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  1. they traded 3 picks for 2 and in exchange got what was in all likelihood either the 2nd or 3rd o-lineman on their board
  2. so the giants sign golladay to a huge contract and already have sheppard and slayton and they take another WR???
  3. we could have had 6 picks in the first 4 rounds now we have 5 picks in the first 4 rounds and the best guard in the draft
  4. better than giving up next year's 1 expect a trade back at 34
  5. wow. trade up and commercial argghhhhhhh
  6. think it's a great trade for the giants. they get a future 1 & 4 and a 5th this year to move back 8 spots when the elite talent is off the board.
  7. even if this is the case, not worth that trade. does anyone think that on draft day, someone would give up a 1st in 2022 and a 4th this year to draft a 5'9 WR/KR?
  8. not sure if this is good or bad, but after walking by the tv when a picture of zach wilson was on and i told her that was the jets new QB, she just told me she will now be happy to watch games with me
  9. waddle is a good player. not sure it was worth giving up a future #1 pick and a 4th this year to get him and a 5th
  10. bet miami is regretting trading back up now with no pitts or chase on board
  11. nfl live coverage was very positive. they said he had the best film of any QB (lawrence was the best QB though). can make all the throws. comparisons to rodgers and russell wilson. kurt warner raved about him. not a negative said by anyone
  12. nfl live crew was very positive on wilson. love his film and his play-making ability.
  13. i'm guessing you didn't bother reading his story that i linked. more fun to make fun of someone's name because it sounds funny. would be less fun to learn the story of an amazing young man and what he and his family have gone through to get to this moment. and probably wouldn't be funny when you read how this young man, when he was a little kid, used to cry when the kids at school made fun of him for his different culture. haha - he has a funny name. well played chap!!!
  14. i'm sure he will be relieved to know you think his name is slightly less silly. if the jets draft him, maybe you can seek him out at camp and tell him his name is not as silly as you previously thought since it is kwity and not kwitty...
  15. actually, his real name is kwity, not kwitty. and he was born in a refugee camp in war-torn liberia. his brother's name is komotay. maybe we can make fun of him too... https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2021/story/_/id/31310483/meet-nfl-draft-most-extraordinary-prospect-kwity-paye
  16. other than "he wasn't voted captain", can you provide some example of him being an effete, entitled puke and displaying a reputation of being a poof? while we are at it, can you tell us what exactly is a poof?
  17. your post seemed to imply that since i didn't comment faster on the attacks on sanchez or geno, that i condoned them and was only upset because someone made fun of a white kid. not sure how else to have interpreted that post. hence my explanation that i stepped away for a moment. and in this spirit, i must leave this enlightening conversation
  18. are you like this in real life, or is this just some bizarre internet persona??? sorry i had to step away before getting to respond to that post. how dare me say hi to my kid after she got back to school. i need to be trolling on a message board, mocking a 21 y.o. kid because i don't think he is the right draft pick. clown
  19. people made fun of gase's eyes for 2 years AFTER he had the bugged out look in a press conference. and he is a grown up. calling sanchez nacho or geno stupid is also childish and in those cases, also racist. making fun of chad's injuries? that's flat out pathetic but yeah, i guess this does well encapsulate a portion of this fanbase. pathetic if you ask me
  20. can you point me to the post where people are discussing this parade? or is this a straw man argument to deflect from your childish retorts???
  21. i'm not sure if it is funny, or pathetic, that what i assume are adults, are hating on the player that their purported favorite team will be taking, to the degree of mocking his locks or his youthful appearance. the kid hasn't even put on a jets jersey and a segment of the fanbase (at least represented by this board) already hates him. i get not liking a pick. reasonable people can have reasonable differences of opinions on who they think is the best player and the best selection for the jets but the sheer childishness of some of these attacks on a 21 year old kid is just outright sad.
  22. zero chance on the 2nd pick. they aren't going to commercial break after just 1 pick
  23. this won't be a surprise. this is pretty much a guarantee to happen at some point of EVERY draft
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