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  1. To the reigning MVP with a 2 year contract. Yes, I wouldn't have any issue with it, especially with how young of a roster we have.
  2. "Caesars CEO Tom Reeg became the latest executive to criticize NY’s 51% tax rate for online sports betting, when he recently told LSR the structure was “ridiculous.”
  3. He is throwing to the worst receiving corps in the league. He is the current MVP. Would love to see him play for us.
  4. I understand that, but from what I've read in the past he is on medication. Not that it really matters, because that is his of his private life. But I was just discussing the NFL's position on this.
  5. He has been diagnosed, I don't think there is any issue regarding that.
  6. I agree completely. It would be absurd to think that the league wouldn't let players take prescribed medication that allows players to function as regular individuals.
  7. It's an absolute shame, I was expecting a period of adaptation to the NFL considering his very favourable context when playing at BYU. But to get to the point in year 2 where you still see clear difficulties on dropbacks, pocket management and even the way he sets his feet doesn't really give me any hope for his future. I agree with you on the arm talent, it is an objective fact that the ball comes out with an incredible zip when he sets his feet properly. He needs to work on so much more though, arm talent isn't enough to get by in the NFL.
  8. Zach's footwork has been atrocious from the beginning. There are clear responsibilities on the coaching staff on that, it's ridiculous that in almost two years, there hasn't been any positive evolution regarding that aspect.
  9. The Jets were supposed to smash the Bears and naturally they accomplished that. What really matters is that our former starter would have difficulties in doing so, due to its obvious limitations in running a pro style offense. Why would we not be talking about Zach Wilson? It is a productive exercise to hypothesize what would happen if he was on the field yesterday, mostly considering how long he holds the ball. The disruptive effect of that aspect of Wilson's game in the offense rhythm should be reason enough, for us to feel aliviated on the whole Mike White situation. It doesn't really matter who we played, it matters how the offense played the way it was supposed to operate, regardless of the QB. Just the fact that our current started is not a clear handicap, it's already a win. And I much prefer to focus on that, than on the particular context surrounding this game.
  10. I'm speechless how there are people who still don't understand that this doesn't have much to do with who we played, but how the offense was ran at an efficient level that we haven't seen with Zach Wilson.
  11. White can throw in rhythm. Zach would take another extra 0.5 and end up not having anyone open.
  12. Mate, Zach Wilson has played against similar competition and hasn't done anything similar.
  13. This is it. It's amazing how players think it's acceptable to throw tantrums mid season. Child
  14. If he thinks that, is even more delusional than i think. If he can't execute the most basic throws, why would he be trusted with the ball?
  15. The Jets are 6-4 in a season where no one believed that would be possible, with the worst QB play in the league.
  16. The ******* dude only throws sidearm in WR screens. That is one of the most bizarre thing i've seen.
  17. The biggest problem with Zach is that he can't see the field, his biggest problem is that he simply can't throw a five yard pass, It's unsustainable and a testament to what the Jets as a collective have been playing this year. Having a winning record by now, should erase any questions about Saleh abilities.
  18. The level of talent on both sides of the ball is substantially higher this year. I think Saleh understands that Zach can't execute even the most basic plays at this time of his carreer.
  19. Well, him not showing any regard for his teammates kinda made it easier to drop him. What an entitled diva.
  20. Saleh is so pissed at Zach Wilson. Accountability above everything.
  21. Like, considering that Zach cannot execute basic WR screens, this doesn't seems that dramatic.
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