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  1. This is not last season's draft. Barrow and Herbert were clear starting prospects. This year is Lawrence and Sewell. Picks 3 - 15 are similar. I do not think that any of the other QB prospects are worthy of a top 10 choice.
  2. The problem is a lot of those big wideouts cannot get off the line. It is why Claypool lasted well into the second round. Do not get me wrong. I like Pitts a lot. Just not in the first few picks. Of the top four receivers, I prefer Chase. But if we cannot trade back and are forced to pick at #2, I must take Sewell. We are not good enough to waste the #2 pick.
  3. No, its me. I used to post on the old NY Times message board - among others. Some here remember me.
  4. I fear that Pitts is an H back or a big wideout. More like Chase Claypool of the Steelers who is also 240. It is hard to justify taking an H back early in the draft.
  5. Jeff Criswell. Now there is a name I have not heard in awhile. Always like him despite the holding penalties. Sweeney was an excellent center. As for the best guard, that would be Randy Rasmussen. He wears the ring, started for 15 years and continued to hold his job as the NFL passed into the steroid era.
  6. I like Kyle Pitts a lot. But let's stop calling him a tight end. He is an H-back and perhaps a large wideout like Chase Claypool. He might be the dangerous player we seek. He might be a third down player - or worse - a tweener. He may lack a pro position. Gotta look at these fellas from all angles. One thing is certain. I take Chase before the others and I take Sewell before any of them.
  7. Well, at least they scared me and other Jet fans.
  8. To me it was when Wayne and the mouth walked the field.
  9. It was truly ghastly. What is worse, we badly needed them to come through. They had every opportunity to shine. NOPE.
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