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  1. ding, ding, ding (and crowder is the one with the better stats) juju is just a name. he had a couple of really big years when he was playing next to an antonio brown in his prime and catching balls from a still capable big ben. now, he's just a "big name" who is really a mediocre possession WR
  2. last 3 years (aggregate): player A - 154 receptions, 1,512 yards, 12 TDs player B - 188 receptions, 1,979 yards, 14 TDs
  3. wonder how many of those fans own kareem hunt jerseys...
  4. while it is hard to remove the factor of their respective QBs (not like dak is a scrub), but adams is a significantly better WR than cooper. over their respective careers, adams has played 8 more games (1 extra year), yet he has 1,045 more yards and 27 more TDs than cooper (and adams didn't really take off until his 3rd year). adams has years with 1,374, 1,386 and 1,553 yards. cooper's BEST year was 1,189. adams has years with 18, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 8 TDs. cooper's BEST was 8. cooper is a decent WR. way overhyped in my book, especially given his contract. he is not in the elite class with adams, regardless of who is throwing them the ball
  5. you seem to be leaving out the part that trading for adams required (i) multiple draft picks including a 1st, (ii) giving him the largest contract ever given to a non-QB, (iii) being able to reunite him with his college QB, (iv) having adams agree to come to the jets rather than the team he grew up rooting for (oakland raiders that is). but yeah, otherwise it seems like a perfect apples-to-apples comparison to potentially trading for woods (which as far as we know is just fan talk and not something douglas is actually pursuing)
  6. i'm not sure if aiyuk is in the doghouse. he was a pretty key player for them down the stretch (big game vs rams in finale and pretty solid playoff run) and if they are breaking in a new QB, they need all the weapons they can get. they have deebo, kittle, and??? can't say whether the ravens and brown are headed to divorce (m brown can be frustrating...i had him on my fantasy team this year), but ravens clearly are a win now team and outside of bateman, have a pretty weak WR corps. ravens also are usually content to let a player walk and recoup comp picks, so if they don't pick up brown's 5th year, that's probably the route they will go (unless you are offering a 3rd or better for a guy in the last year of his contract).
  7. why would the ravens or browns, two legit contenders, trade one of their top WRs? neither team is exactly stocked in the position
  8. because the jets said pretty please...
  9. true, he shouldn't get that type of money. although there are plenty of suckers in the nfl (granted the jax probably signed their allotment of overpriced, mediocre WRs yesterday). while injuries are always a part of the game, i'd rather sign someone to help zach develop who you can reasonable be confident will be there for more than half the games. fuller is probably the least reliable WR in the entire league. does the QB no favor when you use a roster spot on a guy who can't be counted on to be there any given week.
  10. yeah, just like the dolphins did last year https://www.nfl.com/news/dolphins-signing-former-texans-wr-will-fuller-to-one-year-deal The Miami Dolphins added much-needed game-breaking speed to their receiver corps. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero reported that Will Fuller is signing a one-year deal with the Dolphins, per sources informed of the pact. The deal is for $10.6 million fully guaranteed with another $3 million in incentives, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported. for that $10 million, fully-guaranteed payday, he played in 2 games and caught 4 passes for 26 yards. i'm 51, 5'9, 164 lbs and pretty slow. i could almost do that
  11. anyone asking for will fuller, just be prepared for him to miss a large chunk of games. he's played in 55 of a potential 97 games in his 6 year career, and after playing 14 games his rookie season, he's never played more than 11 games. 14-10-7-11-11-2
  12. disappeared? against LV - he had 6 catches for 64 yards and a TD against Tenn - he had 8 catches for 71 yards he sprained his MCL in the 1st quarter against KC and shocked most people by even suiting up in the SB, where he chipped in with a couple of catches. he's a solid addition given the FA class and all the other TEs who were tagged or otherwise signed. and he played on a team with chase, higgins and boyd, so cincy had plenty of other options, which needs to be accounted for in his counting stats. jets could only pray they had a WR1-3 like cincy. given the insane contracts being handed out, he's a solid addition.
  13. 5 games. it's a harsh sentence, but seems appropriate. sounds like the league allowed the schools to self-discipline and warde gave juwan 5 games. not so surprisingly, wisconsin's AD decided not to suspend any of its own coaches or support staff for their roles in what happened. not the assistant coach who pushed 2 michigan players and not the support staffer who body-slammed terrence williams. williams got pushed (by an assistant coach), body-slammed (by a staffer) and cold-cocked (by a player) and he got suspended a game. the player who cold cocked him only got 1 game. neither of the other guys got squat. juwan's response in yesterday's presser left a lot to be desired. much stronger statement tonight
  14. i'm not defending howard or what he did. as a leader of young men, he needs to do a better job controlling his emotions. he deserves whatever suspension the big 10 and/or michigan hands down. but as to the wisc. assistant that howard actually hit, if you look at this clip, the WI coach in question was actually pushing michigan players. again, not excusing howard, but it seems he disengaged with gard, and then saw the wisc. assistant coach pushing his players, which led to juwan striking the assistant. there are also clips of wisconsin assistants tackling michigan players and a wisconsin player sucker punching a michigan player. again, juwan bears responsibility for escalating the situation, something a coach should not do. he deserves to be suspended. but wisconsin and its coaches and players had a role in this thing escalating. hopefully the disciple reflects both sides.
  15. not to in any way lessen what anderson was accused of or did, but sandasky sexually molested little kids, including accusations of anal rape of a 10 year old boy as to anderson, he died in 2003, so this isn't exactly a current event. most of the allegations are 30+ years old. bo schembechler died in 2006, so he can't exactly answer for his actions or alleged lack of action
  16. what do you mean not covering it? just because YOU are just hearing of this doesn't mean it hasn't been in the news. the university conducted an extensive review last year. a large settlement was announced last month. here is just a quick sampling of stories https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/33099240/university-michigan-reaches-490-million-settlement-robert-anderson-abuse-case https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/19/sports/ncaafootball/michigan-abuse-settlement-robert-anderson.html https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/university-michigan-reaches-490-million-settlement-anderson-accusers-rcna12713 https://www.si.com/college/michigan/football/university-of-michigan-football-doctor-robert-anderson-bo-schembechler https://www.freep.com/story/news/education/2021/06/15/bo-schembechler-family-robert-anderson-sexual-assaults-michigan-football/7707126002/
  17. the parameters of a new contract were agreed upon well before he began interviewing for the vikings job. and while it is true that his base was cut after 2020, much of the compensation was transformed into incentive bonuses. he earned something like $3 million in incentives, although he stated (after the ohio state game, which means when he had only earned $500K of the $3MM) that he would be donating any incentive bonuses earned in 2021 to the athletic department to be used to compensate other coaches/staff in the other sports who were required to take pay cuts or furloughed because of budget issues arising from the pandemic. so he wound up making something like $7 million last year, of which he donated $3 million. as to a new contract, informed speculation is that it will be something close to what day makes at ohio state - about $7.6 million, with incentives that will take it to $9 million. his pursuit of nfl jobs was never about money. and his decision to return was not about money. the parameters of the contract had already been agreed upon, well before the interview.
  18. like i said. was not a done deal https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33203283/jim-harbaugh-tells-michigan-return-sources-say-minnesota-vikings-interview
  19. the national signing day stuff is meaningless. michigan is not expecting anyone to sign tomorrow. the entire class signed during the early signing period. only 1 player (josh conerly, jr) remains as a possibility, and he's not deciding until march. i am not saying harbaugh won't get the job. but i do not believe he already has it. balas is a hack who is throwing stuff against the wall to try and claim credit for being first. harbaugh is the leading choice of the new GM, but others in ownership/management prefer the younger candidates. harbaugh will make his pitch tomorrow and very well may land the job. but not a done deal. i say this as a long time member of the michigan insider (formerly scout) board
  20. first off, i'm not a giants fan. i'm just a jets fan who doesn't obsess about a team the jets play once every 4 years. the GM is the one who hires the HC and runs the team. and there have been far, far fewer minority GMs than minority HCs. so much in so that the league has expanded the rooney rule to include front office hires. personally i think you hire the best candidate for the job - be it someone who is black, white, brown, green or magenta (i was about to type orange, but didn't want to go down that road...). the rooney rule is a good rule to get more exposure for minority candidates. but a team shouldn't hire a minority because that candidate is a minority. they should hire the person they think is best to be the HC. to be honest, i wanted daboll last year, so i think it was a good hire for the giants. the team needs someone to put that offense together, be it with jones (i'm dubious) or whomever they draft/acquire either this year or next. daboll seems like the right choice if you are looking for an offensive mind, who has a good pedigree under a number of excellent coaches. doesn't mean it will work out. but it was a good choice, even if jets fans want to pretend that because the jets hired some minority coaches that they can feel superior. so i got that going for me, which is nice...
  21. more clever responses rather than admitting you made an error i do give you props for quoting two of my favorite movies. maybe a caddyshack in your next one???
  22. it's being a giants apologist for pointing out they had a minority GM for over a decade? just admit you forgot that reese was their GM for a decade when you tried sounding clever with your duke brothers post
  23. you do realize jerry reese was their GM for over a decade, right?
  24. when i first opened this thread, i assumed it was some mock post. appreciate the laughs (intended or not) on a slow day in the office. props for staying committed. although one may question whether you need to be committed...
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