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  1. No, no, no, no. Instead we wait until Pittsburgh blunders and lets him become an unrestricted free agent. Then we pounce and he goes on to have a HOF career playing more than 20 years . . . Hey Pittsburgh, you owe us.
  2. Actually, all evidence suggests that this year will be much "worse" than last year for the NFL (as opposed to the rest of us - that is unknown). You're correct about the need for the Jets to be paranoid about quarantine in the name of reducing the quantity and length of COVID suspensions. It is purely a need to protect the bottom line and the won-loss record. This is not politics. It's business and sport. While Americans who have been vaccinated will catch the illness far less often than the unvaccinated crowd, there are two additional factors. First, is the severity of the illness.
  3. It is hard to challenge this statement. At least for this season until we see how the four young corners adjust to life as NFL players. Bless truly developed a professional attitude and a Brady-like fanaticism about caring for his body. It is a defining trait of a successful draftee. Some guys have a decent rookie campaign and never develop a professional outlook. I think we needed to see if the rookies could match him off the field before cutting ties entirely. I just think he is going to be around a long time. Not surprised he ended up on a roster instead of a practice squad.
  4. There is nothing wrong with lamenting that the Jets did or did not do something with our personnel. You asked the board - hey, what about this guy? So you got responses ranging from the snarky "this was already discussed" (and it will be discussed again!) to posts about his medicals and poor scheme fit. It's all good. It's cool to have a poster from Ecuador posting on the Jets. And you DID contribute. I did not know Trey Smith had emerged as a starter on the Chiefs. Nor did I know he had a "the whole league is going to pay" attitude going. Moreover, I did not know that he p
  5. Ourlads loved Trey Smith and gave him a 3d round grade. Said ourlads: "he is a safe bet to be a starter in the league". He also has played four positions besides center and - at 6' 5" with 33 3/4 arms and 10 hands - is not too small for tackle. but they liked him at guard too much to recommend a move. He fell due to the blood clots in the lungs back in 2018 - not small potatoes fellas, you can die of that. Otherwise he was a well known "planet theory" guy who was destined for the NFL back in high school. There really are only so many of these guys. The reason I did not recomm
  6. As I have written earlier in this thread, Bless was frequently misused during his first two seasons. Playing one on one in man-to-man off coverage is just not his forte. He is a press corner who gains his critical advantage by jamming the receiver at the line with his superior strength and length. We gambled like crazy with all sorts of blitzes and left corners on islands. When you do that, you do not get up on the line and press the receiver. It is like declawing a cat. This scheme's whole purpose is to prevent one on one coverage and to provide help so defenders can keep their ba
  7. And Luke Falk was good compared to David Fales. Which he did.
  8. Right now I see the Jets in "sort the trash mode" as we decide whether to pick players up on waivers while we have #2 priority. Once that priority evaporates after week three, we will begin to sort the cut pile. We will start to do so with enthusiasm if our chosen three fail to get the job done. I think we probably can find better guys. During the season we will bring in loads of guys from the cut pile and see if they are better trainees than Yeboah. In college, Zack was addicted to his tight ends as a safety valve. Yes, his tape shows that his focus is downfield. I am not rippin
  9. Many of us want the Jets to pick up Ben Mason because we wanted the Jets to draft him. When the Ravens took him - like many on this board - I said that is great. I will claim either Ben Mason or the veteran Patrick Ricard on final cuts. IMO - next to the 49er FB (J#@$*^&), Ricard is the best in the game.. Mason got beat out by the 2d best in the game and he was the consensus top FB in the draft. I would bring him in for a look see. But there is no rush. He is a fullback and they are always available. It is my hope that the coaches think they can work with Wesco. and that he has
  10. This is spot on about the offensive line. Joe D is doing his best. Yes, if AVT or GVR goes down in comes Feeney. Based on what we have seen, this is a problem. But as a poster pointed out - I forgot which one - the current dependence on Feeney is the end result of an unlikely series of events. It was the backup plan, to the backup plan, to the backup plan. It was not until the Clark injury, the Lewis retirement and the McDermott injury that we found ourselves getting ready to implement plan D (that would be the Feeney plan). I give Joe D props for trying. It was not a bad plan.
  11. Alka, I love ya. I do. We agree more often than not. But your take on Bless is off the mark. Bless got cut for one of two reasons. Either there is something that we do not yet know about - could be fellas - or Bless's unrealistic sweeping pronouncements of superiority made him difficult to coach. Saleh is going to get fired or extended based on the performance of the team. He is putting in his defense. He is going to TRAIN these young corners in what he BELIEVES to be the TOP TREND in the NFL. You see, Saleh thinks he is somebody very special. I do too. The pass defense he is
  12. I am well aware that the Jets say all is well. I too hope for the best. But it is all talk until AVT actually takes the field. It really is. I have seen this movie before. Most recently with Osemele. The Jets told us nice things about that too and it was pure wishful thinking. I fully expect AVT and Moore to be ready to go for game one. But it really is game one for both of them. The lack of depth on the interior offensive line really is a big deal.
  13. Until AVT takes the field Feeney IS the starter. He has been the starter in preseason and AVT has a PEC injury. While the Jets say he is fine, the fact is that PECs end seasons. They say it is just a strain. Hopefully all is well, but AVT has to take the field or in comes Feeney. That AVT and Moore missed the entire preseason is a setback. I sure hope AVT is the cats's pajamas.
  14. Me too. But as one of the fellas pointed out, Feeney was the backup plan's backup plan's backup plan. Only after the Clark injury, the Lewis retirement and the McDermott injury did we finally turn to Feeney. At least we did not turn to Levin. Small comfort I know. I really do have to give Joe D props for trying.
  15. I thought recall IR was six weeks minimum. No?
  16. I am afraid it is bad. We just moved him to Recall IR. So at least six weeks.
  17. I had not see that posted. So, we did cut Zuniga in the end. So Zuniga, Morgan and Austin are gone. The McDermott injury is a real kick in the nuts. Now if we need a Guard, it is Feeney coming in for AVT or GVR. The rest I expected. Brown returns. The guy is a barnacle. Good special teams guy, lets it all hang out. I thought cutting Neasman looked weird since he had gotten all the snaps during preseason. Almost never came off the field. You have to have at least one reserve. Bingo.
  18. Thanks. I had not seen Grant Hermanns added. Let's face facts. Fant will leave next year - we will not pay him some $10 million, since there will be no salary cap issues he will be released absent some sudden reversal in his fortunes. Moses is on a one-year prove it deal and can simply leave. Word is the Jets tried to sign to a multi-year deal and he declined. We may have to replace BOTH of them. Grant Hermanns sure looked the part of a starting RT during the preseason. They are frequently last round picks and he had an excellent camp and preseason games. Good teams get free
  19. I know perfectly well why Feeney is on the roster. I have seen Levin play. That is why Feeney is on the roster.
  20. LOL. Remember that? What a colossal screwup that turned out to be. I literally laughed during the last few games on that crap. Towards the end it looked like the surface of the moon. Ball carriers tried to avoid certain trays like the plague. They high-stepped like they were running tires. Lumpy and uneven, it was even worse than the fuzzy cement in the old Astrodome. I remembered watching it and thinking that football would be interesting if they had to play on changing surfaces. Big rocks, then ice, then swinging vines etc. If that sounds odd, then you missed the last few g
  21. Heh. Joe must go. You really labeled him fella.
  22. Did you really review the CBA? It 439 pages. https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/NFLPA/CBA2020/NFL-NFLPA_CBA_March_5_2020.pdf And there are strict rules regarding waiving injured players in that CBA. I am not going to review it and get to the bottom of things. But the COVID liability issues have not been sorted out. Do not get me wrong. I agree with the policy, I just think Meyer needs to understand he is not in college anymore. The for-profit world is very different from the college dictatorship he is used to commanding.
  23. It would explain keeping seven WRs would it not? A very interesting observation.
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