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  1. maybe he is mocking the Patriots, trying to send a message that they are not getting a good QB this year?
  2. reality check: folks on here who justify fields are clearly those who are so proud of the jets after their last 2 wins...but they'll be back here moaning and groaning next year....self-fulfilling prophecy...
  3. some say that he would rot in on the dysfunctional jets but I see it the other way around, he'll rot on a small market team ranked at the bottom in terms of fan base ratings
  4. who cares if he's a republican? Josh Allen is a racist (and dont tell me hes changed, racists dont change-they just do it covertly), he apologized and no one cares....ridiculous.
  5. im sure his friends do. I'm sure his pitch is pretty convincing. Besides $, there is absolutely no incentive for players with deep talent to play for the Jets, at least in the short term.
  6. Jamal stated that the Jets were at the root of his depression. Do you really think he's going to recommend any of his friends to stay on the team? Get it yet?
  7. Jamal blamed his depression on the Jets. You think he'll convince anyone to stay with the Jets? Im sure that he said: "You have so much talent, you have to get out of that scrub team." We all say such things to friends and family who are talented and stuck in bad jobs.
  8. you answered why they are keeping Darnold next year
  9. Mehki will be out of NY in a seci, enjoy him for 2 more season as it's guranteed that he'll be looking for a way out like Jamal. What do you think Jamal whispered to him on the field? "You gotta get out of there bro."
  10. as i said, a selfish win...and next year they'll be wondering why they suck, and the year after that all the rookies will be wanting out of the Jets' contracts. and the cycle continues....
  11. for those are all about the "We don't tank...we play to win the game"...what did we exactly win? Nothing! We got nothing. And by Monday morning this game is forgotten as they "study film" of the next opponent. Also, the probability of Gase and Darnold staying next year is now highly likely. There's absolutely no reason to look for a new coach and Qb next year. It's the same old "lets see what happens" next year mentality. And with that in mind, we're not attracting anyone.
  12. The rams lost, there’s nothing that smells like a win here. You’re in denial. What did they win? Respect? Please, this game will be forgotten by morning. There’s nothing attractive about the Jets to anyone. Lawrence was a lure.
  13. Nobody with a name Zach will be winning QB in the league. Just like when you never bet on a grey horse.
  14. People complain that we need coaches and supporting actors before a QB. Grow up. Did Brady play right away? No, you stash gold and keep it until it’s showtime.
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