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  1. jags have some good young WRs (chark, shenault, cole) and james robinson at RB
  2. so what is the solution? we agree there was no #1 in FA (i'm skeptical of golladay, but some may consider him a #1 based on past performance). guys like davante adams, julio jones, tyreke hill, de'andre hopkins don't hit free agency and aren't available by trade often (no idea why houston would trade nuk, but that's a completely different discussion). everyone agrees the jets needed to improve the WR corps. davis makes the team better than they were on sunday. i'm hopeful he is a player who finally is ready to break out, but more likely, he will not reach the true #1 status. i think
  3. not sure why you are discussing mike evans. last i checked, he wasn't a free agent. now if i had my choice, yeah, i'd take mike evans over corey davis. but it seems you are making a disingenuous argument that davis put up big numbers because defenses were busy dealing with henry, brown and smith, while ignoring that evans benefitted by playing on a team loaded with skilled players (godwin, gronk, fournette, jones, miller, brate, etc...) still waiting to find out which stud #1 WR the jets passed up on in free agency. golladay and his balky hip is the only one who maybe fits that bill.
  4. ok, except other than a banged up golladay, there aren't any #1s available. and we all know that if the jets sign golladay to a large contract, that hip will be a lingering issue, because....the jets
  5. those are not all #1 WRs. some may have name value, but guys like lockett, kupp, woods, dj moore, mclauren, cooper and keenan allen aren't #1 WRs. they are solid WRs and probably a step above a guy like davis. but not someone the opposing team needs to focus a game plan on. truth is there really is only a handful of true stud #1 WRs - adams, hopkins, hill, diggs (at least last year), julio jones, metcalf (maybe), michael thomas (although sucked last year), allen robinson, aj brown, and maybe golladay (at least before last year).
  6. wrong lafleur, but perhaps he has talked with his brother (the GB HC) and had some insight into the type of player he is, which impacted the valuation the jets set on him
  7. the only FA WR who could profile as a "#1 WR" was golladay, and he has some major injury concern. you'd think he'd be one of the first guys scooped up and a talent-poor team like the lions wouldn't let him walk. tells you there are some flags with him. let's play a game - name that receiver WR A - 5'11", 195 - 77 rec., 851 yards (11.1 Y/R), 3 TDs WR B - 6'3", 209 - 65 rec., 984 yards (15.1 Y/R), 5 TDs WR C - 6'1", 215 - 97 rec., 831 yards (8.6 Y/R), 9 TDs none of them really jump off the page as a stud #1 WR, but rather all are solid #2s. yet the perception, at leas
  8. 2 down from what? and that would be 1 post, made AFTER you commented how jets fans were hyping this guy so, still waiting for 6 examples of hyping this guy, made BEFORE you said jets fans were hyping this guy. tell you what, let's make it 5...
  9. can you point to all the posts hyping this guy???
  10. i'm sure if adam gase was still here, thuney would have chosen to play for him over andy reid...
  11. admittedly i never heard of the guy, but i find it hard to believe a "premier defender" would sign for a 1-year, $7MM deal in the first hours of free agency (legal tampering period).
  12. the jets would take a $15MM cap hit to trade becton. seems like a huge was of cap space when they have a pretty good LT prospect already in house and under contract and can use the #2 pick of their choice of QB, rather than whoever is left
  13. not sure why people think darnold has much trade value. for the same reason the jets aren't sure what to do with him, why would any team give up something of value for him based on results and his pending free agency and/or 5th year option cost. i don't think the value of darnold changes much (if at all) because stafford is on the market. it's not like a team that is looking at stafford (most likely a team built to win now and wants a veteran QB) is going to be in the market for darnold.
  14. your options are generally hire a coordinator with no HC experience or a retread who more than likely got fired from him last job. we've gone both routes in the past and it's not exactly like there was a "bill parcells" available (and of course we had to trade for parcells). saleh at least seems to be at the top of the "hot" candidate list this time. not sure bowles had 7 teams looking to bring him in.
  15. and if we develop minority coaches and front office personnel and they get hired, we get picks.
  16. huh? so your position is that no GM can hire a head coach without 10 years experience. or does this criteria only apply to GM's who fire adam gase???
  17. i didn't see it but what you describe sounds like a belichick press conference
  18. i cannot say whether or not meyer would have gone to jax if they picked 2nd instead of 1st that said, i am very confident that meyer would not have been the jets coach if we had the 1st pick. i don't think douglas had any interest in him, and i highly doubt meyer had any interest in coaching the jets, even with TL and the #1 pick
  19. it's also no coincidence the team located in florida who has no GM in place got meyer
  20. perhaps you think "many said" that the #1 pick would have netted one of those coaches. but there is absolutely zero indication that this is reality. harbaugh did not want to leave michigan, cowher has no interest in returning to coaching, and meyer was never going to come to NY (and that is a good thing) but i'm glad many jets fans have yet another thing to bitch and complain about, even if it's not actually rooted in reality
  21. there is no chance urban meyer would have taken the jets job. you think he wants to have to deal with the NY media market, let alone coach where he can't golf year round, let alone go to a team that has a GM already established who will be calling the shots? if you know anything about urban crier, you know the jets were never a desired destination of his. and to me, that's a good thing. not sure why we are sure a guy who has never been part of the pro game and who has already "quit" twice citing "medical reasons" when the going got tough, is the guy we want to turn around the jets.
  22. how come all the jets 1st interviews were zoom (thought this was a league rule), but the eagles are able to conduct an in person 1st interview?
  23. COVID (limits in person interviews) plus the season ended 5 days earlier last year
  24. gus bradley was just announced as the raiders DC so i'm guessing at least that part of the tweet is just the author's guess would definitely be on board with saleh.
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