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  1. Wow, the glorious STEM! That must have really shown those sociologists!
  2. You should do a bit of reading. Like seriously, it will help you to understand a bit on colective identities and their dynamics in society. What you said, doesn't really make any sense - even considering it's sarcasm. It just demonstrates that you have no idea what you are taking about.
  3. What made you this sour? I think it's quite fascinating that you can't understand the importance of this announcement - when it is the first time an NFL comes out as gay. Do you understand how big it is for someone to feel comfortable in their own skin. And how that opens the path for people who are openly gay, to not be affraid of playing this sport? The repercussions are massive. On your rant on remembrance/celebratory days - do you think it would be ok for veterans day to not be celebrated? Or the 4th of July?
  4. He always sucked in coverage excluding the year where he was one of the best in the league. Makes sense.
  5. A piss take would be not to look at the numbers of numbers of yards allowed per catch, which is exactly something that you are doing. More, Jamal was an all-pro and Seattle paid two rounds for him. Please tell me how he was a disaster in coverage with those accolades.
  6. That's ludracris. Jamal excelled in coverage in 2019 and we all know how productive he was as a pass rusher. "Receivers catching passes against Adams in 2019 gained just 4.5 yards per target, and Adams' 0.31 yards per coverage snap is in the top fourth of the league at his position." https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-examining-jamal-adams-value-and-potential-landing-spots
  7. To be honest, didn't find anything with Sanchez.
  8. I would say the majority of comedies today, wouldn't be aired back in the day because of references to sex and violence. It goes both ways lol
  9. Sanchez had one of the best, if not the best roster in the league. Darnold had one of the worst, if not the worst roster in the league. Is that not relevant? Even the receivers had better seasons under Darnold then under Sanchez, even taking into account how much worse the group is, the lack of an elite running game and one of the best OL units in the league.
  10. Sanchez was carried in 3 out of his 4 playoff wins. With a competent QB the Jets would have at least one superbowl appearance in that span.
  11. Everyone agreed that Darnold was good enough to be drafted in the first round. The league seems to still be high on him. Taking that into account, there is at least a case to be made when it comes to Darnold. It's pretty consensual that Darnold's evolution as a football player was stunted by pretty adverse circumstances. Like, Darnold was miles ahead of Mark Sanchez in his first and second years, with clearly inferior roster. There is definitely potential for him to play at a competent level, it will depend on him now.
  12. Fields strikes me as a very serious person, the other guys were just bantering.
  13. Is there other form of fandom? I can't count the amount of times I've cried while watching teams that I support.
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