That was gruesome looking. Hit rewind on the DVR. 300lb DT fell on his leg and it snapped in half.
  2. I got the under. Banking on Dimes cementing his legacy as a BUM and WFT wins 30-10 or 27-10. After that 1st drive I may have made a mistake betting with Heineken.
  3. I miss the guy before Bob W. He had a great radio voice. That was when I first started being a Jets fan so forgive me for not knowing his name. He was gone the next season I think. That old guy that used to do the college games was pretty good. Whoa nelly! He used to say. I like the old school style of commentating. Now a days announcers just talk incessantly to fill the dead air.
  4. Fair point. I sincerely apologize. To be fair I was born with more teeth than a normal human and my momma says that's why I'm so ornery.
  5. Maybe I overreacted. But all the negative hate speech after the CAR game really chaps my ass. I could understand if it was quarter/mid way of the season and they are looking like Crazy Eyes Jets but its only 1st game. I have faith in the CS that they will readjust and figure out how to strengthen the OL. Maybe Becton going down is blessing in disguise and the whole unit plays better Sunday.
  6. So much this. I've been silent this whole time after week 1 but holy sh*t is this board insufferable. It's one ******* game you ******* pussies. They showed promise. They stood up and fought. This team is going to get better. If you can't see that from the CAR game then you should watch NASCAR or something you ******* dolts.
  7. Line and wr not doing the kid any favors, constantly pressured and 3 drops. Kid is balling out there...and Holy sh*t that punt!
  8. He definitely was a surprise in 2019 but his level of play fell off a cliff in 2020 but I regress...I think we'll be fine without him.
  9. LOL I read that (tweet) thinking that his take on MIA makes everything else he says irrelevant or at least that is how the tweeter made it seem.
  10. Add to that the two Bryce's (Huff and Hall) Sheesh...
  11. Watching the replay and JJ looks as one poster said "capable." We are sufficient at QB. We have WAY bigger needs to fill.
  12. Missed 1st Q. Cliffs on Wilson and 1st team O and D?
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