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  1. Dumb move I agree but do you think Flacco plays rest of year and Zack sits? Probably not but maybe Zack is just way behind where he should be… just not doing what he needs to do. Maybe the staff has decided it’s better for him to sit a learn and his injury is the catalyst for this. Idk no other option makes sense to me for this move.
  2. OK so let's say we had no talent to begin with 3 yrs ago. Based on the performance so far in those 3 yrs, who do we currently have that has been better than before JD was here?
  3. Not going to go through all the FA that were available over the last 3 years, but I'm not seeing any uptick from what is going from the players he did bring in. The Oline comes to mind for sure in FA. There were better players available than who was brought in. Seeing the previous QB and the new "franchise" QB running for their lives constantly is horrid.
  4. Not in todays NFL, not when you're starting with scratch IMO. It is a mix of draft and FA... has to be. Once you have the foundation, then you can continue to build mostly from the draft.
  5. Doesn't matter what coaches you bring in, when the team is gutted to the level the Jets have been, then the product we seen over the last few years is what you get. JD's ego and narcissistic behavior has caused the result you see. If HE didn't bring or draft the player, then out the door you went. 54 points to a rookie QB is absolutely inexcusable, especially coming off an extra week to prepare. Less than half way through the first season, your "franchise" QB is injured and out. We don't even know how serious the injury is either. Free agency has been a joke... bringing in journey men at
  6. I guess being called out by the commissioner had the opposite effect... lets suck more.
  7. I hate being sour, but let's face it, we just have poor ownership and it trickles down from there. Parcells and Belichick saw it long ago and ran away as fast as they could. Jets have some of the most loyal fans and I think we have finally had enough. It's not just that we are losing, and have been for the past several years, it's the way we are losing. Just completely uncompetitive. It comes down to cost vs benefit - and by cost I don't just mean $. Right now the benefit is so low, no-one wants to spend their money or time just to be so damn aggravated every week.
  8. Misery loves company... LOL. J/K - welcome aboard!
  9. Rookie HC, Rookie OC, Rookie QB. Who thought that was a good idea. This O will be bad for a bit. The real answer will come about midway through the season if things do not move in the right direction.
  10. Man if this were to happen, JD's career is down the toilet with his 3 yr resume as GM unless he has a miraculous turnaround in yr 4.
  11. Man so sorry to hear. Was a good dude and I remember him from back in the JI days. This sucks. RIP.
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