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  1. I would love to add Watson. But at what price? I see it as too costly and we are far from contenders. My 2 cents.
  2. I believe that we Jet fans need to trust Joe Douglas. Last year the Jets needed help everywhere. Despite the best draft class in too many years. We still do. There is a lesson there if you look for it. The rebuild will be a long hard slog and I sing the mantra spoken by Parcells long ago. “You are what your record says you are”. Despite all the progress we made, we still were out of it too soon and at times early in the year were simply noncompetitive. We are NOT one player away. Sorry. In this post I will juxtapose what I would have done in the last draft and what Joe Douglas did. I will frequently mention the Ourlads draft guide which I highly recommend. There are no advertisements or pictures, just the facts. Their lead scout - Dan Shonka - is a tough judge. I get the impression he is a religious man, not a bad thing as he places a great deal of emphasis on character. You will rarely see other scouts tell you the bad side of a player. The only thing I wish was that it came out earlier. It ships in the beginning of April – no sooner. They wait until after the combine and the pro days. You always get accurate measurements taken by their scouts (arm length, hand size, forty time, etc). Over the years I have found them to be remarkably accurate. You see it on the NFL team desks during the draft just like Joel Buchsbaum’s guides back when you had to crank the phone to generate a charge. You will find I have a different viewpoint about what is and is not a bust. To me a bust is a player who cannot be left on the field long enough to achieve mediocrity. It is not just a lack of talent. Sometimes they refuse to come into camp in shape or fail to learn the playbook or simply cannot carry out the playbook because they cannot retain it due to poor learning skills. Sometimes they cannot obey the rules of the NFL (see Quenten Coples). I do not see a single bust in this entire class. There are some incompletes. Here we go. First round. At pick #11, we took Mekhi Becton. He has been solid but I would have taken Wirfs instead. Not because I am brilliant, but because he was more of a sure thing. Iowa is a lineman factory and Kirk Ferentz gets them ready for the pros. Wirfs was the first true freshman to start at OT for him. Ourlads had him ranked first out of the top four tackles. Wirfs was ranked 7th overall while Becton was ranked 13th. Since hindsight is 20/20, we now know that all four were worthy high picks (Thomas came on strong late in the year). I think that the sky is the limit for Becton. He only needs to stay in shape and he will have a long career. His pass blocking is good enough and he is the best run blocker since Damian Woody manned the right side. As for the injuries, they took place when the line collapsed elsewhere and he got toppled over. The interior line needs better personnel. If we play better, he will last longer. It is as simple as that. We are set at one of the hard to find pieces for any pro club. As you might remember, Joe Douglas had a trade with the Jaguars at the ready to move up to the 9th pick to make damn sure we landed one of the four tackles. He was willing to cough up a 3rd to do it. This is the first thing to remember about Joe Douglas. He is looking at the players by the tier to which they belong. When the draft fell our way, he cancelled the trade since we were certain to land one of them when the 11th pick came up. Given the choice between Becton and Wirfs, he took Becton. This was not surprising. Drafts are all about potential and Becton has the chance to be better than Bryant McKinney (who he resembles) if he stays in shape. I love the fact that Joe was willing to move up and not miss out. You cannot just trade back fellas. You must get what you need when it is there. Second round. When the second round began I was sweating bullets. I knew Ruggs, Jeudy and Lamb would be gone. But the wideouts kept disappearing with Reagor, Jefferson and Aiyuk off the board. When Tee Higgens and Pittman went at the top of the second, I would have panicked and traded up to take Mims. Ourlads had him 4th among wideouts and while I usually take the BAP, I knew we simply had to get a starting wideout or the season was toast. As you recall, without Mims, we were unable to put up much of a fight. I would have coughed up the second three to get him too. As you know, Joe Douglas waited. When our pick arrived, he traded back (for the late third). I simply could not believe it. This is the second Joe Douglas trait. He will stick to his board when things do not go his way and go for value. I suspect he was reluctant to take Mims since he was not polished. When Mims got healthy, he showed some real talent. He is still a work in progress. As a spread offense receiver, he had to learn the pro game. The NFL places its emphasis on timing patterns and a disciplined route tree. Joe knew that. But I expect great things. He was not over-matched outside even though he was drawing the coverage. Mims also has the classic build of a WR. 6’ 2.5” with 34“ arms and 9.5” hands. Therein is another Joe trait. He makes and takes ON THE CARD offers. You cannot simply trade up or down on a whim. You need a trade partner. If the offer is not on the card, you must pick. In the first and the second, we either were offering on the card compensation or were getting it. Third round. When our pick arrived it made itself. Davis was the clear choice as he held a high 2nd round grade. Ourlads had him at 48 overall. It is only with hindsight that we could have taken Cushenberry (C), Duverney (WR), or Peart (OT). But all carried lower grades. I would have done the same thing as Joe. He was the BAP. As a player, his run/pass read skills needed work. As you recall, the plan was to ease him into the lineup and play the veteran. But the abject failure of plan A sent him into the game. He came on late and got hurt. It is too early to judge him but his numbers warranted the pick. It is not his fault we had to throw him to the wolves. That happened a lot to the 2020 class. Next the Jets took Zuniga. Again, this is Joe Douglas watching his tiers. Zuniga was the last of the top pass rushers and we took him a bit early (he was ranked 101st and we took him 79th). Zuniga is misunderstood by many Jet fans. Most seemed to think he was a 3-4 outside linebacker prospect or a quick twitch defensive end. But in college he was a penetrating defensive tackle with a three technique. Ourlads said as much but warned that he might lack a position in the NFL. They also worried about his injury history and his small calves and ankles. But make no mistake, he is an inside pass rush prospect and they are expensive. I remain bullish on his prospects after a year in the program and with a full training camp. If we play more 4-3 under Saleh – which is likely – he could be a key piece on passing downs. Joe then traded with the hated Patriots and turned the surprise three from the second round trade and turned it into two fourths and another pick for this season. Again, it was an on the card deal. How long has it been since we got on the card deals! Fourth round. Jiminy crickets. How many on this board have judged the fourth round harshly when the jury is still out on most of it? First we took the running back Perine. I – for one – am delighted with this pick. A team captain with a complete game. He can make it to the edge, holds onto the ball, makes a living between the tackles, can catch the ball out of the backfield and protect his QB on mass protect calls. Once the starters are gone the draft, you should look to players that you can take a flyer on and hope they develop. A key aspect is whether or not they can play special teams - if they can - they will be on the team a long time. Perine can not only play special teams, he is a candidate to play all five of them. Were it not for injuries to the rest of the backs, I think that was the plan. Perine is not a gunner. He is the rugged sort who wades through the trash on the coverage units. Fellas, you simply have to have these guys. A team cannot cobble these units from those who failed to start. As a guy in the backfield, he did ok. Not that there was a lot of room to run. The offensive line was awful most of the season and – at times - completely uncompetitive. He is part of the rebuild and will be around awhile. It is safe to buy his jersey. Not bad for a 4th. Next we took a flyer on James Morgan (QB). Who knows fellas? Let’s face it. Joe intended to redshirt him from the start (it is why we signed Flacco before camp). He never got into the game. We took him in the fourth which is where he was ranked (he carried a 4th round grade). I would like to see him fight for the backup job this season and bring in a cheap veteran to compete. For what it is worth, he is a guy with good triangle numbers and solid character (another team captain). He was known for his film study in college. Then we took Cameron Clark. Clark is a college left tackle converting to guard. I believe Joe took him because he and Becton are friends. Plus Clark is a high character guy. He was his team’s MVP. I have never heard of an OT as the MVP before. Like Morgan, Perine, and Hall, he was the team captain. If Becton stays in shape and Clark can keep him in the sushi bar and out of KFC, it was a good choice. But we overdrafted him (6th round grade). So the only bone I have to pick with the fourth round is not at wideout (though Gabriel Davis has worked out for the Bills). Instead it is the fact that of the six offensive guards that carried a 2nd or 3rd round grade, three (five) were still available and all were starters by the end of the season. There was solid value there and it is a legitimate criticism. Clark might still work out since he was reshirted. Even if he does not, if he keeps Becton on track then all is well. As for the Davis wish, he was rated the same as Perine and Morgan overall. All other complaints are hindsight. This is particularly true when you consider that two of those choices were created by Joe Douglas out of thin air. As I mentioned earlier, I would have panicked. Be honest, what would you have done? Fifth round. In the fifth Joe got lucky and took Bryce Hall (CB). Like last year, we took an injured corner with a 2nd round grade and hoped they would get well. He did. The sky is the limit for this guy. I have both Austin and Hall penciled in as starters. I too would have taken Hall even though five of the top six guards were still on the board. While it is not saying much, these kids put the two Colts castoffs on the street. Sixth round. We took Braden Mann in the sixth. I have no arguments with the choice and he had a 4th round grade. I would have done the same thing. I do believe we stifled him a bit. I would like to see the team unleash him once in awhile to keep the league honest. His leg is a cannon. As for the late trade for the veteran Colt, it was worth a shot. Our secondary is very young. Free agency. What put this class over the top was the play of the free agents. Javelin Guidry, Lamar Jackson and Bryce Huff are all keepers. Guidry played well at the nickel spot (as predicted by Ourlads) when Poole went down and will look better in time. You cannot teach a 4.25 forty. Lamar Jackson was thrown to the wolves when Colt castoffs were smoked. Yes, he looked poor at times. But remember what I wrote at the top of this post. The difference between a mediocre player and a bust is playing time. Jackson was on the field a lot and I am in no hurry to replace him. Both Guidry and Jackson carried 6th round grades and got their cherry popped. There is no substitute for experience. Between our young starters these two free agents and Maulet, life is good at corner. We have far greater needs elsewhere. Similarly, Bryce Huff was a regular part of the rotation and he made a case for the starting job. I noticed that he was regularly around the QB. I expect all three to come into camp with a full head of steam. If we cut them, they will get picked up instantly. At a minimum, we do not need to overpay castoffs and free agents simply to fill backup roles before the draft. That has become something of a pre-draft ritual for the Jets. We added depth with young talent all over the team. We are far less desperate than we were last season. We need a starting running back, a starting wideout, two starting offensive lineman and an outside linebacker. That is five players fellas. That is too much to ask for one draft and one off-season. As for Sam, I view this as a business and him as a sunk cost. I would play him this season and decide the future based on his play. I would not throw our precious draft capitol at a futile attempt to contend this season. We are young and on the upswing. Our general manager shows excellent traits. Now is not the time for Ralph Cramden and the get rich quick scheme. Stay the course and build the team inside out in the draft. It took time to dig this hole and it will take time to get out of it.
  3. Perhaps . . . Send me a personal message. Some here remember me. Slats would. I have been lurking for awhile now. I can write.
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