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  1. Robert L. "Bob" Papa (born September 19, 1964) is an American sportscaster who is currently the radio play-by-play voice for the New York Giants of the National Football League. Papa also is the lead broadcaster for PGA Tour Champions events on Golf Channel and has been the blow-by-blow announcer on many professional boxing telecasts, notably for ESPN and for HBO’s Boxing After Dark series.

  2. dean would be an absolute dream, but i don't see anyway he is available when we pick next.

    i'd be quite happy with hall, but if dean isn't there, i'd probably look to drop down a little and recoup some draft capital.  looks like most of the best available are edge rushers, WRs and CBs, all positions that were just addressed.  obviously don't need a QB (incoming zach jokes), and there are plenty of RBs/TEs that can be had later.  

    so if dean is gone, i'd drop a little, get another 4th (gives JD flexibility to move around in rounds 3-4) and probably come out with someone who they very well could have grabbed at 38.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

    By what measure is he better?

    well they've both been in the league 3 years

    brown has more receptions (185 vs 167), more yards (2,995 vs 2,598) and more receiving TDs (24 v 10) than samuel.  brown also has a higher yard/catch than samuel (16.2 vs 15.6).  samuel had a much better year last year and has the hybrid-player abilities.

    so yeah, an argument can be made that over a 3 year sample size, brown has been the better WR than samuel

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  4. 1 minute ago, Rangers9 said:

    We could have had a trade down. I thought Wash did a better job than the Vikings. No prob with JD’s selections two good players and he got a really good Wr. 


    could have had a trade down, perhaps.  but then they would have missed the top tier of WRs.  instead they got to pick the one they liked the most (or at worst 2nd IF london was highest on their board).

  5. 39 minutes ago, SpartanJet said:

    Well QB is the one position I'd agree that it is a poor indicator.  The QB position can be evaluated in a vacuum outside the team play it really is a unique position in a team oriented sport.  On the other hand I feel for the other positions level of competition certainly can provide details on how that will translate to the NFL where the overall talent level is the best of the college ranks.


    ok, how about defensive players?

    2021 defensive player of the year voting  - (1) tj watt (wisconsin), (2) michah parson (penn st), (3) aaron donald (pitt)

    2021 all pro defensive team includes tj watt (wisc), nick bosa (ohio state), cam heyward (ohio st), micah parsons (penn st), and devondre campbell (minny)


    nfl defensive player of the year (by school)

    2021 - wisconsin

    2020 - pitt

    2019 - south carolina

    2018 - pitt

    2017 - pitt

    2016 - buffalo

    2015 - wisconsin

    2014 - wisconsin

    2013 - boston college

    2012 - wisconsin

    2011 - arizona state

    2010 - usc

    2009 - michigan


    not a whole lot of SEC/Big 12 player in there

  6. 12 minutes ago, SpartanJet said:

    Sure, but I did say avoid B10 players.  Last I checked my Green and White were included in that.  I mean other than Ohio State the B10 has not performed well in the playoff games which just shows the level of competition is lacking up north (See this years fantastic Georgia game....so much fun!).


    that's just a deeply flawed way to evaluate draft prospects.  

    yes, the SEC teams are loaded with college talent.  they recruit at ridiculous levels and have very deep rosters filled with good players.  but there are many, many good players coming from every corner of the country.

    heck, your boy kirk cousins is probably a better QB than anyone alabama has put in the league of late (maybe mac jones becomes cousins-like).

    the best QBs in the league come from michigan, cal, oregon, texas tech, wyoming, oklahoma, wisconsin/nc state and so on.  other than burrow (who started in the big 10), there aren't any SEC guys unless you want to count ryan tannehill (and i think they were still big 12 when he played)

  7. 14 minutes ago, SpartanJet said:

    Man there are some old timers on that list.  Try again within the past 20 years and make sure to plug in all the busts.



    lol, i'd love to see a list of sparties that made a big impact in the league, especially in recent years

    kirk cousins or tom brady - lol


    on edit - 

    michigan draft history:



    msu draft history (recent history makes for a quick read):



  8. i would be fine with that proposed/rumored trade.  seems fair value.

    jets would wind up with the #4 pick (or trade down for more draft capital), deebo, and two 2nds, 3rds and 4ths.

    of course the whole it's contingent on hamilton or one of the CBs being available seems counter to the narrative of the niners don't value CBs we've seen on this board when discussing sauce...

  9. Just now, TuscanyTile2 said:

    We have more holes than we have draft capital.  And I wouldn't mind adding some for next year.

    well one of the biggest holes is an edge rusher.

    i'd rather grab the guy most people consider the top edge than settle for the 4th or 5th best one.  granted if hutch is there at 4, that means it's likely 2 teams picked other edges, so they don't fall into the group of those who consider hutch the best edge in the draft.  but it also means that if we pass on hutch, that hutch, thibs and walker are likely off the board, with a chance JJ is grabbed before the jets get a chance to grab him (depends on how far down you are dropping - and the less you drop, the lower that additional pick(s) will be).

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  10. 8 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    If we could get a good haul back (due to Hutch being there), I'd rather take my chance on having more lottery tickets.  A lot of these guys don't live up to expectations.  e.g. Jadeveon Clowney was really highly regarded but he's on his 4th team by age 28.  


    already have 4 picks in the top 38.  i admit a bias (michigan alum), but i don't think you pass on a guy like hutch when we already have plenty of draft capital

  11. 11 hours ago, SpartanJet said:

    I want no part of Hutch.  Almost every player from that school ends up overrated and underperforming.  In fact I'd stay away from any B10 players in the first round in general the level of play is so much lower than the southern schools.  I mean look how many Ohio State busts we have drafted alone and they are the best of the B10.  This coming from a huge B10 (-1) fan.


    tom brady says hi

    as do charles woodson, ty law, steve hutchinson (no relation to aidan - aidan's dad is chris who also played in the nfl), brandon graham, frank clark, larry foote, leon hall, david harris, jon jansen, jumbo elliott, lamaar woodley, amani toomer, jim harbaugh and many others


    btw - nick mangold wasn't a bust.  and i say that as someone who hates ohio state


    GO BLUE!!!

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  12. 11 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    If Hutch does fall to #4, would that open up a chance to trade down for something good?  I have to be vague on "good" because it sounds like a bunch of teams in the top 10 want to trade down.  But would Hutch be enticing enough for a team to make a big splash to acquire him?

    That would be my preferred scenario. 


    why trade down when the best player at a major position of need is sitting there for you to grab?

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