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  1. I’m happy we traded him because we got a haul for him that will help us build a team much quicker
  2. I’m rooting for the Rams today but other than that I could give a sh*t
  3. Hopefully the Rams offense has a big game. They have been floundering a bit lately
  4. Be prepared to get a lot of thumbs down and hate comments not from me though
  5. I’m not ready to declare Josh Allen A great player yet. You have to keto in mind he plays on a great team that shields his weaknesses and a terrific coaching staff
  6. We currently have 2 firsts and 2 seconds for 2021. In 2023 we have 2 firsts and 3 seconds. However the good news this year is that we have Detroit’s second and Charlottes second. Right now Detroit is last so that second round picks should be between 31-35 when all set and done. The Hornets Pick probably will be in the late 30’s early 40’s is my guess. Keep in mind this upcoming draft class is a deep one
  7. Yup I’m sure. The Morris trade was for their 2020 first round pick, a second round pick(via Detroit), and the right to swap first round picks in 2021. In the NBA You are not allowed to trade your first round pick in back to back years
  8. Actually we only have 2 first rounders. We have the option to flip our first rounder with the clippers
  9. The good news is that they will get any one of those and get additional assets if they move back. We are actually in a real good spot
  10. I’d be fine with that. More than anything I think we need to get Gase away from Sam.
  11. He was in a bad situation but I think Sam was in a much much worse one
  12. Yeah pretty split which is fine. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m fine whichever way JD decides to go. If he wants to start over with a new QB I’m on aboard. However I still am a believer in Sam. Mostly because he has been out in an Awful situation. I’ve never seen a young QB have such dreadful coaching, protection, or overall supporting cast as he has had to deal with. I’m also fine with trading down since we can use as many assets as we can find to building the team. Even if Adam isn’t the long term answer at least we will have a built in better team for the next WB
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