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  1. I like him a lot and agree he put up solid film towards the end of last season. I just fear he not suited to play on the boundary and is confined to nickel duties. If so, then the competition for the last cornerback spot is likely to come from a more versatile players who can play on the boundary or make the team as a backup safety. With Michael Carter II having the ability to match up in man to man off coverage outside and Brandin Echols having as much potential at safety as he does at nickel, I think Guidry's limited versatility means that he must earn the starting nickel job or his roste
  2. I doubt the Steelers released him if he was going to be healthy this season. While he is well-paid and there are probably salary considerations if he is not the starter, I would pass unless and until he passes a physical. If I am the Jets, I have to be certain that I am getting him healthy enough to play a few more seasons. I would be very wary of creating another Keleche Osemele situation where - at best - the two parties misunderstood each other. Since either the Jets were inept and did not examine his shoulder properly or were clueless and did not convey that he was going to be expected
  3. Much has been said about last year's rookie class. I have posted on it as has most of the board. But there is something relevant to bear in mind. NONE of last year's draft picks had a training camp. Under the league rules, the only time that players wear pads and hit in practice is in training camp. No pads and no hitting during the season. So Becton, Mims, Davis, Perine, Morgan, Clark, Hall and Mann have not yet practiced in pads with hitting as professionals. Their only experience was during games. Unlike regular season games, practice take place six days per week and players i
  4. Me too regarding the Knicks losing to the Hawks. The Hawks' victory was even more surprising given the creature's poor shooting night though he kept up his a Capella performance. Do those two have chemistry or what? Simply beautiful. Those backcourt steals and the play of the creature makes me think the Hawks are not finished. When he is on, there is almost nothing you can do about it. As for the Knicks, we missed Robinson's offensive rebounding and free points sorely. We took huge strides this season. We will be back and it has been a long time since we could say that.
  5. QB: 2 Wilson and Morgan. White to the PSquad. Agreed. Assuming that Morgan wins the backup job in the eyes of the coaches. If White outplays Morgan, then reverse the outcome. If neither wins the backup job, then cut deeply and claim the best one or two options available. We have second waiver rights this year and I expect Douglas to use that all season. My cuts will reflect this belief as you will see. RB: 4 Carter, Coleman, Johnson, Perine. Adams to the practice squad. Adams is not going to beat out Perine because Adams does not play special teams. Nor is Ada
  6. Let's have some fun with Cimini shall we. My commentary is underlined: FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- A look at what's happening around the New York Jets: 1. Fountain of youth: The Jets are three months away from the start of an unprecedented 2021 NFL season. For the first time in franchise history, they have a first-year coach, a rookie starting quarterback and a young roster. The roster characterization is subjective, but a quick review of seasons past confirms there has never been a season quite like the one on the horizon. The Jets had two out of three in 2009, with coach Rex Ryan and
  7. Basically what I expected to happen based on the Cole contract. I had hoped that we would have converted his $10 million due this season into a two-year contract with the first year guaranteed at $5 million. Instead we decided to let him walk after the season. OK with me. Glad to have him. PS - Note how the remaining portion of his signing bonus is still there mucking things up? It is always better to front load deals if at all possible instead of giving signing bonuses imo. If you must pay the player up front, then front load the deal. Forget the signing bonus.
  8. Wesco is competing against himself. I believe that the Jets will carry and use a fullback. If Wesco can convince LaFleur that he is the guy, then he will make the team. If not, then we will pick up a fullback after final cuts. These guys are always around. It bodes well for Wesco that we did not try to bring one in as an UDFA imo. Daniel Brown is up against it. Not only is the roster filled with tight ends but one of them is clearly a fine long term prospect in Yeboah. Further, we drafted so many tough special team's players and invited several as UDFAs that he is going to have bea
  9. It was a thread. Here you go. From a poster on yesterday's practice thread before it got locked. Let's take a look at the all-out-war for roster spots and starting jobs afoot this season on the Jets. The list is from Spotrac, the comments are mine: Marcus MayeFS - Starter LaMarcus JoynerFS - Starter Justin HardeeCB - Gunner on special teams Ashtyn DavisFS - backup likely roster spot Blessuan AustinCB - Starter candidate at corner. Likely to make roster. Bryce HallCB - Starter candidate at corner. Likely to m
  10. "Bucked at him". Uh, would one of the younger crowd who is fluent in tweetese explain that one to me?
  11. Hey kizzy, proofread your posts. (Did I do that right?) PS - In all fairness, he appears to be the only beat reporter covering the practice and is clearly attentive to his job. He is doing well. I hope it continues.
  12. I did not mean to minimize that lunatic. As I understand it, Buzz was lured there by that animal for the exact purpose of cornering him on camera. The whole thing was a ruse. Aldrin thought he had been invited to an interview about space for a Japanese children's television show. Evidently, that is how that idiot makes his living. Duping people to get film footage he then edits to promote his theorys. He then sells videos to people like Geno Smith (the fake moon landing nimrods are similar to the flat earth nuts). That he chose to go after Aldrin was an outrage as all American Ast
  13. My favorite of this type. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin socking a moon landing skeptic. Ole Buzz was 72 at the time lol.
  14. Well if Watson ends up in Florida, Robert Kraft can tell him where to go for a rub and tug with a happy ending.
  15. We need a new positive rep button. One with a mouth that is gaping wide open in astonishment. NINE? Can you imagine our message board?
  16. They are going to name the rehab area the "Blake Cashman" memorial parking lot.
  17. I suspect we will not run a lot of looks where he is a traditional slot guy. Instead I expect a lot of gadget plays. Everything from the end around to shovel passes between the tackles. Anything to get him the ball in space. He is a natural for that kind of role. It also fits with a wide zone blocking scheme. When we envision the Jets lining up on offense, we should look towards each offensive player having a possible dual role. One that disguises run or pass and keeps the defense guessing. It is what the Shanahan offense is all about. It keeps the base defense on the field becau
  18. Bruce Harper was a little guy who came out of nowhere. He improvised, adapted and overcame. I loved him for it.
  19. A #2 with a history of hit or miss effort, a complete unknown with an injury history, a #3 of no special note and a complete unknown rookie. Davis is a solid #1. A savage blocker with enough size to be a credible H-back, Davis has produced 200 catches for 2800 yards as the #1 receiver over his first four years. An average of 50 catches for 700 yards per year. While anyone could wish for more production, nobody - except you - has criticized him for a lack of effort. Just the opposite, the man lays serious wood. Mims got hurt in his rookie year and produced 23 catches for 357 yards in
  20. So far in his career Keelan Cole has 159 catches for 2242 yards in four years. An average of 38 catches and 550 yards per season. So far Crowder has produced 358 catches for 4160 yards over five years. An average of 70 catches per year and 800 yards per season. Crowder has been more productive than Cole, there is no doubt about it. But stats do not tell the whole story. Crowder is exclusively a slot receiver and has had that job all to his own throughout his career. Cole - at 6' 1" - has PROVEN he can play outside as well as the slot. Thus, he offers versatility that Crowder does
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