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  1. Don't you understand? This man was another victim of the elites who planned to kill us with Microsoft microchips in order to hide the origin of this virus. Isn't that obvious? A more conspiratorial take would try to creat some kind of correlation between obesity an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. But I guess we can't trust medical experts
  2. Wouldn't streng of schedule impact this analysis?
  3. Humm. Those damn players that have been coached by him must be all lying about him being pretty competent at his job.
  4. What the **** is Zach Wilson still doing on the field? Flacco or Streveler give us a better chance.
  5. This is horrifying. It's unbelievable how out of sync Zach is with his receivers. Is he really our best option in a must win game?
  6. Lions were favourites against the Vikings this past week as well.
  7. Young just implied our HC is an idiot, who runs the team according to his feelings, when he is the one making claims that are a complete abstraction from reality. What an amazing analyst.
  8. It's been an amazing season and we are in a good position to make the playoffs. Anyone that was expecting this, suffered from irritant optimism. Realistically we shouldn't be this ahead in the rebuild. Congratulations to Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh.
  9. Oh well. It was always going to be a tough game. Considering that we had bizarre success ratio in the RedZone, i'm not very worried about making the playoffs.
  10. To the reigning MVP with a 2 year contract. Yes, I wouldn't have any issue with it, especially with how young of a roster we have.
  11. "Caesars CEO Tom Reeg became the latest executive to criticize NY’s 51% tax rate for online sports betting, when he recently told LSR the structure was “ridiculous.” 😂
  12. He is throwing to the worst receiving corps in the league. He is the current MVP. Would love to see him play for us.
  13. I understand that, but from what I've read in the past he is on medication. Not that it really matters, because that is his of his private life. But I was just discussing the NFL's position on this.
  14. He has been diagnosed, I don't think there is any issue regarding that.
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