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  1. 10 hours ago, heymangold said:

    Refer to my post where Julio had 1400 yds 2 years ago, and had more receiving yards then any Jets receiver last year in only 9 games.


    not sure why you would be comparing to the WRs the jets had last year.  refer to my post where i posted stats for the receivers the jets have now (and none of them had matt ryan throwing to them)"


    corey davis - 65 catches, 984 yards (15.1 avg.), 5 TDs

    jamison crowder - 59 catches, 699 yards (11.8), 6 TDs

    keelan cole - 55 catches, 642 yards (11.7), 5 TDs


    julio jones - 51 catches, 771 yards (15.1), 3 TDs


    jones was a great, great player.  he's breaking down and is paid a ton.  plus you need to trade for him and atlanta isn't just giving him away.  so sure, if we ignore the cost (salary and trade compensation) and pretend we are getting julio jones in his prime, sure why not.  but a rebuilding team shouldn't be giving away assets to acquire a past-his-prime receiver coming off his worst year and who is already on the wrong side of 30.

  2. 12 minutes ago, heymangold said:

    I honestly view this as sarcasm but it pains me that most Jets fans think this way.

    yeah, we don’t need a HOF WR because we have a first round bust with 1 good year and a 2nd year guy who missed most of his rookie year.

    Julio is still better than Davis and Mims combined.


    let me guess, you also want to bring frank gore back (future HOFer and all)...

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  3. 33 minutes ago, Warfish said:


    With only a modicum of confidence tbqh. 

    I've said it a few times, this class reeks of multiple-bust danger, I'm not convinced any of them will become Franchise QB's, Lawrence included.

    Lawrence - So much hype, he'll never live up to it.  He'll be ok I think, like a Kirk Cousin.  He'll produce, he'll be better than anything WE'VE had in our history, but he's not "the greatest QB since Luck (or Manning)" as he's being hyped to be.  I think he ends up like a Carson Palmer level of quality.  Good, but not enough to overcome the teams he'll play for.

    Fields - Biggest upside, biggest heart.  Right team, right support, he's Russel Wilson.  Played on the biggest stage, against the best in college, and generally rose to those challenges admirably enough.  In the wrong spot, wrong system, or rushed to start day 1, maybe not so much.

    Jones - Right system, right guy, could be very solid, probably belongs with 49'ers tbqh.  I think this guy (despite his own limited resume) will be a very solid pro QB, again, in the right system only.  Very much a Ryan Tannehill-level of production type guy, who won;t win you games, but might help you not lose them with the right support.  

    Wilson - Too many risks for my tastes, height (short), weight (light), short resume of greatness, weak opponents, not on anyones radar before 2020 (COVID year, which colors everything).  Every aspect of him screams "Risk!" to me, and I don't see what the hype is all about watching him on YouTube beat up on San Diego Barber Colleges of the 3rd tier college ranks. 

    Trask - I like him.  Probably stupidly, tbqh.  Likely my usual "3rd rounder I like" mistake, lol.

    Lance - All potential, no resume.  Want nothing to do with him, vastly too risky for a franchise like the NYJ.

    With all that said, this is a QB draft I very much could be 100% wrong about two years from now on.  I have that little confidence in this class as a whole.

    The entire class terrifies me, frankly. 

    It feels like 2018 (5x hyped QB's, only two of whom look to be potentially Franchise players (Allan and Jackson), with one Journeyman (Mayfield) and two total busts (Darnold and Rosen). 

    Most interesting, Darnold and Rosen were supposedly the "sure thing" guys of that class, with Allen, Mayfield and Jackson all have big risks.

    Or worse, it could be 2015 with just more QB's.  

    Or I could be 100% wrong, and we've got 5x new elite young QB's, who the hell knows.  



    thank you for your detailed response. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    Or we could just go back to having the “no wide receivers” problem we had last year if Mims gets hurt again


    except the jets also have davis, crowder and cole.


    FYI, last year:

    corey davis - 65 catches, 984 yards (15.1 avg.), 5 TDs

    jamison crowder - 59 catches, 699 yards (11.8), 6 TDs

    keelan cole - 55 catches, 642 yards (11.7), 5 TDs


    julio jones - 51 catches, 771 yards (15.1), 3 TDs


    this is no way compares the respective careers of the players.  julio was an elite WR and a potential HOFer.  but he's injury-prone, toward the end of his career, would cost a bit of draft capital and makes a lot of money (and probably would want some extension).

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  5. 1 minute ago, mrcoops said:

    If Fields ends up as a Cheatriot, I will legit shed a tear.

    Really like the guy, and I would hate to have to root for him to fail.


    as a michigan alum, it will be a lot more natural for me to hate a buckeye-patriot QB than a wolverine one

    that said, i do not want fields in NE, because that will ensure he has a great career and wilson will be a bust, because, well just because...

  6. 12 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    You are a very angry person. An very odd. The battles you choose are inexplicable.


    Is Connor your son?

    meh, not angry in the least.  and as i said, i don't really care one way or another about conner hughes.  

    just for the life of me can't figure out why someone would click on and comment in a post clearly titled Conner Hughes when said person doesn't care about Conner Hughes.  

    but i can see my posts have you riled up.  seems you are the angry one...

  7. 30 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    Im giving my opinion of conner hughs on my jet board thats why pappi chullo

    if you want to start a thread "HighPitch's opinion of Conner Hughes", then those that give a darn about your opinion of CH can choose to read it and those that don't care can skip the thread.  likewise, if you don't care about Conner Hughes' opinion, then skip the thread.  and this isn't anything about Conner Hughes.  don't really care one way or another.  but curious why someone would post "who cares about so-and-so's opinion" in a thread clearly marked to indicate you will be getting so-and-so's opinion

  8. 1 hour ago, bitonti said:

    He's in year 3 and hasn't really done anything to move the needle 

    In fact we just lived through the worst Jets season since kotite 

    he's in his 2nd full off-season (he came on board after the draft and after FA period of 2019) and we haven't even had the draft yet, so a bit premature to be saying he's in year 3.  everyone knew last year was going to be a rebuilding year, and oh yeah, this thing called a pandemic makes it a bit harder to evaluate his 1st draft class given the off-season limitations.  he shed ugly contracts, accumulated draft picks, and now is starting to stock the roster with his players.  let's see how this years draft class, and even next year's given the future picks he's acquired, play out before we start posting the help wanted sign for the GM position.

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  9. 30 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    And I am not bashing you for posting it. I am just saying, who is conner hughs and why does anyone care about what he thinks


    why are you reading, let alone posting, in a thread titled connor hughes mailbag stuff, if you don't care about connor hughes' opinion/articles?

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  10. 20 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    If I’m an opposing QB and I have a Stefan Diggs or Davante Parker with Sherman lined up man to man guess where I’m going


    if you are worried about davante parker, you got issues with your defense.  

    maybe you mean davante adams.  parker is a JAG.  heck, he barely out-produced keelan cole last year.

    diggs is a different story

  11. i don't think this will impact what they do in the draft.  

    at this juncture, i can't see any way the jets (or anyone for that matter) sign sherman before the draft.  once the smoke has cleared after the draft and teams evaluate their rosters, sherman (and the other unsigned vets) will find a home.  JD will draft the best players and fill the positions he sees fit, based on how his board is set up and how the draft unfolds.  he's not going to make, or not make, a pick because maybe he will be bringing in someone like sherman after the draft.  draft picks are about the next 4+ years (hopefully longer).  sherman is about the next 1-3 years.

    i'd have no problem bringing him in.  while i'm in favor of seeing what the young guys can do, i'm also in favor of seeing the jets win games.  and if bringing in a stabilizer to the defense (which i think can be a good defense) helps wins games, i'm all for it.  if the kids are good enough, they will see the field.  sherman can still play, even if not at his prior all-pro caliber.  and he can help bring some swag to the backfield.


  12. 11 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    That’s who I think is our number 2. We got Vinny Curry on a great deal. Clowney is better then the other guys.

    Edit: I forgot about JFM. Alright, I agree he’s not worth getting even in a backup role.

    curry got a $1.3MM, 1-year deal.

    why would the jets go out and give clowney 7x as much money when he's not even as productive of a pass rusher as curry?

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  13. 21 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    I wouldn’t have minded Clowney for say $7 on a 1 yr deal. He would help the edge rotation.

    While we are not a playoff team, a good defense helps Zach (ie better field position, not always having to play from behind etc). Clowney is better than our 3rd option off the edge.


    he's not even better than vinny curry, who signed a 1-year, $1.3 million contract

  14. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:


    I don't know all of who is currently an unsigned free agent, do you have a link to that?  If so I could give you a name or two, sure.


    random google search:


    (pretty sure winston re-upped with the saints so not sure why he's listed as available above)






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  15. 40 minutes ago, Warfish said:


    Draft Pick (Presume Wilson), Young FA Who Still Has Upside (debate as you like as to who that is), Morgan

    Not Hoyer.  Not McCown.  Not Fitzpatrick at this point.  Nobody like that, career-long losers who suddenly are considered wise experienced mentors because they stuck around long enough.


    can you name any young FA QBs who still have upside?  chances are if they are young and have upside, they aren't FAs. 

    i'd be fine with nick mullens (26 y.o.), but he had elbow surgery in the off-season, which may explain why no one has signed him.  do you mean a 28 y.o. brett hundley or the 29 y.o. blake bortles?

    so again i ask YOU to tell us who YOU would sign, not to duck behind a "debate as you like" cop-out

  16. 8 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    Well if we had an actual roster Alex Smith would probably sign here but we don’t.  So we’re stuck with a worse Ryan Fitzpatrick 


    again, i ask you to answer the question.  who do you suggest we sign?

    and you are correct.  alex smith likely isn't signing here, in part because he wants to start and given the jets are almost certainly drafting a QB @ 2, this isn't a situation he is likely interested in.

    so tell me who you want as the jets QBs, if we assume wilson and morgan are 2 of the QBs.

  17. 9 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    I completely agree.

    In my view, all three QB spots on a roster should be filled with the best possible Quarterbacks.

    Not mentors.  Not Coaches.  Not guys to pat rookies on the back and tell them they're special.  Not woobies for Head Coaches to play because they don't like playing younger QB's.

    If a Veteran is that guy, because he's younger, and talented, with upside, etc., and the potential to win games if called upon, fine, no objection.

    But all of 3 of them should be chosen because they can play or have the potential to play the #1 QB spot.  Not for any other touchy-feely mentor coach-in-pads reason.

    In my view, rookie QB's are best served by GREAT Coaches, and aggressive competitors chasing at their heels.  Fear and competition are amazing motivators.


    so your suggestion for the jets 3 QBs are???


    1 hour ago, Philc1 said:

    Hoyer is putrid.  Stop


    ok, who do you suggest?

    and i don't mean morgan, who will also be on the roster (assuming he beats out white)

    teams need 3 QBs on a roster.  the jets will assumedly have wilson and morgan.  who is the 3rd?

    hoyer is pretty mediocre.  not expecting him to come in and lead the team to the playoffs.  but i guess you know more than belichick, who put this "putrid" QB on his roster 6 times, including last year after brady left.

  19. 1 hour ago, Philc1 said:

    They’re complaining because Brian Hoyer will be starting games next season and he’s horrible.


    He couldn’t even be mediocre on a stacked colts team with a great offensive line.  When Zach Wilson gets hurt and this clown is playing enjoy


    hoyer started 1 game in 2019 with the colts, who went 7-9 that year.  

    he is what he is - an experienced backup QB.  nothing prevents morgan (and white) from competing for the backup position.  but he's an experienced guy to put in the QB room, to help ALL the young QBs (career regular season pass attempts by QBs currently on the roster, with the assumed addition of the #2 pick = 0.00).

    can anyone tell me the last time an nfl team went into the season with their collective QB room having the same amount of regular season snaps as bluto blutarsky's GPA?

  20. teams need at least 3 QBs on the roster.  signing someone like hoyer does not mean morgan won't get a shot to compete for the backup spot.    but at the least, it gives the jets at least 1 QB who has actually played a snap in the nfl on their roster.

    geez - jets fans will complain about anything.  

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  21. i posted this in a different pitts thread, but i believe at the same time i was putting this together, the darnold trade happened and that thread dropped down the board.

    since this thread seems to reviving the concept of adding pitts (here giving up a significant amount of assets/draft capital to go get him), i thought the below was applicable.


    TEs drafted in the top 10 since 2000 (I expanded it to 10 since a list of the top 5 is blank)

    2019 - TJ Hockenson (8)

    2014 - Eric Ebron (10)

    2006 - Vernon Davis (6)

    2004 - Kellen Winslow Jr (6)


    Now for those that consider Pitts more of a "receiver", here's the list of WRs taken in the top 6 since 2000 (expanded to top 6 to add julio jones).  

    2017 - Corey Davis (5)

    2015 - Amari Cooper (4)

    2014 - Sammy Watkins (4)

    2012 - Justin Blackmon (4)

    2011 - AJ Green (4), Julio Jones (6)

    2007 - Calvin Johnson (2)

    2005 - Braylon Edwards (3)

    2004 - Larry Fitzgerald (3)

    2003 - Charles Rodgers (2), Andre Johnson (3)

    2000 - Peter Warrick (4)


    Even here it's not a tremendously impressive list considering we are talking 21 years of draft history.  There are possibly 4 eventual hall of famers on the list, but I don't think any of them have actually won a super bowl, let alone had any meaningful and prolonged playoff success.  I guess Watkins has a ring, but that's on his 3rd team as a role player, not a stud WR.

    so i guess maybe if pitts turns into the next calvin johnson or larry fitzgerald, aj green or julio jones, maybe he's worth a top 5 pick.  but to give up all the draft capital to get him???

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