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  1. Zach will be fine , it's the O-line that needs to play better ... I think Zach has handled himself pretty well under the circumstances .
  2. Same ... I think he's a powerful runner who has a ton of potential but for some reason never seems to be given the chance he needs to show it.
  3. low risk high reward ... I never saw a big trade like a Chandler Jones or one of the Eagles that were available being in Joe Douglas's DNA
  4. I do have but I won't break up the complete package ... I appreciate you asking , though. Anyone interested in the tickets I'm willing to give a nice discount off the entire season .
  5. 2021 full season tickets Section 221 row 8 seats 17-20 with parking for all games - $4050 value , you get em for $2500.00... message me if interested
  6. My real concern wasn't a choice but it would be that the team , as a whole, just looks like they don't belong on the same field with the Panthers. So many times in the past we've looked like a Pop Warner team vs. a Pro team ... that would really give me reason to 2nd guess the idea that things have changed around here.
  7. Christopher Johnson was at the helm for both the new uniform design & the hiring of Adam Gase... how does that guy still have access to the building ?
  8. This restructure gives the Jets more flexibility to move him before the deadline if Elijah Moore keeps showing flashes he's ready to be the slot guy , opening day... I don't think Crowder is going to be here for the start of the season.
  9. These Moses rumors have a distinct smell of the Jets being used to drive up his offers... if we were so close to signing this dude I think it would have happened , already.
  10. Until the results on the field change we deserve the hate/disrespect that comes our way... hopefully the tide is turning .
  11. I'll always be a fan of Sam Darnold & follow his career , rooting hard for his success... good luck Sam !
  12. I'm hoping for a trade up with our late first early 2nd rounders , to grab another offensive weapon ... love to see an aggressive move to get Pitts but that's gonna cost a bunch.
  13. The uniforms don't bother me as much as the logo/helmet... so boring and unimaginative .
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