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  1. 49 minutes ago, mrcoops said:

    Set pants to "boner":

    Would be great if the Jets are the first team to land their HC - you would know for certain he was the guy they wanted and they didn't have to settle.


    gus bradley was just announced as the raiders DC so i'm guessing at least that part of the tweet is just the author's guess

    would definitely be on board with saleh.  

  2. 2 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    Why?  The lions are arguably just as horribly run as the Jets and in Detroit

    he's from the state of michigan.  grew up in michigan.  went to college in michigan (northern michigan).  and started his coaching career in michigan (mich state and central michigan).

    doesn't mean he will wind up taking the lions job.  but his roots are why many think he will

  3. 2 minutes ago, choon328 said:


    that's not athletic department as a whole.

    no one disputes the football program makes the lion's share of the money.  but it is used to fund all the non-revenue generating sports.  in 2018, the dept made $3MM, in 2017 it made $6MM, in 2016 it made $4MM (you can toggle for yourself below) 


  4. 40 minutes ago, choon328 said:

    And as far as Harbaugh is concerned I think they have the money and are low balling him on purpose. 

    The Athletic Department said they were going to lose $26 million this past year but made over $130 million combined in profit the 4 years prior. Sorry if I'm not crying for them. 


    no one said that they can't afford to keep him.  just that his contract extension was being negotiated and he was being asked to take a lower base in exchange for incentives that could bring his salary up to $8MM a year.  they are also negotiating an increase pool to pay/hire top assistants.

    the feeling is he underperformed his initial contract and in an era where athletic departments are hemorrhaging money, an incentive based contract would be a better route.  all reports are that harbaugh will accept this.

    i continue to dispute your $130MM over 4 years assertion so unless you can back that up, it is not a valid talking point

  5. 37 minutes ago, choon328 said:


    Actually, according to Forbes, from 2016-2018 the University of Michigan made $249 million in PROFIT from the football program.  Based on available information from MSU it cost them around $1.5-$2 million per non revenue sport and I'm assuming Michigan would be similar. That number includes staff salaries, scholarships, etc.  25 non revenue sports (estimated) at $2 million each is $50 million annually.  That leaves $33 million in profit just from football annually.  That's not including the other revenue sports like basketball.  So that works out to be around $132 million in profit from football from 2016-2019. That's after paying for the other sports.  Where is that money? That's the money that should be used to keep people hired and keep non revenue sports going during times like this. 


    And as far as Harbaugh is concerned I think they have the money and are low balling him on purpose. 

    The Athletic Department said they were going to lose $26 million this past year but made over $130 million combined in profit the 4 years prior. Sorry if I'm not crying for them. 


    link to Forbes information???


    according to USA Today, from the 2019 fiscal year, michigan athletic department took in $197.8MM in revenue and spent $191MM in expenses.  michigan had the 3rd highest operating expense of all athletic departments (FYI MSU's expenses were $135MM


    many of those operating expenses are fixed costs, while revenues shrank considerably.  so it will be running a large deficit this year.

    as to prior year profits, the AD isn't a company that retains profits.  monies are spent on facilities and sent to the university to help fund things like scholarships.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    Well, considering that supposedly many alumni & donors want him out but they just have him another cool 20 million, can’t be all that bad can it? 
    People think 🤔 these people worry more than they do, the guy probably has 30 million in the bank! Once your set up like that (similar to polititions) you don’t give a f*ck what people think! 
    Think of Trumaine Johnson as an example. 


    i'm not shedding a tear for jim harbaugh, and he would never ask for sympathy.  he knew the deal when he decided to take the job.  

    i was just rebutting the asinine comment that he was "soft" because he'd rather be heckled by pimpled face college kids than jets fans 

  7. 8 minutes ago, choon328 said:

    Let's just call it as it is, they're being cheap and firing real people instead of dipping into endowment money to make it work. It's not shocking that a large entity would sh*t on the people that work for them. 


    again, you show your ignorance

    the purpose of the university is to promote education and research, not to play football.  at least it is in institutions of higher learning that take education seriously and don't prioritize winning on the field over winning in the classroom and the real world.

    michigan is one of the few universities that does not take a single penny from its endowment to fund athletic programs.  in fact, the converse usually occurs and the athletic department contributes funds to help pay for needs-based scholarships for students who need financial assistance.  and i'm not talking about scholarships for athletes.

    now maybe this is part of the larger "problem" why michigan doesn't compete with the ohio state's of the world.  different set of priorities these days.  you seem to favor stiffing at-need students to pay a football coach more.  as much as i want to see my alma mater win on the field, i have no problem with the priorities set by the university.


  8. 3 minutes ago, Jetster said:

    The only thing this tells me is Harbaugh would rather be heckled by a few pimply college kids than crazy Jet fans cursing him with their veins popping out of their necks. He just took the easier route for half the money. He's turned into a soft pussy, it's a blessing in disguise. 


    lol, you have no clue the infighting and angst the head coach of a program like michigan faces.  trust me, the fan base is just as passionate and there are as many lunatics there as there are jets fans.  and instead of one owner, you are dealing with many rich and powerful constituencies (big time donors and alumni).  it's not just a bunch of "pimply college kids".

    you also have no understanding at what winning at your alma mater means to a person like jim harbaugh.


  9. 49 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    and is dc of a team with some pretty darn good players like donald.  he might be a fine hc but lets see him have a defense with ordinary players.  and for all of the 49ers ahievements last year they finished 6-10 this year.  oh i get the whole excuse thing about injuries but they still should've done better.


    i must have missed the trade of aaron donald to the niners...

    yes, SF had a tough year this year.  they were ravaged by injuries/covid and played their 2nd and 3rd string QB most of the year.  almost their entire d-line was on the IR at some point, along with their starting QB, RB, top WRs and all pro TE.

    it's odd you focus on a covid-ravaged 6-10 but ignore that they went to the super bowl last year.  if not for that extended playoff run, saleh very well would be a head coach already.  the guy is one of the hottest candidates on the market, that seemingly every team with an opening wants to talk to.  i can't say i know enough about him to properly opine, and i grant all this demand does not mean he will be successful.  but he seems like one of the top candidates out there

  10. 3 hours ago, Philc1 said:

    Woody is a lost toolbag 


    he can’t outbid 5ys $20 million?


    1) harbaugh wants to stay in ann arbor.  he loves it there and wants to win there

    2) the reported contract is a $4MM base, but incentives to take it to $8MM annually

    3) 1&2 notwithstanding, things can change... 

  11. 11 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    According to the internet Harbaugh's contract signing is eminent and an announcement is expected today.

    So, what if there is no announcement today?


    it very well may not be announced until after the NCAA title game.  every expectation in ann arbor is that harbaugh is returning.  from his associates, from his coaches, from his players and from the recruits and their parents that he's been talking to.  he is said to be vetting DC candidates and looking to finalize the coaching staff.  these may not all be announced until after the weekend.  

    that said, it isn't a done deal and the feeling (from respected insiders) is that if things slip into next week, then the door may be open for a parting of ways.  i wouldn't read too much into nothing being announced today.  come next monday or tuesday, that could change

  12. 17 hours ago, choon328 said:

    They have a $12.44 billion endowment. Losing $80 million is nothing. I think they're trying to force him out by low balling him. 


    that's not how it works.  the athletic department is self funding.  it doesn't dip into the endowment to fund deficits.  the AD laid off people due to lost revenues caused by covid.  football (and to a lesser degree bball) is the engine that supports all the non-revenue generating sports.  while michigan is certainly better positioned to weather the storm than most other athletic departments, these are real loses and real people have been losing jobs.

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  13. 11 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    So, if Harbaugh is in Ann Arbor, but not signing his contract AND his assistants contracts expire on Monday, what gives? I mean he can't be "hopefully" waiting for a call from an NFL team, right? The only two possibilities are that he is in serious talks with one or more NFL teams OR he's just ******* around with Michigan because he is pissed off they only offered him a 5 year extension with a lower base, right?

    Personally, if my employer wanted to decrease my base from around $8 million to $5 million with a 5 year offer and another employer was offering me $9 million per year for 7 years, it would be a no brainer. 

    What am I missing here? Harbaugh's desire to win at his Alam Mater? If he wants to help Michigan football, he can become a big time booster for the program.


    don't think your numbers are correct.  his current base isn't $8MM.  his total compensation is approx $8MM but that includes certain perks like life insurance policy.  his base is closer to $6.25MM, the "pay cut" isn't as severe as it appears.

    but yeah, he reportedly is being asked to take a lower base with higher incentives (and a lower buyout for both sides) given he is one of the highest paid coaches in college football, performance hasn't been as expected, and the athletic department is looking at massive losses and laying off people due to covid, so optics look bad to be handing out big money to an "underperforming" coach.

    as to why he hasn't signed yet, that is the million dollar question.  perhaps he is still negotiating (including a bigger pool to attract and pay assistant coaches) or he is weighing his options.  there obviously is a lot of angst on the michigan end to get clarity, but right now, the feeling remains he is returning based on everything he has said and has been telling his coaches, players, recruits and their families.  but that of course could change

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  14. 1 hour ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    I saw this posted about a half hour ago. I saw nothing else stating that Harbaugh was in Ann Arbor today.



    harbaugh was always expected back in AA yesterday after returning from Cali where he was on vacation.  according to those who generally are in the know, there is a Memorandum of Understanding awaiting him.  he has yet to sign it although the expectation continues to be that he will sign it.  but the longer it drags out, the less the expectation is that he will sign it.  and there will come a point (nebulous as to when), when the AD will tell him to shyte or get off the pot.  if nothing gets done by week end, then it seems like michigan will begin looking more seriously at other options (initial vetting has already begun).

  15. 5 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Yes and the reason why is ego. I'm afraid if Harbaugh comes here and with all the cap space we have , it will be an all out spending frenzy to make Harbaugh look good. This will put us right back into that cycle of overpaying for aging vets and back in and win now mode. I want the team to build a sustainable winning culture , I believe JD has laid the foundation and bringing in Harbaugh or a Cowher like HC  IMO derails that process. I don't want discord or a power struggle between the GM and HC . If we were going the proven NFL HC route I'd almost rather see JD fired and let them run the whole thing like a Belicheck in NE. 

    Bringing in a younger coordinator type allows Douglas to be the man running the show. If he gets the right guy, this can be solid marriage for the next 10 years,  I don't want the shotgun wedding .  


    that's a very fair concern.  thanks for laying out your position.  it makes sense to me.

    but your posts seemed more aimed at knocking down harbaugh's accomplishments.  i too share concerns on if jim would play nice with a GM.  but that is different than saying he's not a good coach.  he's an excellent coach.  his record proves it.  you don't make 3 consecutive conference title games (taking over a team that hadn't sniffed the playoffs in 8 years) by just being lucky.  and while the last year (or two) at michigan have been rough (i can toss 2020 out the windown), he did return to the program to being a perennial top 15 program from the awful depths it fell under r rod/hoke.  not good enough for michigan.  but being an alum who graduated in 1992, his work is still appreciated.

    btw - i'm not knocking down the door to hire harbaugh (part influenced by him also coaching my alma mater and not being sure a replacement there is an improvement).  i think my preferred choice (if i were king for a day) could be daboll with an experienced DC, so not far off from your plan.

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