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  1. I have been meaning to respond to this thread. First, thanks for the thoughtful post. I enjoyed it: I started the year stating JD had done an excellent job stripping us bare in order to build a strong foundation for the long term. My prediction was 8-9 wins. That was my upside. I thought we were destined for 5-8 wins. I thought we were on the upswing but had too many OL and QB injuries to start the season. From old man Brown to Mitchell to Herbig. We kept getting heroic performances from the bench and here we are. Yes, that includes Mike White. We will likely exceed expectations because we NAILED the 2022 draft … a culmination of moves JD made in years past at the expense of some meaningless wins. We’ll enjoy the rest of 2022 but with an eye on making this a championship caliber squad entering 2023. Interested in your thoughts.. here are mine as a baseline. Keep in mind that the Jets will be fairly tight against the cap. ———————————————— QB: TBD but as long as White shows he is a great fit for this quick passing system, I re-sign him to a 1-3 year deal at an average starting QB salary. Let Zach compete for the job in 2013 and re-up Streveler if you believe he has upside to assume the back-up spot I see two scenarios and they depend on Mike White. If Mike drives us to the playoffs and we win a game or two, then he is the starter. We will ride him and sign him. I believe we will trade Zack to recover $ and picks while he has some value. In that case we will sign a viable starter looking for an opportunity - hello Gardner Minshew - and draft a late round QB. If Mike White does not continue his efficient play and/or we fail to win. Then I believe that the Jets will retain Zack - who will remain glued to the bench this year - and draft a second tier QB. Perhaps in the first round depending on what is available. Richardson, McKee, etc. Then White, Zack and the draft pick will duke it out alongside a viable starter like Minshew. Then somebody gets cut or traded at the end of training camp. I obviously prefer the first scenario and predict it. Nevertheless, like Coach Saleh says "you have to win your individual matchups". You know you have a good coach when you start to quote him. RB: No action Me too. However, I leave a little room. Draft boards continue to show Robinson dropping to our pick (every time). He is a top 10 guy. Cannot pass it. Will not happen though. WR: Draft round 1 to give White another dynamic receiving option. Waive the oft injured Davis ($10M we’ll need) We will take a WR in the first or second. There is a nice second tier. Smaller lighter guys. If they can beat the jam, who cares? The only way we do not is a trade back in the first and then up in the second. See below. TE: No action Me too. The contract's obligate us for next season and we have four promising tight ends. OL: Re-sign Herbig to start at center. A warm Goodbye to McGovern, Fant & Feeney. Draft a 4th tackle in middle rounds. Draft Center in round 3 as backup to Herbig and as future starter when Herbig shifts back to guard and we let Tomlinson walk in 2024. Re-sign LDT I love this idea. I also agree that we should look to add a tackle and center. We will get one of the quality center/guard candidates with our 3d round pick if not our 4th. There are several good candidates. I disagree on when to pick an OT. Last year was historic, this year there are like five starting OTs. Worse, they are not perfect. Both Paris Johnson and Peter Skoronski are 6' 4" and have short arms. They may be guards. Very good guards but guards nonetheless. If the Jets intend to target OT, it will have to be in the first round or early in the second. By OUR 2d round pick, the starters will be gone. That means a trade up. The Jets need a viable young starter candidate at LT. Mitchell might be the guy. He might not. Brown is 37. Becton is a question mark. Fant will not be back (though he is welcome, we have to make choices). Starter candidates at LT are costly. This year we hoped Becton would return and Fant would be all the way back. We got saved by old man Brown. It has been beautiful. But it involved luck. Not that I would give back Sauce or Garrett Wilson. But we must make the costly investment or get caught without. Did you see Quisenberry with the Bills . . . Like QB, until you have a LT you have to keep taking them. Edge: Waive Lawson ($15M we’ll need). Sign Huff to a first round restricted tender @ ~$5M; we cannot lose him for anything less Agreed. We have to make choices. Lawson is not an every down starter. He is more of a pass rush specialist like Huff. And Huff has earned a raise and retention. His plays have been clutch. Otherwise I see us solid at edge. It opens up a spot for a later round guy. There are a few good candidates. We could also take an inside/out guy with DT crossover that JD likes. I see this as likely. DT: Exercise 5th year option on Q; caution on doling out huge contract after 1 big year. Upgrade the much improved but injury plagued Rankins (going back to his time with Saints). Draft depth later rounds I pay Q. If we can do it with a three year deal. Hooray. If not, throw him the bag. None of this Leo sh*t. I too see DT in the Jets future. But I see a high pick. Why? This year's draft has a good crop and it is a good fit. Even if we retain Rankins, somebody could challenge Shepard. Also Curry lines up at DT. These fine players are getting long in the tooth. There is a place for a solid young DT. My early read shows a good crop of DTs who will not last until our 2d round pick. We would have to move up to get our man imo. But I see Joe Douglas targeting this spot from a team building standpoint. LB: Keep Mosley but ask for a pay cut from $17m salary to $10M. Otherwise, numbers will likely not work given cap situation and desire not to push too many dollars to future years. Re-sign Quincy (partly as leverage because he’s Quinnen’s brother). If possible, bring back Kwon on a reasonable deal. Draft MLB middle rounds to compete with Sherwood in 2024 when CJ is likely waived due to cost I have done a 180 on our linebackers. I had thought we could surely upgrade a spot. Alexander has played so well - he is the coverage linebacker - you know when he screws up. This guy must be retained or we are not serious. The Jets MUST PAY FOR PERFORMANCE. We reworked Mosely's deal. That says we will retain him. Quincy sets the tone and plays exactly the way Saleh wants it done. Sherwood is healthy and cannot get a job. Unless Trenton Simpson is there with our #1, I cannot see a linebacker early. We will take somebody late. They will be there. CB: No action Me too. Unless we are able to trade Hall for decent value, I stand pat. We have five guys. Safety: Upgrade Joyner by drafting FS in round 2. Draft SS depth later rounds I have done a 180 here too. Our safeties have played well and we have other priorities. I am wary of drafting safeties early. Like tight end, college does not generate the right kind of player for the NFL. You have to sort guys to find one. Lots of busts. It is hard to see whether the safety can tackle and cover NFL talent from college film. I would rather sign free agents and later round players. I save the first and second round picks for chess pieces (QB, OT, Edge, DT, WR). Shocked to even think this but this roster looks like it could make a deep run, contingent on White proving he’s the guy or otherwise acquiring a capable average starter that’s a system fit. Despite last week's loss, I continue to believe that we are contenders right now. Contenders for the crown. And I never thought we had any chance of coming back on the Vikings with the score 20-3. Yet I would have said the same thing at the half. I am telling you fellas, this team is better than they think.
  2. Ah, Mike White weather. Cold rain. He throws well in those conditions. Just ask the Bears. I do not know about the rest of you. But I love Green Bay, Buffalo and our own outdoor choice. Yes, our drab brutalist stadium is a deep disappointment, I mean playing outdoors. It is too bad that we cannot play on grass. Hey, I know. Let's grow grass on movable trays. We will grow whole fields of them. Yes. Then we will replace them like a giant jigsaw puzzle over and over. It will be fabulous. What could go wrong? Anyway, I like the weather for the game.
  3. Get well big guy. You have a BRIGHT future. Jet fans know the scouting report - to paraphrase: inexperienced, needs to get stronger, great feet and enough length to play either side. Will contend to start on either side after adding strength in the lower half. Ourlads said "he needs a personal key to the weight room." It was both a blessing and a tough break for the Jets that he got thrown into the fire. I would have preferred he spent the year in that weight room and been next year's pleasant surprise. Well we found out what we drafted when we threw young Max into the deep end of the pool. Bully for the Jets and for Max Mitchell. I am looking forward to next year with this young man. As things now stand, he does not owe us - we owe him. I am glad the Jets caught it. Hopefully there will be no complications and he will be ready for training camp. Tell me those with medical training. Do those drugs keep you out of the weight room? Let's hope not.
  4. Me too. If we do not take one in the first, I could see us take one in the second. There is a solid second tier. Mostly smaller and lighter guys but if they can break the jam ala Garrett Wilson, who cares?
  5. We are one of the youngest teams in the league. We are not riding a group of aging veterans we signed in free agency. This club's strength in in its young players. And Mike White has the offense singing. If the defense stays healthy . . .
  6. It was a great article. That interview with Garrett Wilson is the best advertisement for Mike White that any player could want.
  7. I voted yes because it was yes or no. I need more than a few starts to anoint him a franchise QB. It is more likely than not given how the team looked these last two starts and - to be fair - whenever he has gotten into the game. His preseason action against the NY Giants #1s was truly impressive. Remember, the Strev played the cut pile. Impressive. But the cut pile. Mike White had to take on the Giants' #1s. In the end, Mike White has to produce. Time is limited in the NFL and this is his genuine opportunity. As Coach Saleh said: "As for Mike White, this is a great opportunity. And I know he will attack it." That "opportunity" is under attack. It is surprised because "opportunity" had been given away to the undeserving . . . It is not used to being attacked. I know this much. The Jets are chock full of young players. We have a long complicated offensive playbook. Zack Wilson had too many three and outs. We would never install the entire offense with him at the helm. Too few plays and too little execution on those that we did run. What about the other players? Do we really want Garrett Wilson to join Elijah Moore and Denzel Mims and demand a trade?
  8. Truly amazing stuff. Here I thought they were going to sign Josh Rosen and have a 2018 class reunion. While Joe Douglas likes to kick the tires on stuff. Given the tumultuous events that would ensue, I pass. I confess, he would be an improvement over Flacco and we will move on from Zack in the offseason.
  9. I agree White gets the rest of the season. If nothing else, Mike White can complete the installation of the playbook. When Zack was in there, we never ran enough plays to do it. Nothing like game speed in pads. The CBA means no padded practices in season. We will get better and better with Mike White moving the chains. As for Mike White's arm, I agree with TomShane that he lacks a bit on his fastball at times. However, he uncorked a beautiful deep out to the left side which he completed to Garrett Wilson (to my amazement - it was a heck of a throw). The deep out is the NFL throw. This is actual evidence that he does have an NFL arm. It is the last word too. He does. I too noticed that his throws were a bit behind the receivers at times. I also noticed that defenders were closing in on both sides of a closing window. How he squeezed that ball into those windows was very impressive. Especially when you consider we were playing from behind against a pass defense that was laying back. As for Mike White's screen game, it is a clear strength. Each ball comes out on rhythm with his teammates. You can see the polish borne of hard work and attention to detail. Pocket presence? His NFL comparisons are Chad and Tom Brady. Did those guys try to run away? No chicken dance for White. Mike is dealing cards are the casino. Swift and sure. He knows he has to get rid of it. He knows he cannot run. It is why our offense line pass protection looks better lately. The ball comes out in a jiffy and hits Jets players. I too think we will make the playoffs and will be a tough out the rest of the way. I also think the Jets know that this program has vaulted ahead of schedule and there is no time to train Zack. Time is limited in the NFL. The future is now for Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore and Denzel Mims. We are contenders right now. I predict the Jets roll with Mike White in the off-season. We will trade Zack Wilson and sign a veteran with the money we save. We will draft a mid-round guy to compete with the Strev. We will start over at the QB position in 2024 with a 1st round pick if Mike White is not the answer. And that is how I see it.
  10. I do not know much about casinos. Anything really. I do know that the people who try to influence sporting events are not the guys running the casino. The casino is where they place their bets.
  11. Another fine game from Mike White despite the poor result. Behind 20-3 - not his fault. Mike White was forced to throw for the win. The toughest task in the NFL. With my mouth agape we stormed all the way back. Twice he had us one play from victory. Even when I thought it was over - it wasn't over. NEVER SAY DIE! He overcame the unfair referees. He shrugged off an alley opp interception - can you imagine the look on Zack's face? They carted off young Michael Clemons. Q went straight to the locker-room with his left arm hanging (a dislocated shoulder???). They both came back. The game was so intense that the good Wilson said afterwards that he "would go to war" for Mike White. That interview with our young star Garrett Wilson is something to see. I would keep Mike White on the field just to complete Garrett Wilson's rookie year. There is serious long term value in that! Some lament that Berrios should have caught the TD. Some have actually had the stones to say it was a bad pass. Gee whiz. The entire end of the game was do or die. Does anyone watch football to enjoy the game? I absolutely loved it. The last two games. Wow! The promise of more to come . . . This is the most promising time to be a Jet fan in decades. Yeah. Decades. So we did not win. There were like five turning points in the game that went against us. And it is a group of YOUNG players being LED by Mike White. There is so much tomorrow in front of us! I have read the nonsense about Zach Wilson's superior talent. Where the citation for that claim exists eludes me. He did not workout at the combine. He threw at his pro day. There were no measurements. His 40? Unknown. The splits? Unknown. Jumps? Unknown. It is like the Kremlin. And spare me the "Green Eggs and Ham" speeches. I have eaten "Green Eggs and Ham" for two years. Time is limited in the NFL. It is sunken cost fallacy at this point. Any further chances for Zack will depend solely on Mike White's health. With more starts like this one, Mike will ensure that the Jets trade Zack Wilson before the draft while he still has some value. We will sign a vet with Zack's money and draft a mid round guy to compete with the Strev. Mike White brings the storm. This is the most fun the Jets have had in a long time. Nobody wants to play us. As Mike White showed yesterday and the film will reveal. We are a tough out.
  12. The NFL could even out the officials if they wanted. The NBA and - to a lesser extent - Major League Baseball have shown what can be done. Baseball ended the personal strike zone of individual umpires and forced obedience to a new strike zone. Like it or not, it altered longstanding practice and the game itself. The NBA has completely transformed itself. Years ago, the paint was a dangerous place. Charles Oakley would be thrown out of today's game for what was routine in his day. Never mind Bill Lambier and those Pistons' teams. Today ANY contact results in a foul. Today the NBA calls EVERYTHING. There are multiple refs and instant replay. The NFL could change the way the game is called. But like Major League Baseball and the NBA, it would change the game a great deal. Oh yeah, the Jets got ripped off yesterday all game long. There were multiple instances of the coverage climbing up the backs of Jets receivers before the ball arrived They evidently teach the tactic. I think the film will reveal a lot.
  13. Jets win 24-10 says I. I am pumped for today's game. Go green. Go Jets.
  14. Jets fans. Win or lose, we will have played a consequential game in December. We are contenders right now. Zach Wilson failed. Becton failed. Fant got hurt. Mitchell got hurt. We were playing a waiver wire RT. AVT and Breece Hall were lost for the season. Our starting LT arrived in training camp and is 37 years old. Two highly drafted wide receivers demanded trades. There are innumerable reasons and excuses for why the 2022 Jets failed. Why we went quietly and said "get them next year". You can even make the case that this is one of the worst years we have ever had. Yet here we stand. Despite all the trauma - the AVT & Hall losses were the pits - we clawed and scraped victories. Even when we lost to the Bengals, you could see the defense beginning to gel amidst the three and outs. What is different? It is Ahmed Sauce Gardner. Born in Detroit, this cold weather kid played WR and Corner in high school. In the Michigan state championship game he caught four passes for 126 yards and two touchdowns. Not sure which one. During high school he was state champ in 2015, 2016 and 2018. In college - in addition to never once giving up a score - he took Cincinnati into the college football playoffs. The first group of five team to manage the feat. In the 2022 draft, his coattails led the NFL to draft NINE Cincinnati players. A school record that is unlikely to be challenged much less broken. Since he has joined the Jets, he has totally shut down his man. We noticed it instantly - if they do not bite as puppies. He soon exceeded all hopes when he visibly erased Ja'marr Chase, the NFL's best young WR. The board soon whined about Mosely and Joyner getting beat on isolation plays. Yet they were running them because the WRs were covered. You cannot keep doing that. We will lay traps and Mosely had a pick last week. Yes, Reed has been stellar. But he is a grizzled veteran who came to play. We have seen that before. Another team's player who got paid and decided to earn it. But Sauce is ours. And his ceiling appears to be Deon Sanders. Who among us thinks that this NFL season's star WR Jefferson is going to light up our rookie? Who lacks confidence that we can defeat the 9-2 Vikings in their own barn? This is the confidence Sauce creates in his teammates. This is why he was state champ in high school. This is why he took an off the map school and crashed the NCAA tournament. It is why there are now nine rookie Bearcats in the NFL. He is forging an identity on this team and it is contagious. His teammates know, this bus has momentum. I can feel it. The seminal moment for the 2022 Jets was when Quinnen Williams exploded on the sidelines and demanded a four man rush. What Q was really saying was lets go to man to man. And that is what Salah did. Now we rush four, we place the linebackers up on the first down line and play man with Ahmad Sauce Gardner. He stirs our drink. He is 22. Like all Jet fans, I wonder how long it will last. But for today, I am enjoying his efforts this year. I truly appreciate Sauce Gardner. What a year.
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