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  1. Hopefully mild for you. Wishing all the best and that you recover quick!
  2. Know what you mean and this post hit home. Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad to it a little over a year ago. Still scarred and feel the same way you do about the sore spot. He was vibrant, no comorbitities, and I had to watch him go through the whole ordeal through an iPhone while hospitalized. Very devastating.
  3. We have a NY Bagel and Deli in Raleigh NC... maybe I should sue them for the same reason...
  4. Either that and/or they are very confident in the wr’s that they had targeted in the draft
  5. We all hope so and good for him. But he needs to translate it to the field. There is a lot needed above the shoulders as well as the physical stuff. Hopefully he's getting it all together. I am rooting for the man.
  6. 4 starters - possibly 5 right off the bat. Cannot do better than that in any draft.
  7. His transition from his cuts or when he catches to full speed is pretty impressive.
  8. I think Saleh learned fast that in the AFC East (and the AFC in general) you have to be multiple on defense otherwise the O's will chew you up.
  9. ha - he compared Breece to our favorite Le'veon Bell. Lost me right there.
  10. I want Matt Araiza - punter from San Diego State. Change field position in one snap.
  11. his initial response to Woody just cracked me up for some reason.
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