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  1. niners can always tag deebo after this year, so he can't just walk at year end. granted that franchise tag at WR is going to sky-rocket with the recent contracts being handed out
  2. but the question is moore + samuel > moore + wilson (or london or williams)? moore isn't going anywhere, so he should be a constant. granted there is a salary cap component in that money spent on samuel's extension can be allocated elsewhere
  3. come on. there are multiple reports the jets made an offer and worked out parameters of a contract for tyreke hill. that's wasn't just fishing. that was deep negotiations that ultimately ended with the player picking another team. now we have multiple reports that the jets are highly interested in deebo and it's up to the niners to trade him. it's fine if you don't want the jets to trade for these guys. but it's silly to pretend that JD is 1000% aligned with your opinion here.
  4. not sure why you think joe d agrees with you given all the reports the jets are interested in trading for deebo and it's the niners reluctance to trade him that is holding things up.
  5. Jags just signed Cam Robinson to a 3-year, $54MM extension. less likely they use the 1st pick on an OT now
  6. you are the one comparing people who never took a snap in the nfl to someone who has put up an all pro season based on their respective draft spots. you said those guys were better "prospects" than deebo, assumedly because they are picked to go in the 1st and deebo was a 2nd rounder. that is a flawed way of evaluating players when one guy has shown he can played and excel in the nfl. corey davis was the #5 pick and john ross was the #9 pick in 2017. you'd probably rather them then the guy taken #69 (or #84) that year, being they were better "prospects"
  7. tom brady was a 6th round pick. i guess you'd rather have kenny pickett who is a better prospect coming out than brady was...
  8. well the rams did trade for matthew stafford (for goff, a 3rd and two future 1s) and von miller (for a 2nd and 3rd) and signed OBJ. they also traded for sony michel. they previously acquire jalen ramsey in a trade (for two 1sts and a 4th). pretty sure those guys played a major part of them getting to and winning the SB
  9. there have been many instances of actual players being traded during the draft. i highly doubt the acquiring team is going to insist on a physical, especially if we are talking about a player with no known injuries (i.e not coming off a major injury last year). i'd think wrt deebo, the contractual part (at least parameters of a deal with he and his agent) are way more important than the physical.
  10. i'm not sure how you can say gardner wasn't productive. granted, his "counting stats" may not be the same as hamilton. but that's largely because no one ever catches a ball when he's defending him. no WR had more than 13 yards in a game against him and he didn't allow a TD his entire career. those may not show up in a stat sheet, but damn, that's very "productive" if the goal of a defender is to keep the opponent from moving down the field and scoring
  11. um, no it doesn't now if he skips mandatory camps and doesn't show to training camp, you may be on to something. but i'm guessing the coaches and front office (you know, people who actually know him and are talking to him and his team) have more info than any of us message board experts...
  12. since when does not showing up for a voluntary workout equal wanting to quit football?
  13. i'm not sure if it qualifies as "downside" or "going wrong", but there are questions about allocating too many resources to the OL to the detriment of other positions of need. between becton, fant, AVT and tomlinson, that's a lot already invested in the line. now this doesn't mean they shouldn't address OT in the draft. just not sure using a premier pick (4 or 10) when there are bigger needs elsewhere is the best allocation of valuable resources.
  14. well you said he had 4 more weeks, seeming to imply that he had to week 40. again, i don't know the details of his fiancee's pregnancy. i do know that my first child was born via a scheduled c-section in week 37 and my 2nd in week 38. as to the jets, JD addressed it and said the team was on top of it and in discussions with his medical team in dallas. and based on this article, it seems that the girlfriend (or fiancee) is in dallas with him: https://nypost.com/2022/04/21/mekhi-bectons-voluntary-workout-absence-not-worrying-jets/ Tackle Mekhi Becton chose to stay in Dallas rather than joining the team in Florham Park this week. The offseason program began Monday. “These are voluntary,” general manager Joe Douglas said. “Just in terms of Mekhi, we’ve had great dialogue and discussion back and forth with his medical team back in Dallas. We’re on top of everything with him right now. Again, these are voluntary sessions.” A source said Becton’s girlfriend is expecting a baby soon, and he wants to remain in Dallas with her until the child is born.
  15. no i did not. but i can get to my job by taking a subway 3 stops and i can get from my office to the hospital in about 10 minutes via a cab. and while my job doesn't require much travel, i definitely would not have gone out of town after week 37. then again, my first one was born during week 37 and the 2nd during week 38. and again, week 40 is meaningless. i can't believe you actually have children (as seems to be the case from your response) and think that all pregnancies go to 40 weeks.
  16. both of my daughters were delivered via c-section, one in week 37, the other in week 38. so no, she doesn't necessarily had "4 weeks left" you have no clue what you are talking about. now i admit i don't know the particulars of the becton's pregnancy. but your posts make clear you have no idea how a pregnancy works. there is no one-size fits all rule and many, many babies come prior to their due dates.
  17. um, do you really think it works like that? because it doesn't. not even close. maybe you should understand things a little better rather than come across across as an ignorant blowhard...
  18. yeah, because all pregnancies work like that, where exactly on the 1st day of the 9th month, the baby just appears...
  19. kind of like those that assumed a tyreke hill package included moore, which we know was not accurate
  20. he ranked 49th in the league in that stat, in the same ballpark as guys like dk metcalf and ceedee lamb. but what is most impressive is he led the league (WRs only) in yards after the catch/reception, at 10.0. excluding RBs (there were 3 RBs higher than him), the next WR was mecole hardman at 8.5 and then jamaar chase at 8.1.
  21. well after 3 years, adams averaged 642 yards and 5.3 TDs a season, so you are not talking about the devante adams of today. the point remains, there are many players who are traded for draft picks, where in a hypothetical, the "accomplished pro" version of them would be drafted well before the draft pick used to acquire them. that's because veteran players, especially those that require contract extensions, have a much greater cost than just the draft pick used to acquire them. last year's #10 pick signed a 4-year, $20 million contract. samuel will likely want more than $20 million annually. to be clear, i'm not against trading for samuel and signing him to an extension. but there is no need to give up the #10 pick when no one else will come close to that trade compensation.
  22. hypothetically, tyreke hill and devante adams, as proven pros, would also go #1 overall, yet the cost to trade for them was nowhere near the value of the #1 pick (or the #10 pick for that matter)
  23. while i too would not give up the #10 pick, i find it hard to believe the jets would have to give up #10 and a 2nd. that value comes out to about the #4 pick, and no other team will come close to giving up that much for deebo. fwiw - i don't trade the #10 straight up either. that too is more than any other team will offer
  24. well that is not acquiring tackle depth. that is covering for your own screw up, if they don't believe in becton so shortly after drafting him. what i initially responded to was your post asking what happens if becton or fant get hurt? you seemed to indicate they needed to get insurance for such possibilities by using the 4th pick in the draft "If we don’t go OT @ 4, and Fant or the oft injured Becton go down early, who exactly is playing OT for this team ? That is a recipe for QB suicide" i said they don't need to use the #4 pick for insurance.
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