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  1. Wait, are the Jets not getting anyone else if they get Deshaun?
  2. No, that's goes against league rules. I'm pretty sure the Jets can't speak with Watson before they speak with the Texans.
  3. I don't even mind Darnold and I think he has the capacity to play adequately at his level. Nonetheless we are talking about someone who has 99% chance of being a hall of famer. It's crazy that people would pass on him when there is an opportunity like this and the Jets have the capital to still be ok after the an hypothetical trade.
  4. He's not a very good QB, he is Elite. Would you pass on a 25 year old Aaron Rogers?
  5. They could take Wilson, but we'll see. I just don't think the Jets can afford to lose the opportunity of adding Watson, considering that we have the capital to do so.
  6. Watson is an MVP calibre player, who is only 25. He will be one of the top 3 QBs for the next decade and the Jets have the ammunition to get him and still be in a relatively comfortable position when it comes to the Draft.
  7. It isn't what? Do you think anyone can offer more than that?
  8. Yes, that. 3 first rounders, being one of them a 2nd overall would be a pretty good offer for Watson imo. If the situation is as dire as everyone seems to be making it, I don't think the Texans could get a better offer than this.
  9. And the Jets could easily outmatch any offer considering on how much draft capital we are sitting on ATM
  10. Three firsts woud be pretty fair. 2020, 2021, 2022 and we still would have legitimate draft capital to improve the receiving core and O-Line.

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