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  1. Firefighters should be paid more, yes. What's your point?
  2. The Dunkin' Donut lady should have bargaining power as well.
  3. Well, when pretty much every post about his pro day is accompanied by a mention of him wearing shorts, it makes me wonder if there isn't a Freudian analysis to be made.
  4. That's not sellable? The virus is still spreading in the community and the players have the right to say no to voluntary offseason workouts. What's there to dispute here?
  5. This is about utilising your labour rights and protecting your health. I think that's pretty fair.
  6. Bunch of sissies for standing up for what they believe is right? That's absurd.
  7. If the players have bargaining power, why shouldn't they use it to protect themselves?
  8. The union defends its members, by asserting the voluntary character of the offseason workouts and expresses that there is not a real need for it. I'm not really sure, how you can take from that, that the NFLPA only defends the top players of the league.
  9. If you can improve your defence significantly with he addition of 1 player, you do it imo. You can add the same value to the OL with the following picks as you would with the 23rd.
  10. As it was pointed out to you with the help of statistics, a top 10 Cornerback adds much more value to a team then a top 10 tackle or a top 10 IOL. The matter of fact, is that a top 10 CB is worth almost 0.2 WAR on average then your top 10 OL (per PFF https://www.pff.com/news/draft-why-positional-value-matters-in-the-nfl-draft). As opposed to the CB position, the efficiency of an OLineman is not measured based on the talent of one individual, but of the unit as a whole. No matter how talented you are, if the unit has weak spots, it doesn't make a difference for your quarterback if you ar
  11. I don't even think it was racism, it was only Dan Orlovsky being a terrible person and showing his true face.
  12. Weirdly enough he ranks second in Qb rating under pressure. But you obviously have seen something that others haven't.
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