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  1. Speaking Wednesday, Matt Nagy informed reporters that LT Teven Jenkins will have back surgery. The Bears hope "to have him back this season," but losing Jenkins, who was the presumed starter, is a big loss for Chicago. The Bears traded up in the second round of this year's draft to select Jenkins, who profiled as an immediate starter. His back surgery now scrambles the offensive line plan on what was already viewed as a sub-par unit. Chicago will now likely turn to Elijah Wilkinson and fifth-round rookie Larry Borom. It's possible however, that their starting left tackle is not currently on the roster
  2. i'm not celebrating any player being hurt. but both of these players had pre-draft injuries which continue to linger (and/or they haven't recovery from needed surgery). imagine the reaction if the jets took one of these guys in the 1st round and they had yet to practice, one already needing core surgery, the other with a lingering back issue which has prevented him from practicing.
  3. Going back to the draft, a number of the cyber-expert GMs on the board questioned the Jets trading up to get AVT instead of staying in place and grabbing someone like Christian Darrisaw or Teven Jenkins. What didn't seem to be widely discussed at the time (and honestly not sure if publicly known) is that Darrisaw and Jenkins both had existing injuries that limited them last year and continue to impede them thus far through camp. Darrisaw had off-season core surgery and Jenkins has lingering back issues, and neither has practiced yet. I know AVT also has an injury, but that seems to be one from camp, not something that goes back to last year. SKOR North's Darren Wolfson reports Vikings first-round LT Christian Darrisaw (core muscle surgery) saw a specialist in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Darrisaw's recovery from core muscle surgery reportedly "continues to be an issue," which forced him to see a specialist regarding his return. Coach Mike Zimmer recently described the injury as one “nagging all the time," going as far to say the rookie has been "one step forward and two steps back." The Vikings re-signed veteran Rashod Hill as insurance but will likely have to lean on him by default in Week 1 (and for an unknown period beyond that). Bears second-round OT Teven Jenkins has yet to practice in training camp because of lingering back tightness. The rookie was expected to slide right in at left tackle. Reps are paramount for Jenkins, who needs to establish chemistry with the rest of the offense before getting thrown into the fire. Without Jenkins, Chicago has employed veteran Elijah Wilkinson and fifth-round rookie Larry Borom at LT during training camp. Coach Matt Nagy also indicated the Bears could add a left tackle if Jenkins' injury persists.
  4. i guess the apocalypse has been canceled. although with this fanbase, more likely just postponed until the next faux crisis
  5. always fun to read fans over-react about the business dealings of others, as if they wouldn't try and get the best deal for themselves if the situation were reversed. in the end, zach will sign, and unless he stages some really loooooong holdout, it won't matter one iota on whether he turns into a FQB or not. but for these precious days during the summer, when nothing else is happening, it's always fun to get the pitchforks out and go after zach or JD or the johnsons, or some combo thereof. a professional athlete in a contract negotiation with a team - OMG, it's the end of the world!!!!!!
  6. sounds pretty close to tevin coleman. he was 2nd in the ncaa in rushing his senior year and averaged 7.5 ypc
  7. but nassib's day-to-day life is as an nfl player, not a fan posting on a message board. and in the nfl, he is the only active player to come out as gay. so his day-to-day and your day-to-day are not exactly the same. you are right that it would be better to live in a world where something like this is a non-story. however, we don't live in this world, certainly not as it relates to being a professional football player.
  8. sure but those saying moore's drafting meant he was being cut didn't factor in the very real possibility he could be brought back at a reduced salary
  9. glad to hear they are bringing him back. after last year's motley crew of a receiving corps, it is nice to have some legit depth. so much for all those so-called experts who declared on draft day that the moore pick signaled the imminent trade or more likely release of crowder
  10. so what would you give up? reports are at least one team has offered a future 1st. could be a real offer, could be smoke put out there by the falcons. so i ask, what do you consider as the right price?
  11. nepotism hire? saleh worked with lafleur for 4-years in SF. not exactly shocking that a new HC picks someone he is familiar with to be one of his top assistants.
  12. they sent the scans to dr. andrews, not davis himself. but i do tend to agree that this line raises some eyebrows
  13. you giving up a 1st rounder (at least) for a 32 year old WR making $15MM this year and coming off an injured-plagued season? the jets have invested a lot in mims, davis and moore and they also have crowder and cole. is it really worth the level of resources (draft picks and salary) to bring in a guy who likely is at the end of his career? if the jets were a team expected to compete for the playoffs and a title this year then maybe it's worth it. but realistically this isn't the team's profile this year.
  14. so the solution to a WR getting banged up in OTAs is to trade at least a 1st rounder for a 32 year old WR who missed 7 games last year because of lingering injuries???
  15. hard to answer since i'm guessing no one here has ever been a professional QB so perhaps we aren't able to explain what having a veteran presence means to a rookie (or to 3 guys who have never taken a snap in the nfl). yes, i know we have coaches, etc... but having someone who can show the young guys what to do on and off the field, how to study, how to practice, how to prepare for a season, how to prepare for an individual game, how to dust yourself off after a tough outing, how to deal with the media, and so on may have some value. i'm not definitively saying it does. my belief is there is value here, but i cannot prove it. i've asked before if anyone can find precedent of a team entering the season with no QB on the roster ever having taken a snap in the nfl. perhaps such a precedent does exist. my guess is there is a reason teams seek to bring in a veteran presence to help young QBs. the jets aren't the first franchise to hand the reins to a rookie. my guess is every other time this has happened, the team has carried at least one "veteran" backup. there probably is a reason for that. in addition, should zach struggle or show he's not ready day 1 or get hurt, do we want to leave the team in the hands of morgan and white? will that get the best out of mims and moore and carter and help the other players implement the new system? maybe morgan is an nfl caliber player. that would be great, and hopefully this is the case. but if he's not? can i flip the question - what is the harm in bringing in a hoyer-like veteran to compete for a spot?
  16. the pats also have cam newton, who may actually be the starter in week 1. hoyer is there to help with mac jones. although you bring up a good point - if belichick thinks hoyer can help them contend, why wouldn't you want such a player on the jets? i'm fine with a QB with upside. not sure i agree trubinsky or bridgewater offer much upside. hopefully morgan shows something in camp. but i'd still like to have someone on the roster who has actually taken a snap as an nfl QB to help all the young QBs on the roster. and if wilson struggles or gets hurt, i'd like to have someone who can help the jets win games and help the other offensive players develop. granted pickings are slim.
  17. pretty interesting that many of the experts here derided the idea of bringing in someone like hoyer to help in the QB room, yet a 6-time SB winning coach finds value in bringing him back year after year. i'm not going to lose sleep over not bringing hoyer in, but i am not thrilled at the prospect of having 3 QBs on the roster who have never taken a snap in an nfl game. can anyone find a precedent for that???
  18. i've outlined how your comment about wilson playing 1 good team was wrong. just because you refuse to admit this doesn't make it so. i grant he didn't play the same schedule as fields. means nothing as to how he will turn out as a pro. YOU are the one who brought up how his schedule doesn't compare to LSU, OSU and 'bama. i responded that those schools may have great college players, but haven't really translated to many NFL QBs. outside of burrows, name me 1 good QB from LSU? same for ohio state? as to alabama, i'm not talking joe namath & ken stabler. yeah, tua was a high pick. jury is still out on him. hurts started at alabama, but really played at oklahoma. then you got guys like mccarron and mcelroy. not exactly a slew of good, let alone great, QBs. now this doesn't mean fields or even mac jones will not be good, or even great, pros. just that the nature of them playing at the top schools against a top schedule is not predictive of future nfl success.
  19. oddly, there are very few starting or highly drafted QBs in the NFL from 'Bama, Ohio State and LSU. point is best college teams don't necessarily produce the best nfl QBs.
  20. they were power 5 conference teams with winning records that went to bowl games. USC finished the season ranked #22 in the CFP final rankings, #30 in the coaches poll and #31 in the AP poll. tenn. finished #34/35 in those later two polls. not elite, but not sisters of the poor or whatever pejorative wilson critics ascribe to his competition in 2020. wilson also played washington and utah in 2019 (both ranked teams at the time), although wilson struggled against utah (21/33, 208 yds, 2 Int in opening week) and had an ok game against washington (26/42, 277 yards, 1 TD, 1 Int in a loss). BYU also played a ranked Boise St. team, but wilson was out with an injury
  21. i didn't say you can't question scouts. i have readily admitted that JD and his staff can be wrong. but i don't buy the arm-chair GMing that because draft bloggers, who have none of the access to the players, coaches, tape, etc..., that the pros do, say player X is better means the jets made a mistake because they took player Y. JD had AVT at a top 10 talent. according to a report here, he had him as his #2 o-lineman. now the survey from the atlantic and morrissey the poster may disagree. that's fine. but the process was not wrong because it doesn't match YOUR opinion. the process was fine. JD saw a player he highly valued and gave up a couple of 3rd rounders to secure someone he thinks was a premium talent. and did so without giving up the #34 pick or a 1st next year. he paid much less than the bears paid to make a similar jump up the board. it can still be a good trade for the jets AND a good trade for the vikings. but maybe JD should check on in your board and fire his scouting dept and save money by getting a subscription to the atlantic next year. probably easier then spending thousands of man-hours doing the diligence and research and meeting with the players themselves
  22. i can't believe we are relying on professional scouts and not writers for websites and blogz to rank our players
  23. yes, comparing a game against a so-called "basketball school" (your words, not mine) and a game against the NCAA champion is definitely an apples-to-apples comparison
  24. i'm not hanging my hat on anything. i am saying your comment "One year wonder, played against sub par competition, never faced a real pass rush and the one game he did, he lost. I could go on" is factually incorrect. the rest of this back-and-forth is you refusing to admit that your statement is factually incorrect because like many interwebz arm-chair GMs, you need to always be correct, even when the FACTS say otherwise. opinions are fine. everyone is entitled to their opinion. you liked fields better - that is fine. i won't argue your opinion. JD and apparently a handful of NFL GMs disagreed. doesn't make them right either, at least at this premature juncture. but facts are facts. wilson played more than 1 game against good teams and he beat at least 2 of them (winning record from power 5 conference). what you said is incorrect.
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