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  1. On 1/4/2021 at 1:02 PM, FlightBoyz said:

    Can't wait to see Jets put in request to interview Matt Campbell. But very happy with the list so far. 


    do you actually need to put in a request to interview a college coach?  i assumed putting in formal requests only applied to someone on another nfl teams' coaching staff

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  2. 21 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    My preference is Joe Brady paired with a proven former HC like a Spags/Lewis/Leslie Frazier/Lovie Smith. I doubt the Jets will be that progressive so I expect a Roman  Martindale kind of candidate who has ties to JD. 

    so instead of wanting a proven successful nfl head coach, you'd rather a guy with 1 year's coaching experience in the nfl, 3 years total coordinator experience and pair him with an unsuccessful former head coach as a coordinator?

  3. 37 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Yes and what happens when teams are consistently bad and stock up draft picks , Do you remember Parcells with the Jets , same type of scenario, same type of burn the bridges arrogance. 


    many bad teams remain bad.  see the jags, lions, browns (finally made the playoffs this year), and yes, the jets of late.  

    so no, you cant just say he benefitted from prior draft picks.  look at the niners draft history in the few years before harbaugh joined.  not exactly a lot of home run picks


    if you don't want harbaugh for the jets, that's fine.  but it is silly to play down the tremendous success he had as a head coach in the nfl.    .690 winning percentage for a franchise that hadn't made the playoffs or had a winning record in 8 years.  3 conference title games.  1 super bowl appearance.

    heck, the jets have stunk for years and have loaded up with high draft picks.  i don't know about you, but i would sign up for making the afc title game in each of the next 3 years and 1 trip to the super bowl before harbaugh "burns his bridge"

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  4. On 1/3/2021 at 5:42 PM, Defense Wins Championships said:




    QB: Justin Fields. 

    LT: Mekhi Becton. 

    LG: Joe Thuney. 

    Center: Josh Myers. 

    RG: Trey Smith. 

    WR 1: Allen Robinson. 

    Slot: Rondale Moore.

    WR 2: Denzel Mims. 

    WR 4: Jamison Crowded. 

    RB: Najee Harris. 

    That's a young offense that many of us could get excited over come Sunday's. 






    i'm not sure i agree with using most of our resources (draft picks and FA $) on just the offense.  and while this looks nice on paper, i'm not sure fields (or lawrence, or wilson) will have much success without someone lining up at RT 😎

  5. 11 hours ago, 56mehl56 said:

    He won with a stacked niners team. This Jets team is far from stacked. His winning % at Mich against top 25 teams is .440 and .154 against top 10 teams.  Sorry I'm not enthused with a guy just because he's a familiar name. 


    stacked 49ers team?

    the niners record in the years before harbaugh took over:

    6-10, 8-8, 7-9, 5-11, 7-9, 4-12, 2-14, 7-9

    you have to go back 8 years to mariucci's last season to find a winning record and playoff appearance.

    harbaugh shows up and they go 13-3, 11-4-1, 12-4, making 3 straight nfl title games.

    if you want to criticize his lack of success against o$u and other ranked teams at michigan, it's a fair criticism.  but let's not diminish how successful he was as an nfl head coach.  

  6. 54 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Oh he has been thinking's about it and compiling a list for sure but you simply cannot even try and sneak around and interview or talk to other guys while your coach is still employed.

    To get an early start on a search you have to fire the guy like some of the smart teams did.  Otherwise you make a list and then wait.


    sneak around and interview guys?

    you really think they could have been out there interviewing daboll and other coordinator candidates on the down low?  yeah, that would go over well in the nfl...


  7. 3 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    I agree to some extent, but power and success begets more power and success. If Michigan was winning the Big 10 every season , they would be pulling in some of the recruits that are now going to OSU, Bama etc ... Its just the way it goes.


    the problem didn't originate with harbaugh.  after carr retired, michigan went with rich rod and then hoke while ohio state built a powerhouse under tressel, meyer and now day.  

    despite all the criticism harbaugh takes (some deserved), he still has a .700 winning percentage at michigan including this year's shyte-storm of a season.  rich rod was .405 and hoke was .608 (and his teams got progressively worse from 11-2 his first year to 5-7 his last), so it wasn't like harbaugh was taking over bo's michigan legacy (or even carr's).

  8. 5 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    I've heard that claimed by program supporters in all sports, ND, Clemson, Duke etc.. You really have to take a leap of faith to say those schools don't bend rules/polices/standards to allow for great athletes . Major sports bring in so much revenue to a College, it happens everywhere . 


    i'm sure to some degree, it happens everywhere.  i won't pretend michigan (or anyone) is clean as snow.

    but there are degrees of what is allowed to happen and who you can recruit and who your respective admissions department will accept, etc.  so yeah, i stand by my assertion that in this day and age, michigan and ohio state (for example) aren't playing on a level playing field.  some call it a self inflicted wound, and that may be correct.  but it does exist.

    now ohio state's recruiting and their coaching are excellent.  i don't mean to take away from their successes.  but there are institutional reasons why michigan can't consistently compete with the ohio state's of the college football world.

  9. 30 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    Yes , in college as we all know two things matter , winning your conference and than the National Championship.  At Michigan he gets to draw from HS talent from all over the country . The fact that he either hasn't recruited QB's heavily or hasn't done it effectively is a big red flag to me.  The QB play at Michigan has been mediocre at best under his watch , I don't want him working and developing our #2 pick. 


    his best QB recruit (jj mccarthy) will be hitting campus this month.  but yes, it is a valid question why he hasn't been able to recruit and develop a top QB yet.  he inherited a crappy QB room and hasn't seen any of his QB recruits develop as hoped.  there are a myriad of reasons why, but it's still a strike against him.  offsetting that of course is his success in the pros.

    as to not winning a national title or even a conference title, it is a strike against him.  but not all teams play by the same rules.  for example, at michigan, players actually have to do stuff like go to class and get passing grades.  not sure that same applies equally to all schools, particularly those that regularly play for titles.

  10. I am a Michigan alum, and while by no means an insider, I have been a long time subscriber to the former scout- and now 247- board, so I read all the "insider" news there.  With that intro, I find it hard to believe that Harbaugh would be using the Jets as leverage in his negotiations with Michigan.  There are many powerful donors/backers of the football program who would be happy to see Jim go (and have made such views known to the AD), so I don't think the hold up on his contract is over extracting the final dollar on a contract.  i

    it is possible harbaugh is waiting to see what, if any, nfl opportunities arise before he signs any purported extension with michigan.  i don't think they are haggling over dollars and cents, and i find it hard to believe, based on what is being reported by those in the know, that he will use an nfl offer to extract more from michigan.  more likely, many in the AD and of the powers that be will be happy to say sayonara, given that harbaugh quitting (rather than being fired) saves michigan from paying his guaranteed contractual buyout.

    harbaugh has given no indication to anyone, including his coaches and the families of recruits/players, that he is looking to leave.  but it is clear he isn't YET ready to sign an extension with michigan.  major terms have more or less been agreed upon.  so the door remains open for a return to the nfl.  i'd have to think that the chargers job would look very attractive to JH.  as to the jets and his ability to work with douglas, i think he'd have some good insight into douglas from his brother.

    hopefully there is some resolution on the michigan end within the next week.  sounds like there has been some deadlines applied by the AD, although what exactly is that deadline isn't known.  i like and respect harbaugh, and think he would be a good choice for the jets job, although i'm not sure he'd be my top choice.  he seems to have lost some passion the last couple of years.  maybe a return to the nfl re-invigorates him.  he is an excellent coach.

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