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  1. teams need at least 3 QBs on the roster. signing someone like hoyer does not mean morgan won't get a shot to compete for the backup spot. but at the least, it gives the jets at least 1 QB who has actually played a snap in the nfl on their roster. geez - jets fans will complain about anything.
  2. i posted this in a different pitts thread, but i believe at the same time i was putting this together, the darnold trade happened and that thread dropped down the board. since this thread seems to reviving the concept of adding pitts (here giving up a significant amount of assets/draft capital to go get him), i thought the below was applicable. TEs drafted in the top 10 since 2000 (I expanded it to 10 since a list of the top 5 is blank) 2019 - TJ Hockenson (8) 2014 - Eric Ebron (10) 2006 - Vernon Davis (6) 2004 - Kellen Winslow Jr (6) Now for th
  3. lol at attempting to equate protests over civil rights or BLM with protests because your team has been poorly managed. and no, the owners don't really care if you watch the game. they have huge national tv contracts that pay billions and billions of dollars. a handful of miffed jets fans ain't changing that
  4. study the nfl draft and tell me how many teams are picking TEs, RBs, box safeties, and even WRs with top 5 or top 10 picks? not many. and then look at the best RBs, TEs, and WRs across the league and you will see that most of them are not 1st round picks, let alone top 5-10 picks
  5. i just picked one at random via google search https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam=nyj #4 = 1800 #23 (760) + #34 (560) = 1320 generally speaking, future picks discounted by a round, so next year's #1 = this year #2. the 10th pick of the 2nd round this year is 480, which is the differential above. we have 2 #1s next year, but it probably would take the lower of the two (assume seattle since they assumedly will still have russell wilson this year and have a better overall team). so that's the ballpark flip it around - if the jets h
  6. if they don't take someone in the draft, he's someone you could look at on a cheap, non-guaranteed camp invite. see how the young backs look in camp and then decide which ones make the team
  7. you'd give up at a minimum the #23, the #34 and next year's #1 for a TE? not even sure that gets it done TBH insanity
  8. fair enough. and perhaps i confused you with different posters who discuss him playing "sisters of the poor"
  9. trey lance? for a guy that's been harping on "one year wonder vs. crap opponents", how can you also say you'd want trey lance? i understand the skepticism on wilson. but to then advocate for a guy less proven who didn't even play in DI, that's seems awfully inconsistent
  10. lol at anyone expecting JD (or any GM) to trash a former player he just traded away or reveal his upcoming draft pick in advance of the draft...
  11. i do have to say, i love that line. i use it all the time
  12. i'm a poster on a message board just like you, pal. if you don't like my posts, you also have the ability to put me on ignore. it seems you are good at dishing it out, but not so good when it comes back in your face. i know that is very troubling and will have a tremendous impact on your life...
  13. and you wonder why people think you are being a sarcastic tool
  14. being in only year 3 of a 6 year contract, i don't think there was any way in hades that JD would be fired after the 2021 season. he may have been on the proverbial hot seat, with the press and fans leading the pitchfork and lantern brigade. but i don't think that rolling it back with same (assumedly while also trading back and adding more draft picks), would have potentially led to JD's firing after next year. he's under contract through 2024 and i can't see the johnson's (or any owner) dumping a GM in year 3 of a 6 year contract. so in the end, JD's long-term job security is tied to
  15. obviously tone is lost on the internet, but this seemed like a sarcastic comment. maybe i was mistaken. only you know the answer...
  16. that's lovely and all. now if you can find any post on mine where i make declarative statements, calling my own opinion a FACT, then maybe it would be an apples-to-apples comparison. in fact, i will readily admit that i am in no position to offer any opinion on these prospects. i'm not sold on wilson, although i'm equally not sold on fields or jones (and know almost nothing about lance). the only one i really watched in any way was fields (being a big 10 alum). i had hoped it worked out with sam, but think it's probably best for all to move on. what i find troubling is self-ass
  17. JD has plenty of job security at this juncture. the decisions he makes this off-season will impact how much job security he has in the future. this includes his decision to stick with or move on from darnold (and yes, darnold theoretically succeeding in another uniform after JD shipped him off will definitely impact JD's job security), and now that he has made that decision, who he drafts to replace sam will impact his future. all decisions he makes impact his future job security. it's the nature of the beast. granted some decisions have a larger impact than others. but you are being nai
  18. if wilson flops and darnold shines in carolina, it will not have been the right move for his job security. so i don't think the word unquestionably is apt, even if this represents your personal opinion
  19. no, there is an entire offensive coaching staff there to coach up and develop the players. i gave you one example of a very experienced offensive assistant who has worked with multiple pro bowl (and hall of fame) QBs to rebut your ridiculous claim that nobody in the building knows how to coach and develop a QB. i get it that they don't have your level of expertise in evaluating and coaching QBs at the nfl level (you being an internet expert and all and guys like knapp only having coached multiple pro bowl QBs). but maybe, just maybe, we should give these guys a shot before literally call
  20. do you understand what the words FACT and LITERALLY mean it seems to me it is a fact that you literally do not understand the meaning of either as to nobody in the building having actually developed a QB, i mean i get that they aren't internet heroes like you who have done so much, but they have plenty of experience developing offensive players. take this guy (maybe you also don't understand the word nobody): Greg Knapp begins his first season with the New York Jets after joining Robert Saleh's staff as the passing game specialist on January 21, 2021. For Knapp, 2021 m
  21. i'm not sure i get this talk about how all these other QBs started more than 1 year in college as if zach wilson didn't also start for the better part of 3 years in college.
  22. they also have better linemen protecting them, throw the ball to better receivers, and hand the ball off the better running backs
  23. is it a FACT? wilson is really iron sulfide? pretty impressive for a sulfide mineral to be able to throw a football 60 yards on the run. or are you saying it is a FACT that wilson will not be worth the investment the jets are making in him? because if you are so prescient, why the hell aren't you running the team? for that matter, with your ability to see into the future, why don't you own the team? one would think someone able to foretell the future would have made billions of dollars by now and if said person were such an ardent football fan, he would have used his fortunes to
  24. ewing was an 11-time all-star, a hall of fame player, was the rookie of the year, reached the playoffs 13 times with the knicks and helped lead the team to 2 finals. how someone can even deem to make an analogy between a hall of famer and sam darnold is beyond me
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