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  1. Robert L. "Bob" Papa (born September 19, 1964) is an American sportscaster who is currently the radio play-by-play voice for the New York Giants of the National Football League. Papa also is the lead broadcaster for PGA Tour Champions events on Golf Channel and has been the blow-by-blow announcer on many professional boxing telecasts, notably for ESPN and for HBO’s Boxing After Dark series.
  2. trade down and get another day 3 pick. if willis doesn't go in the first 5 picks tonight, hope someone wants to jump in front of seattle (40&41) to grab a QB. maybe atlanta at 43 or detroit at 46?
  3. any more confusing than wilson throwing to wilson or two guys named michael carter in the same draft class???
  4. dean would be an absolute dream, but i don't see anyway he is available when we pick next. i'd be quite happy with hall, but if dean isn't there, i'd probably look to drop down a little and recoup some draft capital. looks like most of the best available are edge rushers, WRs and CBs, all positions that were just addressed. obviously don't need a QB (incoming zach jokes), and there are plenty of RBs/TEs that can be had later. so if dean is gone, i'd drop a little, get another 4th (gives JD flexibility to move around in rounds 3-4) and probably come out with someone who they very well could have grabbed at 38.
  5. weird buffalo moving up for that pick. doubt dallas was looking at CB
  6. well they've both been in the league 3 years brown has more receptions (185 vs 167), more yards (2,995 vs 2,598) and more receiving TDs (24 v 10) than samuel. brown also has a higher yard/catch than samuel (16.2 vs 15.6). samuel had a much better year last year and has the hybrid-player abilities. so yeah, an argument can be made that over a 3 year sample size, brown has been the better WR than samuel
  7. SF's ask was insane, especially when AJ Brown, arguably a better WR, went for significantly less
  8. could have had a trade down, perhaps. but then they would have missed the top tier of WRs. instead they got to pick the one they liked the most (or at worst 2nd IF london was highest on their board).
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YczrUml2-Sk Wiiiiiillllllsooooon
  10. solid. as a michigan alum, i've seen the damage wilson can do. would have preferred JW, but can't complain. nice 1st round
  11. excellent player who will add some swag to the team i like it
  12. i'd rather watch nfln, but am having technical issues with it right now. picture keeps breaking up on me, but is fine on other channels, including espn
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