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  1. While I have read many posts about value with our draft. I thought I would put some numbers on it.. At #4 Sauce was the 9th ranked prospect but he had a clear first round grade. Not what I would have done (thibs fan) but it was a fair use of the #4 pick. Looking forward to his career. Nice prospect. Long and competitive. Excellent in man to man but best in zone with his closing burst to the ball. I suspect Salah intends to put him over the field once he gets his feet wet. At #10 Wilson was the obvious choice. Ourlads had him ranked 11th. This is particularly true when you consider the trade offer Washington accepted for pick #11 (picks #98 and #120). With prices like that it is no wonder Joe picked Wilson. Exactly what I would have done. We needed to add a #1 Candidate at WR and we did. The question remains whether or not he is Jerry Jeudy. The scouts call him a lesser copy. We shall see. At #26 we traded up to get Johnson. While scouts differ on Johnson Ourlads had him ranked 15th. His review is similar to Hutchenson and Karlaftis. The price of the trade up? A mere exchange of 3ds (69 for 101) and a 6th for nine spots at the end of the first round. I have seen teams cough up a 1st for that much movement. I love everything about this pick. I would have done the same thing. Probably would have made the move earlier given the prices. That is a complement to Joe D, not criticism. At #36 we moved up for Hall for a mere 5th round pick. These cheap trades were amazing. Ourlads had Hall ranked 28th. Said Ourlads "Will fit best into a zone based scheme." He is an ideal complement to MC1. I would have taken a pass rusher. We can add a 2d round back every year. You cannot get a good pass rusher prospect every year in the 2d. I think we still need rebuilding. But I cannot deny that Hall will make us more exciting as he is a "win now" investment. Nor can I complain about the price. Then the long wait until 101 where we grabbed Ruckert. A Long Island kid, he lacks the pizzazz of McBride but he is a Y tight end built for the trenches. Ourlads had him ranked 57th. Yeah, 57th. Not bad for 101. Second best player left on the board. The DT Perrion Winfrey was ranked higher and is a good fit but he also talks about Jason from the Halloween movies like a long lost buddy so . . . I understand why we went with the local kid. At 111 we grabbed Marshall. I wrote before the draft: "The later round guys - for the most part - do not offer help this season or are a poor fit. Neil and Ekwonu might turn our to be guards for us. All-pro guards, but Guards nonetheless. Cross is a perfect fit and is the likely pick if Hutch and Thibs are gone. Penning is a good fit too. He "Can reach defenders laterally and do damage in the running game" - that's what we need but they warn that "there is a possibility that his best fit is inside".. Raimann? Not ready but is a decent fit. Smith? Not ready and belongs in a gap scheme. Abe Lucas? A starring right tackle with pass blocking skills. Faalele? A gap scheme guy who needs to lose weight. Petit Friere? Ideal fit and he is ready for either side. But he had a hard time with the elite edges in college (he abused the non-elite guys). Mitchell? A good fit who needs a year in the program - not ready. Rasheed Walker? Perhaps the best guy in the draft but his bad habits must go. He needs a year in the program to unlearn what he has learned. But everything measures and his talent is undeniable. But that is it for help this year at tackle. Be there or be square. I would be amazed is any of the above fits remain on the board at pick 111. Only Cross, Petit Friere and perhaps Penning can help us right now. Yipe." Ourlads had Marshall ranked 64th and we got him at 111. He was the BAP at a position of need. He cannot help us now but he measures and has the feet to play tackle in a zone scheme. A great and lucky draft pick. This could be our RT after a year in the program. Just excellent. Michael Clemons has been discovered by the board and that is a good thing. But few have noted what a steal we got. He is a high floor DE with length and strength. Ourlads had him ranked 86th and we got him at 117. There were some higher ranked players. Had we not signed Berrios, I think I would have taken Calvin Austin but I am delighted with Clemons. A man of few words. Don't spill your drink on him. Everywhere you look we got value. Our division rivals? Everywhere you look, they did odd things.
  2. Intelligent and athletic. He needs to get far stronger in his lower half. He needs a year in the program or he would get his head handed to him. Potential starter down the road. Late round pick. I would rather train Jergens or Strange. A word on Linderbaum who I did not go into detail. Some say he is too small. While that is true it only matters to gap scheme teams. He is perfecct for a zone scheme and is an instant starter. I am a buyer at 35 or 38. Due to the strength of the edge class, my ideal 4 & 10 are Thibs and Karlaftis. While many bemoan the lack of high end talent in this draft, I now see six elite guys. Thibs, Hutch, Ekwonu, Cross, Neal and Karlaftis. The Ourlads review is identical to Hutch. I drool.
  3. We all know we need one and I have reviewed them All have warts only one offers a complete game. That guy is Brian Robinson. Breece Hall is a good fit for a zone scheme but cannot block which I cannot stomach. Too expensive too. Kenneth Walker a poor fit as he cannot run laterally. Spiller? Cannot block but is otherwise a good fit. Dameon Pierce? Cannot run laterally. Zamir White? Two ACLs, too many fumbles and he cannot block. Cook? Can't block at all. A true matador. So who is a good fit for us? Brian Robinson (see below), Kyren Williams (ideal third down back - he can block and catch - but no long speed and is stuck between the tackles as a runner as he cannot run laterally), Rachaad White "ideal back for a zone blocking scheme" "adds a dangerous element to the passing game" but cannot block at all, Hassan Haskins - a one cut runner for a "zone running scheme" but a poor blocker. So that leaves Brian Robinson. Why him? Long speed? No but a 4.5 at 225 is not bad. He is a "between the tackles bruiser". Unlike the others he is a finished product for the pro game. He has "enough twitch to miss tacklers in short spaces". He also has "enough ball skills to factor as a pass catcher". But where he shines is when the play gets changed and the call is "MAX PROTECT". None of our current backs can stay home and protect Zach. Says Ourlads : "Elite blocker with the right mindset and fully capable skill set. One pop isn't good enough for him. Will stay on his man and take pride in pushing him out of the play." Those of you who read Ourlads know that they toss out the "ELITE" word like a manhole cover. It is seldom bestowed and actually exists when they use it. He is the only guy in the draft who will reliably protect Zach. He is an ideal fit for the zone scheme and we need a large back to replace Perine who must fight for his job this season. I covet him and hope the Jets do too. Ourlads give him a 3d round grade. I hope we get him at 111 or 117. Zach needs him and so do we.
  4. Nice post. We need to be careful when discussing offensive lineman since we now run the zone scheme. There are a ton of gap scheme players and they do not fit us at all. At Center both Linderbaum and Jergens are excellent fits and either are a significant upgrade in the never ending battle to get better AND younger. Cole Strange is also an excellent fit. Both Jergens and Strange would need a year in the strength program before they would be ready to take over. Our lads is bullish on both of them for zone schemes. Neither Fortner nor West are fits for us. Lindstrom is interesting and a good fit. However, the scouting report warns that he bends too much at the waist, not enough at the knees and there isn't enough athleticism or size to make up for it. But they love his preparation and think he is ready right now. They also think he is all he will ever be - no upside. Worth a very late round pick as a flyer. But that is it. The other guys do not fit our scheme. I believe the lack of instant help is why we resigned Dan Feeney (that and his three fine starts at the end of last year which made me forget his horrible play in preseason). At Tackle, you hit the nail on the head. The later round guys - for the most part - do not offer help this season or are a poor fit. Neil and Ekwonu might turn our to be guards for us. All-pro guards, but Guards nonetheless. Cross is a perfect fit and is the likely pick if Hutch and Thibs are gone. Penning is a good fit too. He "Can reach defenders laterally and do damage in the running game" - that's what we need but they warn that "there is a possibility that his best fit is inside".. Raimann? Not ready but is a decent fit. Smith? Not ready and belongs in a gap scheme. Abe Lucas? A starring right tackle with pass blocking skills. Faalele? A gap scheme guy who needs to lose weight. Petit Friere? Ideal fit and he is ready for either side. But he had a hard time with the elite edges in college (he abused the non-elite guys). Mitchell? A good fit who needs a year in the program - not ready. Rasheed Walker? Perhaps the best guy in the draft but his bad habits must go. He needs a year in the program to unlearn what he has learned. But everything measures and his talent is undeniable. But that is it for help this year at tackle. Be there or be square. I would be amazed is any of the above fits remain on the board at pick 111. Only Cross, Petit Friere and perhaps Penning can help us right now. Yipe. The Guard class is a disaster for us. Green? A gap scheme. Johnson? A gap scheme even at Center. Kinnard? Rhyan? Salyer? Gap schemes. The only fits are Marquis Hayes and Ed Ingram. But both need a year in the program. Look for them in the 4th. I believe the lack of instant help is why we signed Tomlinson. Those of you who do not want early round offensive lineman need to take a more critical look at the incoming class. We play zone.
  5. I too thought he played well. Nevertheless, I did not think he played well enough to be counted on. Remember all the guys who were not in training camp with us who ate snaps. We cannot afford to let that happen again. It is not that I do not want a high pick at safety, but the strength of this draft is at edge and we have critical needs at WR and OT too. I cannot justify it. I think Woods goes a lot earlier than those draft simulators. I agree that Douglas values traits. But I am talking the 4th and 5th. Cannot have everything. He is given a 6th round grade by Ourlads who suggest a move to linebacker. I too thought "where's the beef?" last season. But to me the key issue is we need to have our backup linebackers and safeties in CAMP with us. No more snaps to the waiver wire. It is surrender before the battle.
  6. Defensive line – I list the defensive lineman in Ourlads order of preference and I omit the two-gap guys who do not fit our penetrating scheme. I remind the board that Ourlads is a professional scouting service that sells to the NFL, is invited to the combine and is welcome at every single college campus in America. That is just not true of the internet jockeys. Sorry. The others are just entertainers. The Ourlads draft guide is a common sight on the desks of NFL teams at the draft. They know better than me. They know better than you. This is what THEY think. I have found them remarkably accurate over the years. The guide costs $25 bucks and they will e-mail you a PDF. I spent more time writing this since we pick so early. I hope that three of these guys are Jets. Two edges and a penetrating DT. This is the Jewelry store, everything here is expensive. Hutchinson – The #1 pick in the draft. He is surely gone when we pick. Despite the hype, his type of lineman is neither hard to find year in and year out nor possessed of standout traits. His best trait? Great feet. Nor did he put up awesome tape until last year when he was joined – for the first time – by a bona fide Robin to his Batman in Ojabo. Nevertheless, he is worthy of the 4th pick due to his advanced hand fighting technique without which he is nothing more than a stout DE with limited range. Said Ourlads “his tool set and explosion may not be top tier but his constant impact on the game will be”. His ceiling is also his floor, there is very little upside. There is a lot to be said for that. May the Jets be forced to choose between he and Thibs. Hey, it’s before the draft, I can dream. If he works out, he is Joey Bosa. I must point out he and Karlaftis are very similar . . . (see below). Thibs – The rarest player in the draft. Elite first step pass rush combined with a non-stop motor. He offers a complete game and will start right away. Writes Ourlads “upper tier first step and burst” he “works through the shoulder of the blocker with consistent ease whether rushing the passer or defending the run.” He attacks the inside shoulder of OTs with great speed and violence. They also call him a “high effort defender” who is an “elite run defender who can stack and shed” (some guys are deeply full of sh!t and it is not Ourlads). They point out that he needs to develop more rush moves as he “lacks variety and unpredictability” (the opposite of Hutch and his finished product). He needs to use “better technique” and “strengthen his base” in the NFL. In other words, despite his incredible tool set he still has upside. If he works out, he is Lawrence Taylor. The only such player in this draft. Those who think they see bust are thinking about some of the guys below. He has no holes in his game and possesses range, length, speed and burst that Hutch and the rest simply do not. I try to be honest. Ourlads ranks him 5th behind Hutch, Neal, Ekwonu and Hamilton. Travon Walker – Has an awesome tool set and he blew up the combine. I will not review his studly performance. But let’s be honest. What is he? I do not know and that is a problem. I only know what he is not. He is not an edge rusher. His game is the power game. There is no bend. He projects a lot like our JFM. A DE who moves inside to the three technique on passing downs. For the life of me I cannot tell the difference between him and guys like Demarvin Leal (see below). Then there are the twin worries of his awesome supporting cast at Georgia (he played alongside Wyatt, Davis, Quay Walker and Channing Tindall) and his non-existent production throughout his career. Virtually zilch. I would not take him for our scheme until the 35th pick and would take Wyatt first in a heartbeat. George Karlaftis – A virtual clone of Hutch. Ourlads writes that he is a “top shelf technician” who is an “every down weapon”. His “hand fighting and footwork maximize his impact”. They also call him a “gym-rat” and a “film-nut” “He is an elite hand fighter with an array of moves”. Like Hutch, they do not mention speed or burst as positive. Like Hutch, he does not chase the play. Like Hutch, his 40 was 4.73 (Thibs runs 4.5 at 260 lbs). You can find guys like him at the top of most drafts. This draft has three guys like this (see Johnson below). Is he worthy at #4? No. Is he worthy of #10? Yes. Grab him. His ceiling is his floor. He can help anybody just like Hutch. Jermaine Johnson – He transferred from Georgia to Florida State to get onto the field where he turned in a command performance. Another stout DE whose hand fighting technique keeps OT hands off his chest while he works his way upfield without surrendering his gap. Writes Ourlads “brings a high ceiling and floor” (sound familiar?) that “lacks burst as a pure edge rusher”. He is an elite run defender who plays a violent game. I would love him at #35 but not at #10. Though he is similar to Karlaftis and Hutch, they are finished products and Johnson is a one year starter (see Zach Wilson). Experience matters. To be fair, Johnson offers length that Hutch and Karlaftis do not. He is also faster with a 4.6 40. Jordan Davis – I will mention him briefly. He is a two down run stuffer with conditioning issues. He reminds me of the Fridge who could also run. He also reminds me of Big Cody, a total bust. Nope. Devonte Wyatt – Another Georgia lineman. But this one is the straw that stirs the drink. He is the perfect interior lineman for the Jets. He is a penetrating 3 technique who can also two gap and defeat double teams. Writes Ourlads “he can beat one on one blockers with an array of post-snap strategies and skills.” He “plays as fast as any DT in the league right now” and still has upside. I love this guy. I think Saleh does too. But where do you take him? He is worthy at 10 but what about the WRs? Decisions, decisions. Easy choice at 35. Boye Mafe – A lightning quick first step makes him a dangerous man. “At his best coming off the edge in a wide alignment.” Sound familiar? Has a variety of well developed pass rush moves with an “excellent arm under” to bend the edge. I like him more than Ojabo and so does Ourlads. So what is the catch? He can be blown off the ball by NFL tackles when they run the ball at him. He will need to develop in order to be an every down player. But he offers instant pass rush on day one. Has the explosion, burst and refined technique. An easy choice at 35. Arnold Ebiketie – Has standout twitch and length though a bit short for an edge (6’ 2”). Plays with high energy. Fast hands and long arms with advanced technique make him an instant difference maker at the edge. Not much bull rush and will have trouble against the run until he develops his lower half. Another worthy choice at 35. David Ojabo – Despite the injury, his awesome first step and tremendous bend give him “true prototype tools”. I note that Hutch did little to nothing until Ojabo took the field. A one year starter, he is a one trick pony. I doubt the Jets are buyers in the 2d and I expect that will be his price. An easy salt pick at 69. Perrion Winfrey – Violent penetrating tackle who moves off the ball with “explosive hands and elite length” (35 inch arms and 10 inch hands). Has room for more muscle mass. Fits the Jets as a rotational DT. Not built for double teams or two gapping, but that is not the idea of the wide nine played by the Jets. A viable pick at 35. He is long gone by #69 fellas. Logan Hall – A true enigma. Has the ideal frame for an edge at 6’ 6” 280 lbs but plays DT. A true every down threat who is “best suited for a hybrid scheme” (like we run) as part of a rotation. This guy has a ton of good film. Some scouts are afraid of his shape (see next guy). Also a fair pick at 35. Long gone at 69. Demarvin Leal – My favorite DT in the draft for the money. What a weird build. It describes a duck. “Huge bubble butt but thin from that point down to his ankles”. He tested poorly at the combine but the film does not lie. He has late bend, great feet and a ton of length that makes him a bear inside. Ourlads writes “he best fits into a role where guys are rotated and moved around often”. Sound familiar? “Has the kind of get off and rush moves that will cause headaches inside”. “Effective in both space and in traffic”. Before this season he was a top 10 pick. Before the combine he was sure fire 1st round. Most worthy at 35. He is trouble wherever you line him up. Yes, the top of the 2d is expensive. That is the price of a pass rusher. Unlike some of the guys above, he waged war alone at Texas A&M. To be respected. Drake Jackson – More of a 3-4 linebacker prospect who does not fit the Jets. He will be a good pass rusher right off the bat. But his ability to develop into a starting DE is limited. I pass. Sam Williams – Ditto. Dominique Robinson – A WR convert if you can believe that. Has elite traits and room for more muscle but is a work in progress. He has an incredibly high ceiling. Coming from a small school (Miami of Ohio) he will be transformed by an NFL program if he applies himself. I am a happy buyer at 111. Josh Paschal – Had melanoma and recovered. A true inside out threat whose best trait is his versatility. Powerful and relentless, he can play anywhere along the line. Does not offer the instant pass rush but can play on all three downs. Cannot bend the edge but rarely loses gap integrity. Another gym rat and film junky. He is a good fit for us. I buy at 111. Phidarian Mathis – Another penetrating tackle. Truly disruptive with elite traits (35 inch arms and 10.5 inch hands). His middle finger makes a hot dog look small. Has quality footwork. Still needs development but offers interior pass rush right away. I am a buyer at 111. Not there? Too bad. Matthew Butler – A three technique DT with an explosive first step. Cannot two gap or handle double teams. But he fits us just dandy. I am a buyer at 111. Myjai Sanders – The Cincinnati monster himself. This guy can rush the passer. His draft stock in the free fall from a poor combine. He has trouble keeping his weight up. If he plays at 250, he is an NFL edge. If he is at 230, he gets cut. The film does not lie. He has a high ceiling due to his many high end traits. He can play on the edge yet is effective in the phone booth. Violent finisher and a key player in Cincinnati’s success. I am a happy buyer at 111. Zach Carter – A Travon Walker clone. Yes, Walker has better traits. But aside from the 40 time, not much better. But Carter was very productive something that Walker cannot say. Has true inside out versatility and he can even two gap at 280 lbs. You can line him up anywhere and he will produce. I love this guy and think he will be available at 111. Kalia Davis – Another penetrating DT. Truly elite traits. Has played five games since 2019 due to covid in 2020 and an ACL in week five. I am a buyer in the 6th he is a great fit.
  7. Alright fellas, I have the guide. First, let’s look at the safeties. We will surely draft one. First a quick review of the club. We have the new barracuda in Whitehead who is a proven two-down run stuffer. He is a 25 year old strong safety who clogs passing lanes in the short zone but is a fish out of water covering backs or the tight end. Then we have Ashtyn Davis who has had his opportunity and is not a starter at FS or SS. We can do better. Pinnock? A total project. who got desperation snaps at the end of the year due to injuries. Joyner? A veteran on another one year deal. He might be good but he s not the answer. Everybody else is waiver wire trash. It is my hope that all but Whitehead become waiver wire trash. Hey, I root for everybody in green but this is the off season and “you are what your record says you are.” We need to have bona fide team trained options on the team in training camp to challenge for the starting job. We need a starter who can play all three downs as a true one high FS to balance out the new barracuda. Fortunately, there is a bumper crop. So many that we should wait until the late rounds to take TWO of them. Remember – NFL stands for “not for long”. I want competition in camp. I will provide more information on guys who are good fits. Here we go: Hamilton. I would not take him at 10 after his 40 time. Ourlads speaks of him as a candidate for WILL on teams like ours with its 4-2-5 base. He screams “overrated.” If we were contenders, perhaps. But we have so many hard to fill holes that we cannot splurge. Brisker – A fine SS. Nope. Cine – An excellent prospect. Fast and long, he will develop into a good two way safety. Unfortunately, he will be long gone by the time the 4th and 5th round arrives. I would grab him at 69 but he is long gone and we cannot afford to use a 2d on him. Hill – Same as Cine but not as good as a tackler. A lot like Maye, he is a grab and drag. We cannot afford to use the 2d. Pitre – Played “star” linebacker and will have to transition to the pro scheme. Ourlads predicts he goes in the 3d. Would we at 69? Have you been reading this post? Nope. Nick Cross – Maryland. 6’ 212 lbs. 4.34 speed. Born to play zone. A three-year starter. Fast and plenty of length. Says Ourlads “At his best as a zone defender” playing the one or two high. He is a real good fit for us. If he is there at 111, we should pounce. Probably gone. That’s OK. Read on. Bryan Cooks – Cincinnati/Howard. 6’ 205. 4.6 speed. One year starter at Cincinnati he transferred from Howard where he started two years. He was outstanding for the awesome Bearcats. A bit raw, he played a lot of quarters and is a smash tackler most of the time. He does whiff sometimes. I like him at 111. No sooner. JT Woods – Baylor. 6’ 1” 195 with 32.5. He is fast (4.36) and long and was a three year starter. Had nine picks since 2020 and pass coverage in the deep zone is his strength. An ideal companion for the Barracuda. I covet Woods and think the Jets do too. I like him at 111 too depending on what is there. Yes, I want him but in the bigger picture there are other choices too. Verone Mckinley – Oregon. 5” 10 200. A two year starter with 11 picks in college. Versatile, he can do it all but lacks ideal length and size but runs a 4.5 40 which is not bad. His production and film prove he belongs. Another ideal companion for the Barracuda. I want to steal him in the 5th but will take him at 111 if we draft Thibs (they were teammates at Oregon). Kerby Joseph – Illinois 6’ 200. 4.4 speed, 34 inch arms and 10.25” hands. A one year starter who came out of nowhere ti star kast season. He has ideal measurements. He has a ways to go but picked off five passes last year and broke up 4 others. He was a pest who put up awesome film. Another guy I want to steal in the fifth. Some sites have him highly rated. Yusef Corker – Kentucky. 5’ 11” 200 and 4.5 speed. Versatile three year starter. Tough smart player who has been productive and made some spectacular picks. Is a grab and drag guy with some whiffs. But has some fine film and tons of experience. At his best in the deep zone. I take him late and will not feel that I settled. He has as good a shot as anybody above to be our starter at FS. I want one of the last six guys and would acquire a few 6ths to swipe the one that falls. If they are gone, you can always draft a linebacker. Tons of linebackers in this draft.
  8. Linebackers – A quick review of the club. Mosely plays well but is not the 20 million dollar man. Oh well. Quincy Williams looked good against the run at times. Overruns the play and does not stack and shed blocks well. He was not a factor in our zone defense. He gets the attacking part Saleh wants but offers little for our zone. Sherwood had a lost season with the Achilles. Who knows? Nasirildeen had his chance and did little. Plenty of room for new personnel. Truly. I would draft two whenever my well laid plans go a cropper. They can be had throughout the draft. The whole league knows it too so there will be bargain shopping. Let’s take two from this huge pile. Bargains only, no rich picks. Remember, there are no WRs, Edges or OTs worth having after the 100th pick. That is just the truth. Dean – Ourlads loves him and he fits us perfectly. But there is no way I draft him unless he is sitting there at 35 which is just not going to happen. Lloyd – He is a big thumper who is an ideal MIKE for any scheme. No way unless he is there at 35. Look, I like him too but this is a deep class and there are other priorities. Quay Walker – Georgia. 6’ 3.5” 240 lbs. 4.5 speed. Underrated by most internet draftniks. Ourlads has him rated near the top of the 2d. He is an ideal fit for the Jets and was born to play in our matchup zone. Not only does he have a ton of experience, he can also mirror backs and tight ends in man to man or blitz. Good size, length and speed. I covet him. I have dreams of getting him in the 70-80 range after some trades back but think I am dreaming. I am afraid it is 69 or bust. Whether I would even pull the trigger there depends on what we have done earlier. I am not against it he is such a good fit - but we have to have our WRs, Edges and OT to consider first. Chad Muma – Has the tools of an every down linebacker and had a fine senior bowl. Good tackler who strength is in coverage. It is all there. Length, size speed, experience in zone, etc. I like him plenty but balk at the cost of a 2d (Ourlads rates him in the top 1/3 of the 2d. Sigh. Like Walker, it is 69 or bust. I do not have my hopes up. Christian Harris – Even better tools than Muma. The guy can fly (4.4 speed) and is “willing to stick his face in the fan”. Not as good in zone as man to man. I suspect Salah loves him. Me too. Again, I cannot spend those 2ds on a linebacker in this draft. It is too high. Like Muma and Walker, I suspect he is gone in the 2d. Sigh. Chanel – Two down run smasher. He tested off the charts at 260 lbs. I suspect the Pats want him. Nope. Tindall – The tools rich teammate of Quay Walker. Lacks awareness in zone and is not ready. Will develop nicely over time. A luxury pick. Nope. Damone Clark – LSU. 6’ 2.5” 240 lbs 4.57 speed. Good length and has a ton of experience in zone. Another good fit for the Jets matchup zone. I grab him at 111 or 117. Ourlads rates him at the end of the 2d. My point? Some of these linebackers are going to drop. Not because of talent but because there are too many of them. Malcolm Rodriguez – Oklahoma St. 5’ 11” 232. Four year starter with a ton of experience. A converted safety. He lacks length and size but was productive and put up some fine film. Can flip his hips in man to man on backs and tight ends and redirects throws in zone. Plays well in space and is a solid tackler. Real good instincts. I covet him and think we can get him in the 5th. Underrated by the internet draftniks imo. Ourlads gives him a 3d round grade. Gulp. From what I have seen, they are outliers on him. I sure hope so. Asamoah – Small and quick, he is overrated by many. He projects as a will. Only if he is cheap in the 5th. PFF ranks him 39th. They are nuts. Troy Anderson – A fine fit for the Jets but inexperienced. He is not ready. He has size, speed, length and athleticism. Everything but experience as he is a two year starter at LB. Former RB and QB before moving to linebacker for the last two years. He can play H-back too. I think he is overrated but can be had at 69. I cannot see it but love the player. A 5th. I know, I know. He will be gone. Perhaps, but not all of them will be gone. Brandon Smith – Like Anderson above, he has elite traits and would fit nicely on the Jets. Truly tools rich but needs seasoning. He can be had at 69 but I cannot see it. A 5th. Terrell Bernard – Baylor. 6’ 225 lbs. 4.6 speed. A classic run and chase linebacker who is a great fit for us. Like Rodriguez he is a converted safety with great ball skills and is an experienced zone defender. Reminds me of Sherwood’s review from last season. Gritty tough guy who lacks ideal size. A good candidate for the WILL in our scheme. A 5th. Aaron Hansford – Texas A&M 6’ 2” 240. A coverted WR. He is good at zone and is a rugged run defender. Not ready but has the tools of an every down LB. 5th or 6th. Beavers – Two down LB. Nope. Overrated too. JoJo Domann – Nebraska. 6’ 1” 230. 4.6 speed. Another converted Safety. Ideal fit for the Jets and a likely new arrival. Born to play zone and start as a run and chase WILL. Why is he a likely Jet? He is CHEAP. A 5th. If he goes early I will dub it the PFF mock draft simulator effect. Zacoby McClain – Auburn. 5’ 11” 230. Another run and chase candidate for the WILL. Another solid zone defender. I prefer Domann but McClain will do nicely if he arrives in the 6th. Jesse Luketa –Penn State. 6’ 2” 250. A 4-3 SAM. He has all the tools and the price is right. He is not ready but is CHEAP. Underrated too. Real good in underneath zone coverage. We could really use him. A 6th. Jeremiah Gemmel – North Carolina. Another WILL. A bit slow. I prefer others. Nope. Jackson – Needs to develop as a WILL. Not ready and I prefer others. Rose – A limited two down run stuffer. A poor fit imo. Jack Sanborn – Wisconsin. 6’ 1” 230. 4.7 40. I like everything about this guy, especially the price. Due to this year’s draft this three year starter will be a bargain pick. He is good in zone and tough against the run. A 6th. Micah McFadden – Indiana. 6’ 1” 240. See Sanborn above. Same review. Another tough guy who is good in zone. “There are too many pigs for the teats” (google it). Somebody will get a bargain. I hope it is us. A 6th. Jeremiah Moon – Florida. 6’ 4” 250. 35 inch arms, 10 inch hands. 4.7 speed. Big and tough with an injury history. Reminds me of Cashman who was a good gamble that came up snake eyes. Well worth another gamble. Ideal traits who would go far earlier but had his career derailed by injuries. Another bargain. This is a 6th round pick. He makes our team. Mondo special teams guy. This is true of most of these linebackers who I identified with a first name. That’s a wrap. There are linebackers who can help us throughout the draft. If we get stuck, take the next linebacker on the board. He is surely going to be a bargain draft over draft. There is a powerful case that we should target one at 69 or trade back. One of the blemish free 3 down linebackers is going to be there and that is not true of most drafts. Otherwise, it is feed late. From where I stand it makes more sense to bottom feed on this position class. No matter what, we need to add two. If the NFL is stupid, add three. Will we really miss Nasirildeen who had every chance to emerge last season? Not if these guys show promise. PS – While many celebrate Joe Douglas getting a 6th for Cashman, I fear other NFL owners will forbid their GMs from talking to him anymore. I would.
  9. You do not use the 4th pick to fill holes. It is precious. You take the hard to find 10 year starter who has a chance to get the gold jacket and the ring. That means QB, Edge or OT. This draft is filled with Edges and we bought Zach at great cost and it must last at least two more seasons. That leaves OT and there are three worthy of the #4 pick. Everybody else can be had with a #10 pick. Draft in and draft out. Year over year. But this year, we pick 4th.
  10. I'll bite ALKA. While I agree that the Jets MUST come away with one of the top five WRs, the only edges worth the #4 pick are Hutch and Thibs. After that it is a very large PILE of the same guy. Who is better, Ebiketie or Walker? We will not know until they play. There are 14 of them. No need to rush, take what's left over. Nearly half a round worth and they will all be gone by the end of the 2d. I see warts on every of these WONDERFUL edges. I covert these Edges. But I cannot lose sight of value. The Jets may not pick at #4 for a long time. We have to come away with Thibs, Hutch, Cross, Ekwonu, Neal or TRADE BACK for value. Obviously - if Thibs and Hutch are gone - I want to trade back. If I cannot, I do the right thing and take the Tackle. Let them fight it out and make a decision. It is not like we have a settled situation at tackle (those who drone on endlessly can drone on, it changes nothing). Becton cannot be relied upon, Fant is likely to walk (the Jets will not offer his free market value which is at least the Armstrong contract (4 years 15 per) and there is no depth on the team for LT. Nor is there much depth at LT in this draft. After the top guys, all I see is Petit-Friere and you would have to overdraft him at 69 or go into the season with no plan at all. Just nuts. As for Safety, unlike so many drafts - this one is loaded with FREE SAFETIES. Which is what we need. I would take two in the fifth and call it a day. Corker, Woods, Monday, McKinnely. It is just loaded. There are more too. Both will make the team and we have as good a chance to hit on one as we do in the 2d. Safeties are like that. So are tight ends. So are running backs. In THIS draft, it is also true of linebackers (but we should be on the lookout earlier and splurge if one falls). We should do the same thing there. The only thing that attracts me to Sauce is the increasing number of draftniks who claim he is the best prospect in the draft. But I generally agree with your analysis. If we are forced by NFL stupidity to pass on WRs at 4 & 10, then we have to bite the bullet and move up from #35 before the last one is gone. Lots of second banana WRs too. I would double dip and be buyers throughout the 3d. Ideally, the Jets can trade back from 10 and from either 35 or 38 and add picks. This draft is just loaded with what the Jets need to add to avoid giving waiver wire players starting snaps. Here's hoping.
  11. Everything negative I have seen about Thibs boils down to "the interview" and "leaving the combine early". I actually watched the interview and am not parroting what I read elsewhere. I thought I saw a handsome, articulate and well-dressed young man conduct an interview with the national press at the age of 21. He spoke clearly and without emotion. His clumsy attempt to tout his academic achievement led him to slight Alabama - a dumb comment to be sure. But hardly a reason to knock him as a prospect. As for the combine, LOTS of players left early because the SCHEDULING was a DISASTER. Nobody could keep to any sort of schedule. Read about it. Nevertheless, he has since turned in his pro day. He did the missing three cone drill and short shuttle. His times are fine. Did he turn in a three cone drill like Hutch? NO. Was his score good? Yes. And unlike Hutch, Thibs has length and can convert speed to power. To me it comes down to this. Hutch and some of the others could turn out to be one of the Watt or Bosa brothers. Thibs could turn out to be Lawrence Taylor. Really. If you are going to knock the guy, at least be fair and give an honest comparison to the type of NFL football player he projects to be. And yes. I am well aware "that the bus station is filled the the next Lawrence Taylor". But that is his upside and the reason for all the hype. Personally, I was surprised to see an articulate young man. I had imagined a different sort of person emerging from his "number 1" prospect status. The world has been waiting outside his door since he graduated from high school.
  12. Everything negative I have seen about Thibs boils down to "the interview" and "leaving the combine early". I actually watched the interview and am not parroting what I read elsewhere. I thought I saw a handsome, articulate and well-dressed young man conduct an interview with the national press at the age of 21. He spoke clearly and without emotion. His clumsy attempt to tout his academic achievement led him to slight Alabama - a dumb comment to be sure. But hardly a reason to knock him as a prospect. As for the combine, LOTS of players left early because the SCHEDULING was a DISASTER. Nobody could keep to any sort of schedule. Read about it. Nevertheless, he has since turned in his pro day. He did the missing three cone drill and short shuttle. His times are fine. Did he turn in a three cone drill like Hutch? NO. Was his score good? Yes. And unlike Hutch, Thibs has length and can convert speed to power. To me it comes down to this. Hutch and some of the others could turn out to be one of the Watt or Bosa brothers. Thibs could turn out to be Lawrence Taylor. Really. If you are going to knock the guy, at least be fair and give an honest comparison to the type of NFL football player he projects to be. And yes. I am well aware "that the bus station is filled the the next Lawrence Taylor". But that is his upside and the reason for all the hype. Personally, I was surprised to see an articulate young man. I had imagined a different sort of person emerging from his "number 1" prospect status. The world has been waiting outside his door since he graduated from high school.
  13. I like this debate. I like it a lot. An edge or OT at #4. It is where the value can be found. Give me Thibs, Hutch or one of the elephants. There are 5 elite guys. Lets grab one or trade back for on the card value. Full value too. These are the premium in this year's draft. It is my fervent hope that we never pick in the top 5 again (unless it is with a Joe Douglas pick he swiped from Washington or the Panthers in that trade down). While we are here, we must feed.
  14. Another good signing. The draft only has two good penetrating DTs and one decent inside/out player. And they are first round picks and a second round pick respectively.
  15. Pretty high bar Beerfish? I think Ekwonu is similar to Slater. I agree that Sewell is better than Cross or Neil but it is splitting hairs. These are top players. The WRs will be a mixed bag. But I see all of them helping their club and winning a starting job. And the depth through 100 is excellent for WR. OT is fraught with peril. Around 100, the few second banana LT prospects will be gone and there are only a few. If we do not get an OT early, we may end up taking Salyer at 68 over Muma or Harris. I would cry. As for Parsons, he is an odd guy. More edge than LB. The pure LBS in this draft are excellent. No? Draft over draft, this class smokes any I have seen before. There are so many seasoned guys who lit up the combine. Pass rushers vary a lot. I find some high picks stink and some work out. What I know it is rare to find a pass rusher past the 2d round. It is rare. You have to pay or they are gone.
  16. I agree with the Leprechaun. But I do think I understand your frustration. None of the offensive skill players are worthy of the top 10 picks. There, I said it. This drives some guys on the board nuts but it does not change the reality. The five WRs are mid to late 1st round types. There is no TE worthy of a 1st and the running backs are many and enticing. I think you are both right. It is just nobody is worth the top 10 picks - draft over draft - except the top two edges and the top three tackles. It is harsh, but it is so. I want to trade back from #10 and perhaps #35 & #38 if nobody falls to us. Gotta pile up the 5th round picks. What do you guys think about the deep classes? Surely they will easily beat out our starters and bench guys for spots on the team. If our #1 goes down, I want a draft pick coming into the game. Not the next guy from the waiver wire. Do you see it different?
  17. We are not that far apart. I just think there is room for two new WRs. I would draft them. It's a good class. Nice early depth. But it does crap out by 100. Truly. As for veteran FA, I would make offers when the class starts to thin out. I would wait for OBJ to make his move (not here) and then make bargain offers as the deadly game of musical chairs begins its annual dwindle of landing spots for veteran players. Joe has been careful. I love the refusal to make Trumaine Johnson commitments.
  18. Thanks for reading the first few paragraphs. Had you read the actual post, you would know I believe the Jets must come away with one of the top five WRs. Hmmm. As for our "magical pony" at QB, I have no agenda. Ourlads gave him a mid first round grade. He is a good prospect. Not worth the #2 pick and he did not stand out enough to prefer him over the others. Ourlads saw right through him. Is this not our QB? 2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about ZACH WILSON: BYU, 6021 214 4.75. Junior entry, three-year starter, Draper, UT. Showed flashes in both 2018 and 2019, but truly broke onto the national scene in 2020 as he led BYU to an 11-1 record. Wilson is a new age quarterback who is becoming increasingly popular. Lacks traditional drop back and throwing mechanics, but has the ability to make off-schedule throws with different arm angles appear natural and easy. He is accurate and rarely turned the ball over. With that said, he was 2-4 against top 25 teams and this year’s schedule against non-power five programs lacked featured NFL talent. He is going to be a boom or bust, one that really only had one very strong season in a year where Covid- 19 impacted a lot of it. Best suited for a year of backup duty before being given the keys to the bus. High level arm talent on all levels. Has a quick, smooth, but violent release that shoots the ball out in a hurry. Tough as nails, will not be deterred by hits. Excellent deep ball placement. Maintains accuracy on the move. Can go through reads on time, won’t delay but also won’t rush. Has a solid internal clock in the pocket. Can see pressure coming from his blind side, understands how to diagnose blitz-intentions pre-snap and will seamlessly adjust. Brave and courageous when it comes to decision making. Truly trusts his arm talent. Can adjust trajectory from any arm angle no matter where his base is. One of the few quarterbacks who maintains accuracy at all times. Plays in a spread formation where the plays are signaled in. Rarely takes a snap under center. Poised with pinpoint accuracy and a sudden release from the pocket. Sidesteps rush. A good athlete who can run for positive yards when needed. Will stay in the pocket until the last second trying to extend the play. Has made several clutch passes over his career but has not always looked textbook doing so. Will throw the ball across his body and off one foot. Can hit the backside curl between the receiver’s numbers. Sees the field even when he’s under duress. Hangs in the pocket and moves up as needed. Instinctively moves away from the rush and extends the play. Arm is good enough to make plays in the red zone when the window of opportunity is small. Can gun the ball into spots with a flick of a wrist. Tough kid who will make a flat foot throw with a defender in his face and complete the pass. Eyes always down the field. If you Google off-platform throws, you see Patrick Mahomes and next to him is Zach Wilson. The BYU passer uses his tight ends as security blankets. He hits them in the flat, seams, and check downs. Generally makes good decisions when and when not to throw the ball away. Reportedly passed all the Combine physical rechecks on his shoulders, but it still is a concern for long term durability. The gunslinger had surgery in 2019 to repair a torn left shoulder labrum. He also had surgery in his right throwing shoulder in high school. In addition he missed four games in 2019 with thumb surgery and four games in 2018. Footwork gets lazy at times. Needs to consistently hammer away at proper lower body mechanics. Fringe discipline across the board when it comes to technique and ball handling. Too much splash play approach in his game. Needs to take what the defense gives him. 2020 stats: 247/ 336, 3692 yds, 73.5%, 33 TD, 3 INT, 254 yd rushing, 10 TD, 196.43 QB rating. First round. (A-30 5/8, H-9 1/2, SS-NA, VJ-NA). They ranked him 14th. Personally, I am beginning to think that Zach is either uncoachable, arrogant or lazy. I can find no other explanation for his failure to properly set his feet when throwing from the pocket or on screen passes. If it does not improve, the Jets will enjoy better results with Mike White or Flacco. Not that it would be good for the team. I AM NOT ADVOCATING IT. But we would get better results. It's that bad. All good QBs set their feet in the pocket. Even Mahomes. This is pop-warner stuff. I will not accept anymore bizarre flat footed passes that get guys walloped. I do not think the coach will either. Lets face it. Zach was not badly hurt last season. He was getting guys hurt and he got benched. He should have sat the whole season and learned the job. I group him with Becton. The sky is the limit, but this is the year to demonstrate professional dedication to your craft. Zach has serious problems and he needs to come to camp with those resolved. I differ from many on the board. If we have another lousy season but Zach sets his feet and moves the chains. I will not throw rocks at him. Results vary. But he must set his feet or his career will look like Sam Darnolds. And that is the way it is.
  19. I am not sure that is true about the EDGE and Linebackers in this draft. I see historic depth in both spots. The 2d round edge guys go in the first in most drafts. Otherwise we are in tight agreement. I too like Ekwonu I just think Cross is a better fit. But I understand the argument. I happily grab either one. Again, I try not to judge players myself. I buy a professional guide and read it cover to cover. But you are so right about the depth. The difference between top Safeties like Brisker and 5th rounders like McKinney, Corker and Monday is slim indeed. Some of the starting linebackers will be STUNNED to see how late they are drafted. There are NINE bona fide difference makers and 12 more who make our team.
  20. I do not get the Thibs dislike. Personally (I am not attacking you), I try to refrain from judging football talent myself. I try to focus on what the experts say. Right now my view is based on the pre-season stuff from Ourlads and the combine. When the draft guide comes out, I will have more to say. But Thibs is the blue chip pick. Ourlads loves him and they are the first to complain about character or players who rested on their laurels in college. Truly. I have learned to take their conservative nature into account (everyone has a bias, Ourlads is no different). When they say a prospect is clean, he really is clean.
  21. #4 - Thibs or Hutch. If not there, take on the card trade offer. If not there - Cross. If not,there - Ekwonu. #10 - Cross, Ekwonu, Neil. If not there, trade back repeatedly until you get the last of the five first round WRs (London, Wilson, Williams, Olave and Burks). #35 + #38 - If we get the tackle at 10, trade up and take the last wideout. Do not overpay., there are others in the third round. DO NOT USE #35 or #38 on a WR, RB, TE, LB or S. It is too early. Take them later, there will be there. At 35 and 38 we must focus on EDGE. They will all be gone by the time we pick in the third. Oh, me might get the dregs like Pashel (small school) or Sanders (awful combine that was at odds with his film). Personally I want one of the good ones. #111 - If all went well above (2 Edge, OL, WR), then Linebacker. We will get a STUID. Instant team changer. Guys like Muma and Walker will be there. That is a whole round later due to the depth. Gotta do it. When trading, acquire 5th rounds picks as throw ins to every trade back. Use them to grab two free safeties (they are better prospects than the guys we have and they will be there. Mondo deep class. Just like linebacker. Feed shamelessly in the fifth. I can name 10 guys who would make our team who are going to be available. THe Jets will not need to make room for them. They will do that in training camp. They are simply better prospects than our depth. We cannot splurge on everything. We have to make rational choices based on what is available. Safety and Linebacker are so deep, it is weird to choose them early. Two things to remember. The second banana OTs and the second banana WRs will be gone at the end of the third. One might last to our 4th, but I would not count on it. By pick 100, both will be gone. When they are gone, they are gone. Worse, there are a very limited number of tackles who can help us. Our high third should nail one, but it might not. If we reach for Petit-Freire or Salyer at #35 or #38, I will vomit. If Joe gets pinched (no trades and he does not like the board), pick a linebacker. Deepest class ever. If you want to know WHY, you will have too read the post.
  22. Fellas. I am not as down on the Jets chances as your responses suggest. But we are not one player away. Free agency filled some holes and the GM went for the biscuit with Hill. We have to make this draft count. It is unlikely that the Jets will ever have five picks in the top 111 ever again. We must choose high floor players who were identified by the national scouts when they were in high school. Ideally when they were freshman. Believe it or not, there is a powerful relationship between the five star recruits and the top picks in the NFL draft. It is a billion dollar business and there are no secrets.
  23. Well. It is that time of year again. While the ourlads draft guide is not yet out, I have spent enough time reading and fooling around with the mock draft sites to form some opinions on this year’s draft. I again urge you guys to get your own copy of the guide. That way we can have a common frame of reference regarding where players rank and which ones are a good fit for us. It is the only professional guide out there. Well worth the 25 bucks. They are usually right. From where I stand there are only five players worthy of the #4 pick. Thibs, Hutch, Cross, Ekwonu and Neal. And in that order. Let’s talk about Thibs. The man gives an interview where he appears well groomed, well dressed and articulate. In an attempt to credit his school he wrongly slimed Alabama. A dumb comment. Then he leaves the combine early like nearly everybody else because of the nutso schedule. Yet guys on this board and the pundit class knock him down due to THAT? Has everyone lost their minds? This was the number one recruit nationwide. He panned out. He has NOTHING left to prove. He is the obvious number one pick and would have gone in the top five in last year’s vaunted draft. Have you seen his numbers? Cripes. Hutch is only elite because his three cone drill overcame concerns over his iffy production and alligator arms. I love his hand fighting style. The Bosas have proven effective with that style. Like the Bosas, he is a tough run stuffer. Thibs is excellent forcing plays back inside. Hutch sets a hard edge. As pass rushers, there is no comparison. Thibs is the bendy long armed prototype. Do I like the other edge rushers? Yes. I like them all. But not at #4. No way. They all have flaws. And there are so many of them that only an idiot would take one at #4. Cross is Brick. Same guy. He reminds me of the Giants Andrew Thomas. A dancing bear. These guys never fail. Cross just needs to add some strength and he will be a dominant blocker for a decade. While I love Ekwonu and Neal, Cross is a much better fit for a wide zone scheme. Ekwonu might pan out but Neal would be a right tackle or guard for us. Yet the way I read this draft, that is it for the elite players. Let’s hope that Thibs or Hutch falls to 4. Simple as that. If they are not there, we HAVE to take the tackle. If somebody offers us an on the card trade WE MUST TAKE IT. If we can move inside #10 and still get a tackle, then great. Otherwise we must make the best move for the long term development of the team. That means building inside out. That means the tackle. As for the argument that we need a number one receiver, I remind my fellow Jet fans – as I did last year – that we are not ready to contend for anything. The coming season is a lost cause. Once again we will be inserting rookies and that means losses as they get whelped. Because we picked richly last year, we did not fill holes and we spent last season giving extensive playing time to non-future players like Tyler Kroft, Keelan Cole, Crowder, Van Roten, DelShawn Phillips and every single safety besides Ashton Davis. And I am being kind fellas. We are not good enough as an organization to hand extensive playing time to guys off the street. Every single snap devoted to those waiver wire guys stole from our team’s future. We wasted the #2 pick on a second banana QB – there were FIVE OF THEM, traded precious 3ds in a deep draft and turned down the Hershel Walker trade. Last season collapsed the moment the plan met reality. Please, not again. Build the team inside out and make the picks count. This draft is packed with what we need. Packed. We could position ourselves for a run next season. This is how. After the first five guys, this draft’s depth asserts itself and is deep where we need it to be deep. At WR, there are five players, London (is he Mike Evans?), Garret Wilson (looks like Jerry Jeudy), Jamison Williams (sure fire top five pick pre-injury), Olave (my favorite – it is all there and Garret Wilson could not beat him out). Olave started four years. Finally there is Burks who I confess is the best fit for the Jets. He is a lot like Deebo Samuel. I rank these guys as typical mid to late first round picks that can be found in most drafts. None are top five guys except Williams and he has an ACL. It is obvious to me that the Jets need to come away with one. While I have a preference, I am old enough to know that any will do. Nobody knows which is the star. All we can do is estimate their value. If we trade back from 10 to say, 20 and pile up the picks. We are sure to get one. If not, it is still OK as long as WE GET PAID. What, you wonder, should we do if we get Thibs/Hutch and the top tackles are there are #10? We take the tackle stupid. Do not be foolish. If this happens the Jets should move up from #35 and grab one of the wideouts. We must try but we cannot overpay. I like many other WRs, but they are not in the same class or have character concerns (Pickens). You can always move up but you have to pay. That is our lot this year. Let’s assume we trade back and get our wideout. Then what? We take edge. The draft is LOADED. LOADED. Walker, Ojabo, Karlafis, Johnson, Mafe, Ebiketie, Bonitto, Jackson Enagbare, Thomas, Leal, Paschal. Every single one of these players is going to be GONE by the 64th pick. Oh, one or two might fall but I would not count on it. Personally, I like Mafe, Ebiketie and Leal but all are worthy. Moreover, in most drafts all are gone by the end of the first round. The depth this year is just freaky. Gotta feed fellas. Gotta feed. If we do not get Thibs or Hutch, then we must get two. But that is not the best position class. That is the Linebackers. But the edges will be gone quick so we must pick one in the second. I would trade back. While I have a preference, if I get paid then I do not care which two I get. Really. I would also zone in on Zach Carter later who fits us to a T (well worth a 5th). Now, are these guys long term starters? No. But ALL edges are expensive. Never are they not. We have to pay. Please check all dreams of other positions in the second. You can get them later. You are not going to get an edge later. Nope. Not these edges. So, what if we get Thibs/Hutch, a wideout and an edge (or two if we traded back)? Then we must try to get either Raimann, Penning, Linderbaum, Johnson or Green. We do need to add an OL. While I know we need a tackle the difference in quality dictates that we get one of these guys. If we cannot, then plug the hole with a later round guy and try again next year. But we cannot go into the season with Fant and Becton and a late round prayer and call it a plan. Just stupid. We will end up hurling snaps at God knows who. So suppose we get it all. Thibs, a tackle at 10 and one of the WRs with a trade back up. The other 2d nabs an edge. Then what do we do in the 3d? We take a LINEBACKER. In fact, if we can pile up the picks we should take two early. Best class of linebackers I have ever seen. Not just my opinion either. Before the combine, some had said it was deep but after the combine everybody knew it. The numbers do not lie. This is not last year. These are starters. How many? I count 21 guys who make our team and they can be had well into the 5th. Lloyd, Dean, Walker, Harris, Tindall, Anderson, Muma, Rodriguez, Chenel, Clark, Smith, Hansford, Bernard, Asamoah, McClain, Domann, Jackson, Beavers, McFadden and Moon. I like Sanborn too. We must take two. They will make the team. Most would start. Some of the run and chase guys like Bernard, Moon and Domann can be had cheap. The top nine guys would change our team. Last year we gave TONS of snaps to now former Jets. Let’s get some prospects on the team please. A word about running back, safety and tight end. Yes, we should add each of these positions. But there is no way on God’s green earth that we should take any of them early. Why? The depth. There will be fine prospects for each position in the 5th round. No reason to rush. There are six excellent prospects at tight end. McBride, Ducich, Wydermyer, Ruckert, Likely, and Otten. If we do not get fed, there are plenty of other guys including Yeboah. We have signed two veterans. Only McBride would invade their snaps this season. Oh yeah. McBride. You folks who want to die on that hill realize that when you target a player you – by definition – overdraft him. Now, will a good team target him? Yeah. I think he goes in the middle of the second. But we are not a good team. We cannot target players. We can only take the best guy and target spots in the draft. Running back? I want Hall, Spiller, Pierce, Walker, Robinson, Cook, White and Strong. I will take him in the 5th. He will be gone you say? Not all of them say I. If so, too bad. We are 5-12. We will make do. Safety? Talk about the big mistake waiting to happen. There are a lot of early safeties and they can all help us. All will start. But we SUCK! We cannot afford to do that. The 5th round is going to yield Taylor Britt, Mckinley, Weatherford, Sterling, Pola Mao, Corker, Monday, Butler and Woods. But they will be gone you say? Not all of them say I. All are FREE SAFETIES. ALL are far better than anything we have behind Mr Glass Joyner and Ashton Davis. And the new barracuda is a two-down strong safety. Need I remind you that we wasted virtually an entire season’s worth of snaps on a bunch of nobodies? Some prospects please. No more snaps to the waiver wire. Please. What about corner says you? Says I, why does anybody want to cut MC2 or Echols? When we signed a corner, that’s what a draft pick will mean. Insanity says I. As it is, Dunn is done. What about DI, says you? Says I, there are two worthy guys in the first and an inside out guy in the second - Leal. Otherwise it is a lousy class. Mostly run stuffers and we need penetrators. There are better players at other positions throughout the draft. I hope we skip it. Another thing, if we get skunked in the first at WR or OL we MUST get our plan B by pick 100. The last wideouts who can help us will disappear around 100. Yes, there are many. But they disappear at the end of the third. Same with the versatile OL guys. After 100 the only OL help is guard/center only types. Great for depth. I love some of them. But if we get injuries, I hope you like the sight of AVT at tackle. I do not. This is why we must trade back a bit so we can hurl hopes at a Petit Friere (one of the only fallback options for LT). He will cost around pick 75 and might get overdrafted. I am warning you. Once they are gone, they are gone. We simply must have a bona fide option at OT and let the three of them fight it out. Fant is unsigned for next year, Becton has played nine games in two years and there is no depth. So what is the ideal draft? Thibs/Hutch at 4. Any other result disappoints. If not, a tackle. Trade back at 10 unless a tackle is there and we got Thibs/Hutch at 4. Keep trading back until there is one WR left and then draft him. TAKE RISKS THAT WE WILL GET SKUNKED. It is OK as long as we get paid because THEN we can always add more. If we get the edge and tackle, then move up for the WR. Then move back from 38 until we take another edge. Then look for linebackers. When in doubt, take a linebacker. Whenever we trade back, we need to pick up 5th round picks. We are going to need them. Best round in this draft in terms of value. Picks 140-180 will produce the depth we need to add. There is obvious room for two linebackers, two edges, two OL, two WR, two safeties and a tight end and running back. I can cut the players to make room. So can you. We’re not very good. Try it. That is 12 picks and we only have nine. Gotta trade back! Do not pick rich. Be bargain shoppers. The guys are there and this is the draft. I will discuss players after I get the guide. See you.
  24. Franklin-Myers has been the pass rush. Let's hope he is a go.
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