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  1. I think the teams logic is that the DLine was so bad last year which made LBers look worse. An improved DLine (& secondary) will immediately improve the LB core.
  2. People worried about Wilsons height and wanting Williams instead. Williams is only 5cm taller! 5cm is really not very much at all... at least that's what my wife says.
  3. 1. Aidan Hutchinson 2. Travon Walker 3. Ahmad Gardner 4. Kayvon Thibodeaux 5. Ikem Ekownu 6. Malik Willis 7. George Karlaftis 8. Derek Stingley Jr 9. Charles Cross 10. Evan Neal 11. Kyle Hamilton 12.Jamison Williams 13. Drake London 14. Dvonte Wyatt 15. Trent McDuffie
  4. Really think we need the Chiefs to sign someone before we get a look in. Otherwise I just seem that hijacking any deal we make.
  5. Not convinced there is anyone worth trading up for??
  6. So let me see if ive got this right. They offered a 1st and we rejected until we're sure about Wilson. But then SF trade up with multiple 1s on the same day they're all at BYU? Seems likely to me!
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