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  1. Wilson has been quite disappointing when it comes to his accuracy on short and intermediate pasdes. I was not expecting this at all. We all know that he wasn't lighting up the middle of the field at BYU, but he was pretty consistent on the out routes. I'm definitely concerned about this.
  2. Is Mike White throwing to RBs when they are in a position to gain yards something bad? I really don't understand the logic here. He did what he was suppose to, which is keep moving the offense. That happened against Indy as well, and i don't think it's hard to see that he has ran the offense more efficiently than Zach.
  3. I don't understand how anyone would look at both Mike White and Wilson and think that the latter has played better. I think that Wilson has superlative talent, nonetheless he has been pretty inefficient when it comes to execute the offense.
  4. Games are games. Rookie Qbs will always be riding a rollercoaster, unless they are an absolute anomaly. And I agree with that assertion - that Fields played pretty well on the second half. Still would take Zach Wilson over Fields though.
  5. Nah, just incompetent refs. Match fixing is more of an old continental European tradition lol
  6. I actually thought Robert Saleh's answer was pretty coherent and elucidating, if Mike White plays better than Zach Wilson and it gives the team a better chance to win, why should you commit to the latter? Saleh wants to win games and create a winning culture.
  7. I absolutely agree with that and it's something that i've never understood in the NFL. Literally in every other sport, competition is perceived as a necessity in the locker room, since the objective is to win - always! And not trying to develop an individual that might not even benefit the team. Even though I was for giving the starting job to Zach to show is worth, if there is a Qb that gives more chances of winning the game, i don't see how you would prefer someone who hasn't been able to execute the game plan efficiently. Teams compete to win, not to be in perpetual developing mode.
  8. He seems a better fit for the lafleur scheme than Zach at this point, taking the easy throws, keeping plays in structure etc. Zach needs to trust the gameplan more instead of trying to create, which is an issue in the NFL if you are a rookie. As uber talented as he is, he needs to understand that easy throws are the go unless you are in desperation time.
  9. That's pretty much it. Whoever gets wins and the Offense going, gets my support
  10. Seems a bit hard to not give Mike White a couple more chances, even if it only serves the purpose of testing him or building trade value.
  11. More then funny, seems to be logical given the strict rules regarding that.
  12. I can make this pass and I've thrown a football about 50 times in my life.
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