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  1. The virtue signaling in here is nauseating. **** the Dolphins and **** their fans.
  2. That's awesome. Glad the Rangers won. I was a big hockey fan back in the 90s/early 200s when Devils were snatching up Stanley Cups every few years. After that one lockout and NHL getting dropped off ESPN I stopped watching completely. I did watch game 6 though and I threw my hands up and fist pumped in celebration when NY scored the game winner with 120 secs left. I hope they go all the way. There's few atmospheres better in sports than a packed MSG rooting their home team towards a championship.
  3. I'm expecting more of Tampa Bay Zach and less of New Orleans Zach.
  4. I walked away from the PC while on this post. My kids walked by and saw my screen. Needless to say I had a lot of explaining to do.
  5. This is the most positive post I have seen from you in, well, forever. Did someone hack your account?
  6. We did it boys. We did it. A toast, to Joe Douglas. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
  7. @BronxAnd the New York Jets select, Fullback... "OHHHH NOOOOO!" LMAO that was hilarious.
  8. lol I just pictured that South Park episode where one of the dads gets COVID by f***ing some monkey or something in China after getting high on drugs. Lets go Zachey boy!
  9. I wouldn't call it meaningless. They can work on timing and stuff like back shoulder throws and get on the same page on what they expect each other to do in certain situations eg when a play breaks down go this way and I'll go that way. I, for one, love to see it.
  10. Tough crowd. My apologies. Dumb joke.
  11. Didn't see the Oscars. Wouldn't be caught dead watching it. Besides, it was on at the same time as Real Housewives of New Jersey and I never miss an episode.
  12. Hill is going to put up career numbers with Tua and Doogie Howser the HC next year
  13. Not really mad. I think Moore can eventually become as dynamic as Hill and Brax is already a poor mans Hill. We got enough sub-6' WRs. I want a damn power forward. No more point guards.
  14. Pass. Elbows are too pointy.
  15. I remember watching a NFL Films video of Wentz mic'd up and there was a part where he came up to the bench and basically told Foles and some other dude to move out of the way because that was his spot. I remember thinking what a fkg prima donna douche bag. The locker room cancer stuff is talked about too much to be untrue.
  16. He would be the best commentator they have had since I can't even remember. They have been bad for a long time. The current group is okay but nothing special.
  17. Wow that's cool. We have a family friend that works at BMW also. He's been there for over 10 years. I lived there around 10 years after you and Spartanburg was already having that city feel to it. I spent most of my time in Greenville though and still have a soft spot for Clemson and USC football. A lot of good memories from that time.
  18. Ohyeah. Lots of growth. I still have family out there.
  19. I say we go mostly O. I know I know, our D was atrocious but even as bad as they were they showed a lot of toughness at times and were not done any favors by the offense. Many games the TOP was embarrassingly lopsided leading to the unit getting fatigued much faster. I think the defense can be competitive with only 1 or 2 upgrades. The offense needs about 5 or 6.
  20. The Carolinas are pretty nice. I lived there for a couple years. Winters are a breeze compared to the northeast. I remember my first Thanksgiving there it was 80 degrees. I thought that was really strange. I lived in Spartanburg county which isn't too far from Asheville. Decent area. A lot of well built and affordable housing in Edward Scissorhand cookie cutter clone subdivisions if that's your cup of tea.
  21. Not true. Defense still has a job to do.
  22. Feel bad for Allen. Their D folded like a lawn chair.
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