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  1. Would be interested to understand his thought process for identifying offensive coaches so fast but no defensive coaches as of yet.
  2. Apologies if this was posted as part of another link - I didn't see on here. Agree or disagree, I found this entertaining and painful at the same time.
  3. Another example is Vrabel. NFL LB coach for few years, then DC coach for 1 year - ascended quickly to the HC. I think he's doing a pretty good job for the Titans.
  4. Retreads to me are those coaches that were on the downslide. Not coaches that were winners and left. Belichick is the only example I can think of, but he also had many many years under Parcells before he had another HC gig.
  5. True for the head coach, but was thinking across the coaching staff over the years. Maybe I'm scorned, but seems like we had several from HC, OC, and DC .
  6. Not about hiring a buddy. I would expect he knows what he wants in traits, personality, etc. Being in the business as long as he has, I’d expect he has in mind coaches that meet what he wants. Also the team is coming off two losing seasons under his watch. Does he go risky with someone little coaching experience or NFL experience or with someone he has no experience with? I have no problem with interviewing several candidates but the wide net approach appears to me that they have no clue.
  7. This just seems like such a shotgun approach... especially for a GM that is a football lifer. I would expect he has plenty of connections and would know who he wants as a coach and vice versa. So many interviews actually worries me a bit.
  8. Cannot take what he said about Sam as anything at all! He is playing both sides 1) QB bright future - aka we have no problem keeping him if anyone wants to trade up for a QB in the draft 2) QB with bright future - aka Sam will be a top QB so bring you're best offer for him Simple as that and God only knows what was really said behind closed doors between JD and Sam. He's just trying not to tip his hand and not one any leverage for either option.
  9. I would but not all NFL players would and he'll have a job... just maybe not with the Jets
  10. If JD truly is the one running the search, would love for him to have a press conference discussing the process. I know he doesn't need to, but would love a take charge attitude and present that out to the fanbase. Chris J. just doesn't do it for me. Want to hear him talk directly about 1) What he wants in the head coach - style, attributes, etc. 2) The gaps we have right now and how he plans to fix 3) Confirm he will be picking the coach and the buck stops with him

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