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  1. And we have four linebackers. One of whom has never finished a season. Heck, Cashman has never begun a season. AVT and Moore missed the entire preseason. If AVT cannot go, Feeney and GVR are the starting Guards. I am sorry, but EGAD!
  2. There are colleges with older sets of corners.
  3. C'mon guys, let's look at things logically. The Jets brought in a bunch of corners. It sure looked to me that there was going to be an all-out-war for roster spots and starting jobs. So I cannot say I am surprised that the other shoe has dropped. But . . . I confess to being stunned at this turn of events. The knocks on Bless coming out of college were based on his injury history and his lack of core strength. Ourlads clearly pointed out that he needed to develop his body better to withstanding the rigors of the NFL. Well, he did that. This is what he looked like co
  4. If you were an NFL head coach like Meyer. Don't you think you would know the answer to those questions BEFORE you wander up to a microphone and create national news? Believe it or not. It's in the CBA. There are lots of disease rules in CBAs. Take MERSA. A classic NFL disease with protocols. Remember, the current CBA was rewritten expressly for COVID. It's in there. A prudent executive would consult the team's lawyers about whether the CBA covers those issues (it surely does). Those lawyers would instantly ask him to say NOTHING about it as it is the topic of ongoing and conti
  5. See below. Both of these are fair takes if it were a typical employee/employer relationship. But the NFL is a closed union shop whose rules are set by collective bargaining. and expressed in a collective bargaining agreement or CBA. That contract's details govern EVERYTHING. While I agree with both of you that a team can cut anyone it wants based on what they think is best for the team. A teamwide POLICY implemented by the coach likely runs afoul of the CBA which surely envisioned the issue. Remember, the league is functioning under an addition to the CBA drafted explicitly for C
  6. Seriously. What on earth is Meyer thinking? Can you imagine Bill Parcells discussing his reasoning about final cutdown? If you even asked the question he wold glower at you and say - NEXT QUESTION. Then he would go LOOK YOU UP AFTER THE PRESS CONFERENCE. What a buffoon. There is literally nothing to gain. Do I agree with him on the merits? Yes. But that literally has nothing to do with it. This is public speaking. Does he think he is running for the Senate? His phone must be ringing off the hook from the league office, his team, politicians and everybody else who wants t
  7. Can anyone say Ron Farout? The dude was not even listed in the Buchsbaum guide (a real achievement - greatest guides ever!). We cut the first round pick the following year. Nobody even took a sniff. Ah, the young pup Jet fans. I sometimes wonder if they realize where they are? It is wonderful to see their unrealistic views of the draft. How they measure draft success or failure. The hopelessly unrealistic dreams of trading our trash for elite NFL talent. Their endlessly optimistic views on how our unproven rookies will thrive on the NFL battlefield. Their lack of interest i
  8. I do not think that Ertz would be able to help the Vikings. He has been productive as a pass catcher but has been unable to block his position inline for years At this stage of his career, he is a H-back that is frequently injured. The Vikings needed an inline tight end who could be the every down starter. Chris Herndon frustrated Jet fans when his rookie campaign was followed by suspension, injury (after he came to camp out of shape) and a lost season. Last year, rendered an afterthought as the Jet made a commitment to Griffin - I thought it odd at the time - Herndon retook the starting
  9. I believe that teams have until 4:00 to put in a waiver claim. Like the 4:00 cutdown time yesterday, it is a hard deadline for NFL teams. But the NFL drips the information out slowly. We can expect the same thing to happen today. While all team business will be done by 4:00, it will still be a few hours before we hear about it. Trades are a completely different story. All of us expect a big trade sometime today. AVT missed the entire preseason and Feeney under-performed. If AVT has a setback, then Feeney and GVR are the starters. That is not going to cut it folks. We need to ac
  10. Grant Hermanns OT. I think we found something there. The scouting report said that he was a four star recruit out of high school whose college career was beset by injury. They described him as having good feet. That he gives up ground "grudgingly" but stays on the block and on his feet. He looked REALLY good in the preseason. Not only was his run blocking solid - against the Giants he got snaps against their #2s and looked just fine. But his pass blocking was solid and that is unusual for a young lineman. Hoge was unable to adapt and was cut even though he showed real promise as
  11. After the team has cut down to 53 players, it can begin to designate players. Recall IR is only available to players who have made the final 53. I believe that teams can make moves as soon as they reach 53 and submit the roster to the league. Here is a good site with all the rules. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-roster-cuts-2021-deadline-rules/t4agmpiuyveo11wc540pj2knw
  12. It's worse than you think. One of the others is Cashman. We will have to keep a linebacker or two on the practice squad in addition to claiming somebody on waivers. On a more serious note, Cashman has always shown talent. I would be delighted to see him put it together after all he has endured. Nevertheless, his injury history - just like the extensive injury history of Tyler Kroft - means we MUST have a competent backup on the team.
  13. I appreciate your putting these roster lists together and keeping them current. Thanks. Claim-a-rama follows cut-a-rama. Here we go, I think things will remain in flux until the third week of the season when our #2 waiver priority yields to the won-loss standings.
  14. Plus he could come home to his river.
  15. Well, all hell will soon break loose. Morgan? Surprised to see it along with Johnson. Cutting to two QBs in COVID land. I dunno. But I do believe that Johnson will be added to the practice squad as the emergency QB (who remains at home) in case of QB room contamination. Griffin AND Brown? I am not shocked but I must note that we are now down to Kroft and Wesco. And Wesco is not really a tight end. As for Brown, the old man will return on special teams for the kickoff on opening day. Count on it. I think it is obvious that we are also in the midst of trade discussions or hav
  16. It also illustrates why #2 waiver priority is a very big deal. This will continue to go on until after the third week of the season. We will be awarded every single player on whom we place a claim that the Jaguars pass on. The third team has to wait until we have eaten, and so on. This is the richest time for waiver claims. Joe D will not be getting any sleep until the practice squad is filled. Our #2 waiver priority means getting to 53 is only the beginning of a tumultuous couple of weeks for the back end of the Jet roster. Teams are also trading now, perhaps we can pick up a
  17. Here you go @Bungaman. The short answer is teams have 24 hours to make waiver claims. At 4:00 pm tomorrow, teams can start to sign players who have cleared waivers to fill out their 16 man practice squad. I was harsh in my final cuts and want the Jets to sift the final cut pile with enthusiasm. But I also want to see many of our cut players added to the practice squad. Especially Josh Johnson, Yeboah, Hamelcar Rashid, David Moore and the Smiths. Anyway, this is a good link I was reading to bone up on the rules. Chapter, line and verse. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/
  18. No. Corey Davis to H-back. It is a formation I would run if I were the Jets. Have you seen that guy block? He can do it and would be a matchup nightmare.
  19. Well blow me down. It would appear there is something in the works at tight end in Jet town. I sincerely doubt we intend to start Griffin or Wesco. With Yeboah gone and Herndon in Minnesota, that would leave Kroft as the starter. I expect that somebody new will soon arrive too.
  20. I am not a maven on this but I believe it is the season. We put him on IR. To put a guy on recall IR, you have to put them on the roster FIRST. If it is before final cuts, that is not possible. The only IR is the season. It is why Jared Davis and Conor McDermott will make the final roster before being put on recall IR. The injury to McDermott really hurt. He was the #1 reserve at Guard and played fairly well last season. He can backup at four spots.. Everything but Center. Is he all-pro? No. Is he better than Feeney. Yeah. A lot better.
  21. After your previous post I went looking for the pre-draft picture of Hernandez in full gang colors. I cannot find it. There is a weak one online, I decided not to post it. In the one I am referring to he is dressed head to toe. His tattoos also suggest membership prior to the NFL. It was known at the time that half the league had crossed him off their draft board due to the association.
  22. He also did not throw into coverage. White took what the defense gave him. White simply is more polished. In short, White is not green . . . Wait just a minute . . . .
  23. This is the guy we grabbed on waivers from Caroliina. I sure hope we put him on the practice squad. He put up some good tape. He has power and decent feet. Best of the backup guards this preseason imo. I fully realize we cannot keep a Guard only rookie as a reserve if he is not ready. I see real potential with this guy. Unlike Tristan Hoge, who also impressed with his power blocking, David Moore shows the lateral agility to reset his feet when pass blocking. Hoge really got exposed in his last preseason game. While I wish him well, he belongs in a man scheme. But Moore can play wi
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