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  1. with 3 picks coming up, the jets have the luxury to gamble on a guy with a health concern who otherwise is a day 2 pick
  2. in round 2, i would have preferred javonte williams over a WR because i thought we had better depth at WR than RB. but i did not think there was anyway we would come out with michael carter at the top of the 4th. i understand that williams and carter are very much different backs. but i am thrilled with how it worked out, getting moore and carter. great job
  3. not as concerned on the lack of drafting CBs. the jets have 3 young CBs they like (austin, hall and guidry). go out and sign a veteran or two (sherman, nelson, poole) or see what other vets become available post-draft.
  4. love the pick. the guy averaged 8 yards per carry and led the nation in runs over 20 yards. he can also split out wide and return kicks. it's like JD knew who he was picking when they decided on leon washington announcing the pick weaponzzzz!!!
  5. put me down in the wanting cox or carter group and then add my guy ben mason in the 5th
  6. jamison crowder was not getting you a 3rd round pick. why would a GM give up a 3rd for a good, not great, player on the last year of his contract.
  7. so you are upset that we took a slot WR at #34 and didn't trade back but if we had to stay, you would have taken...a slot WR...
  8. LV has two 3rds. so drop 14 spots and pick up a 3rd. probably have to toss back the late 4th (via minny) or early 5th
  9. i suck at inserting gif's...but i was going for the same thing
  10. hopefully true. not that i'm trading down for the sake of trading down. but lot's of interest means a competition, which hopefully means getting a nice return.
  11. you are using the informal definition. i was going by the literal definition the informal use actually uses the word literally to mean exact lit·er·al·ly /ˈlidərəlē,ˈlitrəlē/ adverb in a literal manner or sense; exactly. "the driver took it literally when asked to go straight across the traffic circle INFORMAL
  12. you literally are mistaken, because each and every player listed in the aforementioned post is a need for the jets. he offered his opinion, which i respect. he thinks the pick should be on the defensive side, which is a reasonable position to take. but it is not literally true that the jets do not need a RB or WR or o-line or TE
  13. without doing anything but sitting in their original spot and letting the draft play out in front of them, the chargers got a huge win in getting slater to help protect herbert.
  14. assuming whatever sources you have are correct (not calling you out here), i'd prefer they take a RB over a WR if those are the two they are circling. to me, the need for a lead back is more critical than a WR given the respective positional depth charts.
  15. were you the poster claiming last night they were looking into trading back into the 1st to get e. moore?
  16. thanks for your opinion. i can understand wanting some defensive players (and sign me up for ben mason later). but what you said before is not true. the jets still do have a need for all those players. they also have the needs you outlined above (sadly that means they have a lot of needs). i mean if someone suggested taking a QB at 34, i would say they literally have no need for that player. technically that wouldn't be 100% accurate either, but seems a more apt use of literally than saying they have literally no needs at RB, WR, o-line or TE
  17. i think it was a dumb pick given they have robinson, who i like a lot, but i'm happier he's on jax than buffalo and carlos hyde is not keeping him off the field. unless urban is loyal to his former player, you'd have to be crazy to sit a talent like etienne for carlos hyde. so i think it's lip service to his former, and now once again, player
  18. mazel tov on your masters. still don't think you are using literally correct. but forgetting that, who do the jets need? do you not think adding another lineman is a need? do you not think adding a RB is a need? do you not think adding a WR is a need? do you not think adding a TE is a need? (personally i do not want to take a TE at 34)
  19. pet peeve of mine, but i'm not sure you understand the meaning of literally. i mean yeah, it's true, we don't "need" any player. we didn't "need" zach or AVT. but they were good players at positions we were seeking to fill. so with the caveat that it is technically true that we don't "need" any single player, the jets definitely do need some help on the o-line and RB and WR and TE, and pretty much any of the guys listed would most definitely fill a "need" and would be solid picks
  20. ^^^this there was no reason to make that trade up before the draft. not for 6. too many variables in front of you. and my guess is it backfired on them as they likely didn't get either of their top targets. does anyone think that "on the clock" the dolphins would give up #12, a 4th rounder and the 2022 1st to move up for a 5'9 slot WR/returner? waddle may be an excellent player. but there is no way the dolphins, or anyone, is giving up that draft capital "on the clock" also, while i think the trade back for the giants was excellent value, they then used the pick to r
  21. it really depends on how the ranked the players. if they truly felt AVT was a top 10 talent, and he becomes an elite guard like nelson or decastro, you make the trade and don't look back. i'm in no position to offer any real insight, but if JD truly believed AVT to be elite, you make the trade
  22. i get what your saying, but it really depends on how far they drop back and what they get in return. if they are able to move back say 10 spots and still get a quality player (say e. moore, marshall, j. williams, samuel, molden, and possibly a lineman like jenkins, eichenberg or dickerson) and then use the gained pick to get someone like a RB (carter, sermon, gainwell) or WR (r. moore, collins) or a lineman or CB that falls, then i'm all in favor of moving back. probably wouldn't want to drop more than 10 spots (i listed 8 above and that doesn't include any of edge rushers or LBs we
  23. do you even look at the roster or just make crap up last year, the jets opened with an injured perriman, an injured mims, crowder (who got injured), and then guys like berios, j. smith and v. smith this year they have corey davis, an assumedly healthy mims, crowder and keelan cole in addition to those other guys. cole may not be a sexy name, but he had 55 catches for 642 yds and 5 TDs last year. that's not bad for a WR4
  24. this was my first year watching nfl network coverage. sooooo much better. and as a jets fan/michigan alum (hence jetblue), i'm a huge rich eisen fan
  25. they traded 3 picks for 2 and in exchange got what was in all likelihood either the 2nd or 3rd o-lineman on their board
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