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  1. https://www.theringer.com/2021/4/14/22383093/justin-fields-draft-stock-narratives-pro-day Sadly, you gotta ask stuff like this considering how Watson, Mahomes, Lamar, and Russ fell. People say Russ came out of nowhere, he really didn't....... https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/russell-wilson-1.html Justin is gonna be the best player in this draft imo. Look out for Kyle Trask, Mond, and Feleipe/Newman can be solid, pending were they go. Excited for this draft. Being #2, no pressure if Trevor turns out to be a bust hahaha. We simply take the leftovers "Like we wer
  2. Zach Wilson just got a lot of haters, who are going to compare Sam and Zach all season long even though Sam is in a better situation for success with C-mac lol. This is how it always is on team message boards. Fans of the guy that got Jettisoned (Pun intended), lurk/troll the guy who is his successor.
  3. Pat holds onto the ball too long as-well...so some of that was on him......
  4. Keep in mind, crappy QBs, makes OLs look crappy. Good QBs make crappy OLs look serviceable about 80% of the time. Luck never really had a good one.... Watson won a passing title with a crappy one, but did not go anywhere cause other parts of the team were crappy. So I doubt a better OL would have changed much in Houston for him to win that title. Even after the SB, OL is not a top 5 pick for me. Tunsil is one of the better tackles in the league....but it was the same $hit, different lineman in Houston. He did not change much.......they actually got worst, missing the posts
  5. Reminds me of what happened to Justin. Bama does not rely on one specific guy to be great, but focuses on all phases, and OSU was beat in all phases. What did we all hear about OSU leading up to the game? "Justin is gonna have to be even better..." They did not say that about Mac.... Tampa did not rely on one guy being great; KC always did. Prior to Pat, Reid was a choke artist. Great teams always beat great QBs. Proof? Look at Tom's 3 SB losses. Tom was by far the best QB in all 3 of them. Then there is Marino and Moon.....
  6. I mean, they cheated to win like 2 of those..... Be lucky they were not vacated........ What did they expect? The game was in Tampa, and one of the ref ladies named her baby Tom Brady or something like that I heard....Ya'll been getting over on people for decades, now crying when someone else wins one lol......
  7. Are they like the people, who follow LBJ from CLE, MIA, and LAL because they are fans of the player instead of the actual team? Or like those Golden State Warriors fans from Sacramento during 2014-2019?
  8. That defense was good.....real good.... Almost as if, they knew what KC was gonna do, before they did it.........Hmmmm. But I digress......
  9. Allen showed us why you don't keep Sam because you have a crush on him; or you want to be the genius to make your high draft pick work. A Genius would have never drafted Sam; a smart man would move on from him. Someone, at some point will expose your QB; like they did Josh who many claimed to be a top 5 QB in the NFL..... But, we all knew who Josh Allen really was....One thing us jets fans know, is bad QBs. We can spot one a mile away.
  10. Very immature QB the Bills have.... WTF man...Why? LOL...you just recovered the kick....lol...
  11. I think the point is.....Sam=The Josh Allen we are laughing at.....Not sure anyone wants that as their starting QB..... If your QB needs to live in a utopia to thrive......That is not good. Things will not always go perfectly.
  12. Blueprint is out.. Take away Diggs=Josh Tebow Tebow Allen Josh Tannehill Josh Fitzpatrick Pick one...... Now, this is the part where Allen gets garbage time points and everyone says...."But he threw for 250 (nearly 300), and 2TDs....
  13. Imagine if the punt dropped did not happen, and those 2 picks Allen threw occurred? Bills seem destined to win this game, but Allen making it tough for destiny.....
  14. Darnold has to be chillin at the crib like... "How come my interceptions are never dropped?"
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