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  1. what do you mean GB can open it up to other teams? no one has stopped GB from talking with other teams. rodgers is their player under contract. they have the ability to trade him to any team they want. now obviously a potential acquiring team would like to know basic stuff, like, would rodgers actually want to play for that team. GB has had plenty of time to find alternative suitors for rodgers. seems the jets are the only game in town. so let's take your stance. GB says give us your best offer and we will shop it. joe d says i will give you a 2023 3rd rounder and a pair of used sneakers. what's GB's next move???
  2. lol, yes i understand what stats means. what i showed you before is that his passing numbers using the average of the last 3 years on a 14-game basis, basically get you to about 2019 sam darnold level. you want to add in his 2 rushing TDs in 2021 or 3 rushing TDs in 2022, well that doesn't really move the needle too much (brings total TDs to 21/22). his completion % is about 63%, which isn't anything special. now he added a lot of rushing yardage. personally, i'd rather my RBs do the rushing, not my QB playing on a fully guaranteed, $50 million a year contract after giving up two 1st round picks to get him. and just assuming he will play 14 games when he's played only 12 per the last 2 seasons is taking a leap of faith that his injury issues will be behind him despite you relying on his rushing attempts to boost his overall "stats"
  3. we are a long-way from lamar's MVP season. in fact, since then, rodgers has won it twice...
  4. when you say easily the best QB stat season, are you talking passing numbers? while i recognize the value (and the risk) his rushing brings, using his per game average over the last 3 seasons, he averages 202 yards, 1.5 TDs and .74 Ints a game, which over your above-referenced 14 game season is 2829 yards, 21 TDs and 10 Ints. as a point of comparison, in 13 games in 2019, sam darnold passed for 3,024 yards, 19 TDs and 13 Ints, while in 13 games in 2017, josh mccown passed for 2,926 yards, 18 Tds and 8 Ints (the passing yardage being the 21st and 22nd most by a jets QB in a season).
  5. 1. Lamar’s Passing Production: It’s historic just by itself. When compared with QB greats at FIRST 1,000 passes, Lamar is top-5 in NFL passer rating; touchdowns; and TD-to-INT ratio (3.5) which also ranks 3rd all-time after Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. (from the above link) following that game in week 3 of 2021, for the rest of the 2021 season, jackson threw 13 TDs and 10 Ints (1.3 TD/Int) before missing 5 games with injuries. and in 2022, he threw 17 TDs to 7 Ints (2.4 TD/Int) before missing the final 5 games (plus playoffs) with injury
  6. how about smart business people who don't want to sink vast amounts of financial and draft capital into declining performance and availability?
  7. according to reports, it was $133 million fully guaranteed at signing with other guarantees that could have reached $200 million. it was more than murray and more than wilson in terms of full guarantees at signing, but not as much as watson's fully guaranteed $250 million. again, this is based on reports and full details aren't known. https://www.si.com/nfl/ravens/news/lamar-jackson-baltimore-ravens-contract-kyler-murray-russell-wilson-free-agency-compare-tag ESPN's Adam Schefter spoke on his podcast and gave the finer details of the monster contract that Jackson refused last season.
  8. none of those were trades, which i believe is the context that is needed. did he make some bad draft picks (hard to say no) or pay some FAs more than they may have been worth (name a GM that doesn't do that)? well sure. they all do. the context of this discussion on JD is how successful has he been in negotiating trades which is what is beeing discussed here in terms of negotiating a trade for rodgers. and no, giving up a 6th rounder for james robinson hardly moves the needle to be considered a flop.
  9. carr decided to sign with the saints before rodgers exited his darkness retreat and before the jets were actually allowed to talk to rodgers. so basically, you would be on to plan C...or D...or E...or F because you demanded an answer before (i) rodgers made a decision whether or not to play and (ii) the jets were even given permission to talk to a player under contract with another team sure, you can "just go down your list". but this assumes you are indifferent as to whether your QB is aaron rodgers or jimmy g or gardner minshew
  10. I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn't believe anything
  11. not sure that having 2 QBs, with the desire to play love, which means paying $60 million for your backup, is such a great position to be in. in the end, if this game of mutual assured destruction ends with neither side blinking and the rumored trade falls apart, the jets can still pivot to other QB options. granted they may not be aaron rodgers, but they can look into lamar jackson or explore a trade for matt stafford or ryan tannehill (both are probably available, their current teams' denials notwithstanding), or wait for the inevitable post-draft shake-out when a team drafts a QB and is looking to get rid of a veteran, or bring in a teddy b-type QB and draft another one this year. the packers on the other hand - if the trade falls apart - owe aaron rodgers $60 million and need to come to a decision on love's 5th year option. so sure, mathematically, 2 > 0, but then again, $60 million > $0
  12. seeing as there is lot of debate on what the value of the moore was in this trade (i.e. the difference in the pick acquired vs. pick given up), i think the best gauge would be actual nfl trades, not some trade charts floating on the internet. fortunately, last year's draft gives us two comparable trades. the jets acquired the #42 pick for moore and the #74 pick (therefore moore equals the difference between picks #42 & #74). last year, there were two comparable trades https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2022-nfl-draft-trade-tracker-every-move-draft-order-changes-picks-by-team-analysis/live/ Vikings receive Round 2, No. 42 overall (Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson) Colts receive Round 2, No. 53 overall (Alec Pierce, WR, Cincinnati) Round 3, No. 77 overall (Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan) Round 6, No. 192 overall (Andrew Ogletree, TE, Youngstown State) Texans receive Round 2, No. 44 overall (John Metchie III, WR, Alabama) Browns receive Round 2, No. 68 overall (Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi State) Round 4, No. 108 overall (Perrion Winfrey, DT, Oklahoma) Round 4, No. 124 overall (Cade York, PK, LSU) based on the vikings colts trade - moore would be worth a 2nd (#53) & a 6th (#192) based on the texans-browns trade - moore would have been worth the differential between #77 and #68 and two 4ths (108 & 124)
  13. screw draft leagues. auction leagues are much better in any event, my comment was more about how meaningful is the sample size of drafts held by mid-March to gauge actual ADP? i would understand the approach in august, or even mid-summer, but in mid-March while nfl free agency is just getting started and before the nfl draft???
  14. you can look at it as trading moore and a 3rd for hardman and a 2nd
  15. i've been playing fantasy football for almost 30 years, so i'm not knocking it. but how much value is there in an ADP ranking for mid-march?
  16. i had high hopes for moore coming off his rookie year. he obviously disappointed greatly last year, both on the field and off. and it's hard to just write-off the on-field production to the craptastic nature of the QB position when wilson won OROY with the same craptastic QBs. obviously none of us on a message board know what damage moore's outbursts and trade requests, let alone his half-assed play at times, had on the locker room. clearly the coaching staff and front office weren't fans. i get that on paper, trading him for a lower value 2 years after drafting him seems a weak return on asset. but i find it hard to believe his value was more than the "high 3rd" pick he fetched (on a net basis). so i think it was a fair trade for both sides. at the end of the day, i think the WR corps has been upgraded over last year (wilson, lazard, hardman as top 3 before any potential other additions vs. wilson, davis and berrios/moore last year). this move was obviously made with an eye on the rodgers deal, and i'm pretty sure aaron rodgers would not have been a fan of the 2022 version of elijah moore (on field and off). not the slam dunk trade that some of JD's other trades turned out to be. but an understandable move to rid them of a devalued player who stunk it up on the field and off last year.
  17. to play devil's advocate, i think most here would be pretty happy if the jets traded their former 1st round pick (#2 overall) and a 3rd for the 43rd pick in the draft
  18. clearly based on how posters on message board feel about the value...
  19. he was the #2 WR on a 13-4 packer team in 2021 (based on targets, receptions, yards and TDs)
  20. ok, so you are mad the jets made a trade to get breece hall. noted. darrisaw also has injury concerns. missed the start of his rookie year with injuries and missed 3 games (part of 5 total) last year with two separate concussions. the point is you were not correct when you said JD stinks at acquiring assets. the jets needed interior line help in the 2021 draft and moved up to acquire a premium talent (and how do you know the vikings wouldn't have drafted darrisaw at 16 if they didn't make the trade down with the jets?). the jets then moved up in the 2022 to acquire the best RB in the draft. these very much count as trading for players, your semantics notwithstanding.
  21. are you really going to play the semantics game that they traded up for a draft pick and not an actual player??? i mean you previously said they clearly lost the james robinson trade. well what exactly did they trade for james robinson? at this point, no one knows. they gave up some future 6th round pick for him. they also gave up a future 6th round pick for flacco. big whoop. the jets made an on-the-clock trade with the vikings to draft AVT. period. you want to bemoan the loss of the #23 pick and two 3rd rounders, fine. but it was clear that joe d traded to add AVT to the jets. yes, injuries happen. it's part of the game. then again, complaining seems to be your only game....
  22. really? how exactly did the jets wind up with AVT and breece hall? both were on the clock trades to acquire an asset. i could care less what players were drafted with the picks traded away. these are two studs joe d traded for
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