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  1. I said as soon as we got rid of Sam that we'd end up regretting it and I stand by that. Wilson is too small, too slight and didn't have enough competition in college. Sam will have a great year ih his new home and while Wilson struggles everyone here will spend the season crying about our bad luck yet again
  2. I agree on Jackson. I do think Mayfield will get better but not sure he'll ever warrant that kind of coin
  3. Those first two throws in that clip are incredible. First class ball placement
  4. I like draft picks but a shot at a guy like Watson is worth selling the farm for. I'd keep Darnold as I think he will be one of the best backups before its done and if he has to come in for injury he'll show his stuff and get us some high draft picks back just like Jimmy G did for NE. I'm a huge Sam fan but Watson instantly becomes the best QB in the division and is already 2nd in the league behind only Mahomes
  5. when the game gets tight Brady is as cool as the GB weather
  6. Bills will get blown out today. Allen will throw multiple picks and everyone here will stop talking about him like he's the next great thing at last. Chiefs are too talented to lose this game. In the NFC I'd put money on Brady but the weather is a huge factor. I saw the staudium earlier and it looks COLD. Bucs beat the Packers at home earlier in the year. Can't see them playing well in that cold. Packers Chiefs super bowl with the Chiefs winning comfortbly
  7. I still believe Darnold will be a star in this league but I wouldn't be against Watson who is an undeniable superstar. I would keep Sam as backuo though and try to trade him for more when he steps in if Watson gets injured and plays lights out. Treat him like Jimmy G
  8. Great news. And if true Saleh may turn out better than I thought. It should be obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that Sam just needs stability. Imagine if the Browns had listened to the fans and got ridof Baker? They would't be playing for a place in the AFC championship on Sunday. You draft smart, build around Sam, give him an effective playbook and the kid will come good.
  9. Underwhelmed by this. Your standard ra ra guy who will start off well and then lose the locker room. I put this man at the same level as a Mike Pettine. We'll all be hating on him by the end of next season
  10. I always get sad watching that game. The sport was so different back then and for the better for it imo
  11. they work when they're able to run and work the play action. The Ravens have taken away the run so they've become one dimesnional
  12. Henry will break one in the 4th. Can't hold him back a full game
  13. Sam is a much better passer. I also qualified it by saying talented. Baker, Allen and Lamar have had much mre success but they all play on stacked teams. Try to see the trees for the forest and look at the bigger picture. This time last year everyone would have agreed with me, one bad year with zero talent around him and suddenly people laugh when you say Darnold is a great QB.
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