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  1. If he finishes the half with a couple more 3 and outs I don't see how you can send him back out for the 2nd half.
  2. And thsts the drive that ends his career. Sad to see him fall apart before our very eyes. That was just pathetic by him.
  3. Mind-boggling decision by Zach but why not just HB draw and play it safe. Making the kid try to convert a 3&17 on our own 20 is bad decision making.
  4. Carter run and ensuing TD got my hyped. As much as I pile on the team I just want to see them WIN! It brings me JOY!
  5. Dolphins home field advantage will be a factor today. Srsly, what a pathetic franchise and fan base.
  6. He had the audacity to high five players after their last score. You think Billy Bob would be high fiving the offense and patting Mac Jones on the ass after they score a garbage TD down 35 points? Being some ego less buddha is pretty cool and admirable in the real world but in competitive sports you need to have ego, you need heart, you need that fire, that I want to destroy your world and chew your ******* face off killer instinct. Saleh needs to toughen the **** up. He acts like a pussy.
  7. Same here. He took a snap in that game under center and immediately tripped over his own feet and I remember thinking, "Tom Brady would never fall on his ass like that." Unfortunate but it is what it is.
  8. LMAO this Josh Allen to Josh Allen meta is hilarious
  9. Why isn't Zach with the QBs or is it frowned upon for non active players to be near active players?
  10. Someones getting fired after this...Why why WHY did I let myself get excited for this game? Why?!?!? Why am I so ******* naive?
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