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  1. You say that as if the guy didn't have a pretty good rookie season..
  2. Do you need for someone to be convicted in court to have an opinion over their character? The messages that were leaked last year and his connections are more than enough for me to form an opinion. If he gets convicted or not is irrelevant for that.
  3. People can make moral judgements regardless of proofs that would be accepted in court. Ethics are not the law and vice-versa.
  4. I think restructuring the whole roster and putting us in a position where there is plenty of young talent everywhere, is a bit more than just being cost effective.
  5. He needs to be average, and that's the bare minimum.
  6. Zach Wilson not taking a leap, is not enough of a reason to fire Douglas. I would say it's exactly the inverse, the rest of the roster needs to be above average - because if it's not, he's gone.
  7. Even if Wilson doesn't become an above average starter in the NFL, Douglas still has my confidence. I believe he has been competent and did put us in a pretty good place roster wise.
  8. People have the right to make a moral judgement.
  9. It was a guard though that every draft analyst defined as a solid starter from day one with pro-bowl potential. The Jets with a Rookie QB, had to solidify the unit. I think that the whole lack of nuance surrounding the analysis of the trade, by ignoring anything but positional value will always lead to a incomplete assessment.
  10. In the Vacuum it's not. AVT was more important for the Jets than for any other team. It was absolutely necessary for the Jets to find someone cheap and ready to plug and play, in order to stabilise the unit. Two third rounds is something that I'll gladly pay for certainty in the position.
  11. That's why I find it weird last that last year's trade up for AVT was criticized. Like, the Jets needed to improve there OLine and there was no one else that was as a sure thing as AVT was. You could not get someone as cheap, young and capable on free agency to have such an effect on the team.
  12. Simms said alot of teams had him on their top 10. Have to impact as well that teams go to the draft with different needs.
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