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  1. Mangini took over as HC with literally no experience. One year as DC. 10 as a position coach. The fact that he did as well as he did with a team barren in talent in 2006 speaks volumes. He was not given time. He had the rug pulled under him when Favre was forced down his throat He was like a rookie QB. There were going to be growing pains. Unfortunately the Johnsons had no patience. That said a Mangini/ Ryan hybrid would be the best coach for us
  2. That’s the problem. He knows how bad the owners are. Plus witnessed first hand how the Johnsons screwed Mangini. Promised him a free pass if he took Favre only to then back out and fire him for a 9-7 season
  3. The video is no doubt impressive. My biggest concern is the level of competition he has faced. Not to mention he threw 0 TD and 6 ints in 3 games last year against Hawaii, SD State and Utah. Hardly worldbeaters. He also has a slight build looks like he will have hard time taking hits in the pros Agree he’s got a high ceiling but he’s hardly a sure thing. Would have loved to see him play against an Alabama, Clemson or even ND. I just don’t see him at number 2. How will he perform with the current team around him? If you take him at 2 and whiff you set the team back another 3- 4 years
  4. Brian Flores seems to be doing pretty well. Daboll is different in that he’s been a coordinator with other teams not like guys like Matt Patricia who’s entire career was spent sucking at Belichicks manboob
  5. My pick too but I don’t see him coming. Has firsthand knowledge of our ownership situation. Was very close friends with Mangini who got screwed by the Johnsons when they promised him if he took Favre doesn’t matter how the season goes would keep him as coach.
  6. Honestly, I don’t know much about Wilson. But last year he threw like 11 TDs and 9 INTs. Has not played any top college teams and looks small, thin build has a pencil neck. Why is he being considered at #2 overall? Other than he plays QB and everyone want a franchise QB. But seriously why is he worth the gamble when we can go with a sure thing franchise LT or trade down to get more picks and fill some of our many needs.
  7. Darnold may never look like the number 3 overall pick. Problem is the QBs available after Lawrence don’t look like a sure thing at number 2 overall. We have a huge talent deficit so starting fixing the o line, receivers, secondary and pass rush this year and hope Darnold is at least a good to above average qb But if we draft a Fields or Wilson at number 2 with this bad team and they never amount to anything better than what Darnold is, we’ve wasted another 3-4 yrs trying to develop a mediocre QB on a bad team.
  8. Low stress, 2 first ropicks, cap space, some talent on defense. If you don’t mind working there and having a fan base who doesn’t care it’s a desirable job.
  9. My bad. Yes I agree 100%. Bienemy is Patricia
  10. I’m assuming you are talking about Daboll. No he’s not Matt Patricia. Patricia accomplished nothing outside of New England. Belichick was the real DC. Patricia only had the title. Daboll is completely in charge of offense with the bills. His stops as OC were with Cleveland, KC and Miami. IAlabama as well. In all of those places he was OC with defensive minded coaches (except Miami). He had various degrees of success. Coached a National Championship team with talent and the other teams with very little talent. He showed he can adjust to the talent of the players he has. Daboll unlike
  11. Semantics. Bottom line this move set us spiraling down to what we are today
  12. This^ Of all the available coordinators available Daboll is the one I want. He single handedly has built the offense in Buffalo. He’s developed a raw rookie QB. He’s done this working for a defensive minded HC. Wherever he’s been OC it’s been under defensive minded HC (except 1year with Miami). I like that he’s worked under Belichick, Saban, and McDermott. 3 successful HC. But also under bright football guys who were not as successful HC like Mangini, Crenell and Sparano. Wherever he’s been OC he’s been handed crap talent and made the most of it. I like that He’s coached defe
  13. Signing Brett Favre when we hired Mangini we knew we had a green head coach that we would have to endure growing pains with. But pairing him with Mike T we knew they had a Vision on how to build a roster. Once Favre was forced upon them that vision was gone. We started signing bad free agents sacrificed draft picks and the plan that built the team Rex took to 2 AFCCG was abandoned for the next 11 years. I have hopes that that plan is being put back together now by JD
  14. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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