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  1. Interesting take and personally I do believe, especially for a QB, that there is more than X's & O's, mechanics, arm talent, etc. The intangible aspects are extremely important - leadership, connection with players, ability to motivate, etc. are qualities that I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment - aka EQ. There are people and evaluators that believe you are paid for a job, and as a professional, just do it. Emotions aside, do your role and all is good. I don't. Whether we like it or not, humans are emotional beings and no matter the facade of how tough or how immune
  2. With a rookie QB, I would expect we will be a run heavy offense for the first couple years. Wouldn't surprise if we took an every down RB fairly high in the draft and carry "extra" RB's on the roster into the next couple seasons.
  3. At this point, we just need one of the top QB prospects, so if it’s Wilson, Fields, or any of the others, I’ll be behind it 100% and rooting for them. I have high hopes for this coaching staff and believe they can make any one of them successful.
  4. This year may be the year that JD trades up from 23 if there is a player within striking distance that he covets. Other than that I agree, he will trade down unless a player drops magically into their lap at 23. I want OL, OL, OL to protect our new asset.
  5. Yeah but none lasted more than 5 active yrs. That is a history of whiffs with 1st rd QB’s for this team.
  6. In hindsight, pretty obvious why Parcells and Belichick ran for the hills.
  7. Is this what this world has really come to. If you don't post anything on social media, then you are an aweful or classless, or watever person. Got to be honest, I sometimes miss the era pre - social media
  8. I agree! But being organized and having a process doesn’t necessarily translate to success. It is the output from that process that matters. I’ve worked with some highly successful people that are completely chaotic in the way they work, but their decisions and output are bar none.
  9. So JD is great with trades, negotiations, and the budget.. I’ll give him that. He still needs to prove his ability to bring in talent and hit on draft picks. So far I’m not impressed with the talent he’s brought in. The jury is still out on his drafting skills. This last part is a very big deal with all assets in the next 2 drafts AND the fact that we are starting from the ground up again. Unlike a team that has a solid foundation of talent or playoff caliber already, JD needs to hit at a high rate in the draft to get us, at a minimum, to the playoffs. I am rooting for him and I do like
  10. same with me... whatever. This topic has a ton of downvotes too.... didn't know it would be such a disliked topic.
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