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  1. Oh so sorry hear! All the best to your wife and all my thoughts are with you, her, and your family. You both are obviously very strong will kick the cancers ass.
  2. If we can keep Zach upright, with all the new additions, will be exciting to see how this offense operates!
  3. Ryan Leaf had some mental issues when coming out... completely different scenario than Zach. It appears Zach is mentally sound and he has surrounded himself with a great support group (including family). If Zach fails, it will be for completely different reasons than why Ryan Leaf failed. BUT I do think Zach will be successful because from all indications, the front office and coaching staff are dedicated to make him successful, and supporting him.
  4. Round 1 - 4 = Hi value players that will contribute immediately and start. Round 5 - 7 = These guys may work out, but not a fan of drafting players for another position completely. Would have liked to see another OL. UDFA = signed players that had draftable ratings with high potential and need positions
  5. Rounds 1 -4 = A+ Rounds 3 - 6 = C+ to B- UDFA so far = A
  6. We’ll take him just that doesn’t happen... lol
  7. oh man. so sorry to hear get well soon. Scary stuff
  8. Finally we will stop all the projections and we can truly get a picture of JD/Saleh vision for this team.
  9. For me it’s not just about their record. I want to see a competitive, disciplined team that gets better as the year goes on ... and not just against weaker teams.
  10. Stupid by the 49ers then. Why trade up 1 stop short that high to miss your guy. Just dumb. If you want him that bad you do it. There is a clear perception that there is a drop off in QB between 2 & 3
  11. I'd be down with this as well. Some players to get excited about on offense. Whens the last time that happened... and don't tell me Mims.
  12. How about Zach Zach he’s our Man... I jest! Broadway Zach Air Zach JetBlue Zach
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