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  1. Even more bizarre is all the articles The Athletic ran about Ryan being Stafford 2.0. They almost had me believing it.
  2. When Mike White left for college he told his father, "You're the man of the house now."
  3. Let the record reflect i have always been impartial to the best interests of the team.
  4. Moore wasn't kidding about God. He really do be coming through.
  5. Wow! Crazy what happens when you stand tall and let the play develop.
  6. How does this staff not see this? Maybe some politics in play there.
  7. I'm going to do a reverse SOJ fan and turn off the game early and watch some World Cup instead. I'm so confident this W is in the bag. See ya boys next week!
  8. "You guys gave up 10 points on the first two possessions. Do you feel like you let Mike White and the offense down?" Defense: "No."
  9. Not yet. I'll bet on the Bears not sustaining this offense all game.
  10. 3 points allowed 1st Q by the D. Can we relax a little please?
  11. I'm trying to remember why his name sounds so familiar. Is this true? Lol
  12. It's been quite a ride. I've been.a staunch supporter of Fidelio takes at times and have disagreed completely at times. I like you a lot as a poster because I think our faith and support for Zach came from the same place. I checked out during the COVID year and became very apathetic towards watching them play. The only sense of hope I felt as a fan was to get TL and start over again. When that plan foiled I put my faith and optimism into Zach and was excited when he got drafted even though I knew nothing about him aside from some highlight compilations on YouTube. Zach brought back the die hard fan inside of me that got buried post Rex. I really wanted him to be the franchise and succeed and at times I really thought he could pull it off eventually. I'm just know finding out about the switch and obviously after Mondays presser it's not a surprise but still a shock to me. Bittersweet ending to the Zach era but it was time. I had given up after the first NE game, regained hope after Buffalo but last game was the final nail in the coffin. Anyways, big ups to you FidelioJet and bring on the White era!
  13. Who in the NFL would you consider a gunslinger? I'm curious to know who the comp would be for Zachs "natural" playstyle.
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