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  1. Until the results on the field change we deserve the hate/disrespect that comes our way... hopefully the tide is turning .
  2. I'll always be a fan of Sam Darnold & follow his career , rooting hard for his success... good luck Sam !
  3. I'm hoping for a trade up with our late first early 2nd rounders , to grab another offensive weapon ... love to see an aggressive move to get Pitts but that's gonna cost a bunch.
  4. The uniforms don't bother me as much as the logo/helmet... so boring and unimaginative .
  5. I'm actually hoping Joe D packages #23 with a 2nd & moves up to get the young QB a weapon ... love to see an aggressive move to get Pitts , but I know he's going early & it would take a lot . Maybe go get a top CB or OL ?
  6. I don't believe they have ... I believe Joe D was the first GM that was allowed to pick his own coach with Christopher Johnson signing off on it , of course .
  7. The Johnson's finally seem to be doing what they should have done all along , & that's taking the hands off approach and letting the "football guys" run the team ... I'm finally hopeful we are heading in the right direction .
  8. This is exactly the reason we didn't trade pick #2 , no way the Jets were gonna trade their golden ticket to the Watson trade before finding out if the deal could still work out ... I can see it happening .
  9. No matter who the QB is I'd love to have a guy like Mariota as a backup.
  10. Top FA on my wish list ... thrilled with this signing !
  11. Pats moves scream of desperation , to me ... Belicheck the GM doesn't scare me at all.
  12. I'm hoping our pick is Fields , not because I think Wilson isn't worthy but I think Fields is more pro ready coming out . Sure I'd love to see Watson under center but the rumors of what we'd have to give up to get him are way to rich for my blood... no way I want to see us lose Q & a plethora of picks that , IF DONE RIGHT , & I know that's a big "IF" , can set us up to be competitive for years to come. I wouldn't be upset if we went Wilson at 2 but I'd be more concerned than if it were Fields... Fields checks all the boxes for me & has the level of competition he's shown his
  13. Admittedly I haven't watched a ton of Fields games but I still think the kid's got all the traits to be a successful QB in the NFL.
  14. You draft a QB @ 2 and build a team around the kid to help him succeed ... something the Jets have never done. The OP makes it sound as if we just lay down and die because we lost out on a QB that still hasn't won anything in this league , even though we can't really argue about his skills . We have plenty of draft picks/$ to build this team moving forward without Watson , we just have to hope JD is as good as we think he is & he uses those picks / FA wisely . No matter what we need to get to the QB so building this defense is just as important as who will be under center. Just lo
  15. Living rent free in this dudes head ... can't wait until he starts crying about not getting paid by the Seahawks .
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