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  1. Don't blink JD! 🤣https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1636488847008706567?t=N4Xf14997Rw3hSly70VIbg&s=19
  2. We're proven to be more than capable of being rubbish at 1pm as well!!
  3. Can this please just be over. I need time to process this before we do it al again in 12 months.
  4. Happy to swap Colts for Titans if it's your thing?
  5. Arguably not making much effort to sign anyone! 😬🤪
  6. Very true. Would be so Jetsy to get both Rodgers and Payton and still be drafting a new QB with a 1st year HC in 2025!!
  7. I guess the difference is the length of time to you'll get from Rodgers or Payton?
  8. I don't think enough fans would ever be lost but to say fans aren't important because TV pays big bucks is just a bit wrong.
  9. Surely TV only pays $5 billion as fans will watch it. Therefore no fans = no $5 billion?
  10. 2pt conversion as well!! What are they thinking. Outgoing HC sticking it to the owners knowing he's about to get fired?
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