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  1. 8 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Then keep him

    wwtxh Carolina flip him next year for more value 


    first off, carolina needs to pick up his 5th year option to even have the ability to trade him next year (unless they slap the franchise tag on him after this year).

    and even then, it's not very likely he gets traded, let alone for more.  if he's good, carolina will keep him.  if he's the same old sam, or even a modestly improved version, no one is giving up a ton for him either on the last year of his contract (if 5th year picked up) or on a 1-year franchise tag salary.

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  2. TEs drafted in the top 10 since 2000 (I expanded it to 10 since a list of the top 5 is blank)

    2019 - TJ Hockenson (8)

    2014 - Eric Ebron (10)

    2006 - Vernon Davis (6)

    2004 - Kellen Winslow Jr (6)


    Now for those that consider Pitts more of a "receiver", here's the list of WRs taken in the top 6 since 2000.  

    2017 - Corey Davis (5)

    2015 - Amari Cooper (4)

    2014 - Sammy Watkins (4)

    2012 - Justin Blackmon (4)

    2011 - AJ Green (4), Julio Jones (6)

    2007 - Calvin Johnson (2)

    2005 - Braylon Edwards (3)

    2004 - Larry Fitzgerald (3)

    2003 - Charles Rodgers (2), Andre Johnson (3)

    2000 - Peter Warrick (4)


    Even here it's not a tremendously impressive list considering we are talking 21 years of draft history.  There are possibly 4 eventual hall of famers on the list, but I don't think any of them have actually won a super bowl, let alone had any meaningful and prolonged playoff success.  I guess Watkins has a ring, but that's on his 3rd team as a role player, not a stud WR.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    And Tom Brady was drafted in round 6 we should only draft qbs in round 6


    Kelce was second in the league in receiving yards btw which is not bad for a “luxury” position 


    lol at trying to equate the importance of a QB with that of a TE

    yeah, kelce is a tremendous player.  remind me of how many playoff games he won before the chiefs added mahomes?  (answer = 1 between 2013-2018).

    there is a reason teams don't draft TEs with premium picks.  they aren't a premium position and more often than not, the best ones aren't even 1st round picks.  now granted brady shows that you can find a great QB outside of the top part of the draft.  but there is a reason teams place an emphasis of drafting QBs high.  it is the most important position in the game. 

    now i'm not sure if any of the guys available in the draft are franchise QBs.  but taking a TE with the 2nd pick is sheer stupidity for a franchise with no definitive answer to the QB position.  even if you could guarantee me that pitts has a career equal to kelce (probably hall of fame caliber), i still wouldn't use the #2 pick on him.  of course, there are no such guarantees

  4. 41 minutes ago, Philc1 said:


    Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski say hi

    kelce (a 3rd round pick) had 6 catches for 43 yards in their SB win.  of the list of offensive players to lead to KC to that title, he ranks 4 or 5th after mahomes, d. williams, t. hill and even watkins in that game.  he also had the league MVP throwing him the ball.

    gronk (a 2nd round pick) is a great TE, but he happens to play with possibly the best QB to have ever played the game.  in the 3 SB wins he's played in, he's never had more than 6 catches.  again, a valuable player, but not really "THE" reason his team won any of those games.

    now should we go over the list of QBs who've made a great impact vs. TEs who've made a great impact or review the history of TEs drafted in the top 5?  heck, i don't even like taking a WR that high.  but a TE????  faghetaboutit....

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  5. On 4/4/2021 at 9:35 AM, Philc1 said:

    And QBs don’t have a high bust rate?


    there's an equal chance of a player being a bust from almost every position.

    however, i can't think of the last time someone said "team x won the super bowl because their TE carried them."  heck, i'm not sure how many times you can say that a TE carried a team to a regular season win, let alone a super bowl.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Jet2020 said:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to downplay TCs Barry Sanders level talent. 


    can you show me where i came anywhere close to calling him barry sanders like?

    the jets added a decent, low priced RB who has proven to be able to produce out of a committee.  he knows the system and he is signed to a very cheap, 1-year deal.

    no one is saying he solves the RB position.  but he helps make the team better.  don't know why people can't just accept that instead of engaging in ridiculous straw man arguments

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  7. 18 minutes ago, Jet2020 said:

    Good for depth I guess. I would rather see Perone fall down for 3 yards than Coleman gaining 2. 

    well he averages over 4.2 yards per carry in his career (4.33 excluding last year) and between 2016-2019 averaged 917 yards from scrimmage and 8.75 TDs a year as a committee back.  Perine's career long carry is 20 yards whereas coleman has multiple carries of 50+ yards.

    he has a playoff game where he went 22-105 with 2 TDs (1/1/20 vs. Minny), whereas perine's "best game" is 11-40 (1 TD)

  8. 10 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

    Clowney 28 Curry 32 

    i understand clowney has had a better career.  however, he is no longer the pass rushing threat he used to be (witness 3 sacks total over the last 2 years).  for that matter, he is no longer the player he used to be.  and he likely isn't signing a $1MM deal for 1-year to be a situational pass rusher.

  9. 2 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    JD's Philadelphia connection. 

    Clowney would have been a better option.

    doubt clowney signs for just over $1MM on a 1-year deal to be a situational pass rusher.

    then again, over the last 2 years, clowney has 3 sacks; curry has 8

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  10. 4 hours ago, JiF said:

    How are 2 players, who can never stay healthy, depth?   Not to mention, they suck.

    People can say nice move and I get to say, no they're not.


    last year was a mess for coleman with injuries.

    between 2016-2019, he played in 58 of 64 games and scored 35 TDs (8.75/year), while averaging over 900 yards from scrimmage a year as a committee back

    i don't know what he has left in the tank, but for $2MM on a 1-year deal in an offense he is already familiar with, that does not suck


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  11. 10 hours ago, football guy said:

    Ultimately it comes down to what the Jets can get for #2 (Wilson) vs. what they can get for Darnold. It may be easier to trade Darnold for FMV than it is to trade #2 for what they ultimately determine to be FMV, but if the pro-days conclude and the Panthers offer 3 first- and a second-round pick for #2, you can bet on that trade happening. If they play hardball and the clock ticks closer to the draft without coming close to the Jets ask, I'm guessing they would trade Darnold. All I know is they hope to have a resolution a few weeks prior to the draft. 


    do the panthers have multiple 1st round picks to offer, or would it be one each in 2021-23 plus 2nd rounders?

  12. Leigh Fordham sold me out
    46 days and the coal ran out
    Please come round here another day
    Sit yourself down when you're ready to stay

    She dug down when they took the town
    Lookin' for clues but they couldn't be found
    Leigh found out she was ready to roam
    47 days and the coal came home

    Taste the fear
    For the devil's drawing near

  13. 16 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    so im in SF country over here on the west coast and can tell you that sf49er fans hated coleman mckinnon...seeing them play makes me think they would be terrible here. 

    I am not ok with either one...we have under performing RB's on the squad already. No thank you!


    coleman is nothing special, but i'm gonna go with the guy who has been his coach over fans.  the jets need more depth in the RB room.  doesn't preclude them from drafting another back, but i'd like to add a veteran before the draft.

  14. i haven't read much by way of details, nor the entirety of this thread, but i'm always a bit dubious when we have all these civil suits and they haven't gone to the police.  if what he did was so wrong, report it to the authorities.  and sure, if it's just one woman, and a he said-she said with a high profile star, i understand the hesitancy.  but if 10+ women are all alleging some type of "assault" then why the hell is the lawyer not bringing the police into the situation? 

  15. 2 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Not "my guy", like many here I wanted to dump him rather that resign at great cost, given his low production to that point.

    I would never claim to know more than the Pros, but I'm perfectly happy to question them, we ALWAYS should question a franchise when their results are materially below average in a league literally designed to make everyone average.  NFL means parity.

    I appreciate the view that he has potential, his pressure #'s mean he could get more sacks, I do not agree with him being called elite now, today.  He's an improvement (over the borderline nothing we had), but it's TDB how much of an improvement.  The effect on QW will be interesting to watch, as at the very least opposing O-line will finally have to at least consider more than one guy on the Dline.


    apologies as i may have mixed you up with another poster who has been harping on how it was dumb for the jets to let go of leo now that he put up double digit sacks, etc...  

    i think it would be premature to call lawson an "elite pass rusher", but i think he has shown the skills in this league to flourish in the right scheme and with the right coaches.  i also think it is premature to think that a player can't improve after 3 or 4 years in the league, especially when their circumstances change (i.e. moving to a new team/system/coaching staff).  lawson has a lot of potential.  he's definitely being paid for this potential versus past production.  i hope the jets can add more to the line (hyder from SF seems like he would be a good fit) to further enhance the pass rush.  and of course, you need better play from the secondary.

    nothing wrong with questioning the pros.  in this case, i think the jets made an excellent investment in lawson.  time will tell of course.

  16. On 3/16/2021 at 2:07 PM, Warfish said:

    Given that the average NFL career is what, 3 seasons?  Yes, he almost assuredly has reached his ceiling.

    If you're banking on 12 sacks next year from a guy who averages 5 a season, I think you might be overly optimistic.

    Lawson is an "almost there, doh, missed him!" guy.  He gets close, but rarely makes the sack or TFL.

    He's better than what what we had, sure, but his resume and production speak for themselves.


    your guy leonard williams averaged 3.5 sacks/year over the first 5 years of his career (4.25 over the first 4 years if we leave out his 2019 season where he got 0.5 in a season split between the jets and giants).  broke out for 11.5 in his 6th season.

    you seem to be a very knowledgeable poster, but i'm gonna go with JD, saleh and his staff on this one and think he can up his production, especially when lined up next to Q.

  17. 3 minutes ago, freestater said:

    This is a stupid rationalization. If anything, it would lend to the notion that JD would've been more restricted last year than this. This year, we're top of the league in cap space with a return to more normal numbers after the new tv deal. If anything, this is the year to pounce on unusual cap casualties. Completely opposite your premise. I award you no points. 

    do you really think juju would have had to settle on a 1-year, $8 million deal last off-season?


    what was the league salary cap last year?  this year?

    are there larger or smaller contracts being handed out this year versus prior years?

    answer these questions and realize how wrong you are

    i award you negative points for being dumb

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