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  1. Much has been said about last year's rookie class. I have posted on it as has most of the board. But there is something relevant to bear in mind. NONE of last year's draft picks had a training camp. Under the league rules, the only time that players wear pads and hit in practice is in training camp. No pads and no hitting during the season. So Becton, Mims, Davis, Perine, Morgan, Clark, Hall and Mann have not yet practiced in pads with hitting as professionals. Their only experience was during games. Unlike regular season games, practice take place six days per week and players in those practices are trying to earn roster spots, playing time and starting jobs. It is a grind for all players and the crucible that Saleh keeps talking about. This year last year's class will practice under sustained real game conditions for the first time. That sharpens the knife and provides young players with experience against fellow professionals. Robbing last year's rookies of training camp made the steep climb into a starting job all the more steeper. I think that the daily grind will produce some surprises from last year's class. So much has changed. There are new systems on offense and defense. There is a large incoming class of free agents and another incoming class of rookies on whom much as been written. There is a full training camps. It means that all of last year's rookies are new again. Here is the day three and UDFA roundup:
  2. Me too regarding the Knicks losing to the Hawks. The Hawks' victory was even more surprising given the creature's poor shooting night though he kept up his a Capella performance. Do those two have chemistry or what? Simply beautiful. Those backcourt steals and the play of the creature makes me think the Hawks are not finished. When he is on, there is almost nothing you can do about it. As for the Knicks, we missed Robinson's offensive rebounding and free points sorely. We took huge strides this season. We will be back and it has been a long time since we could say that.
  3. QB: 2 Wilson and Morgan. White to the PSquad. Agreed. Assuming that Morgan wins the backup job in the eyes of the coaches. If White outplays Morgan, then reverse the outcome. If neither wins the backup job, then cut deeply and claim the best one or two options available. We have second waiver rights this year and I expect Douglas to use that all season. My cuts will reflect this belief as you will see. RB: 4 Carter, Coleman, Johnson, Perine. Adams to the practice squad. Adams is not going to beat out Perine because Adams does not play special teams. Nor is Adams going to get claimed by the league. Adams will end up on the practice squad. He will be there if we need him. If anybody is going to get cut it will be Ty Johnson because he does what Carter does only not as well. FB: 1 Wesco is competing against himself here; if he's cut, it'll be for another FB Agreed. Completely. Either way, there will be a fullback on the roster. WR: 5 Davis, Mims, Crowder, Moore, Cole, Berrios. Don't buy the hype, Mims is still a starter here. That WR group is stacked. The Jets are not going to keep six receivers. Berrios and the Smiths to the practice squad. TE: 2 Herndon, Kroft. Griffin & Brown get cut. Yeboah to the PSquad Agreed. The only other possibility is that Yeboah gains the 20 lbs he needs to block inline and forces the Jets to keep him on the roster. Which could happen - the Shanahan offense LOVES tight ends). OL: 9 Becton, Vera-Tucker, McGovern, Van Roten, Moses, Fant, Feeney, Clark, Andrews. Lewis gets cut in favor of more versatile interior linemen (Feeney, Andrews). Yes, I'm projecting that we sign Moses. Hoge, Hermanns, & Saltes compete for PSquad spots with Kaufusi. Starters will be Becton, AVT, McGovern, Van Roten and Moses. Backups will be Fant, Feeney, Clark and McDermott. If we do not sign Moses, then Fant starts and Edoga gets to stay. Josh Andrews is now on the Falcons. Alex Lewis will either win the starting job at right guard or he will be cut. I continue to hold out hope that Clark wins the starting job at right guard. Total Offense: 23 DE: 4 Lawson, Franklin-Myers, Huff, Curry, Blair. Zuniga is fighting for his life, as is Kyle Phillips, and those last three spots are up for grabs. But Saleh loves Blair. They could try to shove Huff to the PSquad. Hamilcar Rashed to the PSquad Starters Carl Lawson (it is entirely possible that the Jets decide to use him only on passing downs) and Kyle Phillips (he will also play inside). Backups Vince Curry and Jabari Zuniga (who will play three technique tackle too). Blair will be cut and added to the practice squad after clearing waivers. He will bounce back and forth until the roster is set. Hamilcar Rashed to the practice squad. Huff will be cut and picked up by New England or the Steelers. DT: 4 Williams, Rankins, Fatukasi, Marshall, Shepherd. Dwumfour to the PSquad and Shepherd is holding on by the skin of his teeth; he's probably the first cut if they need a spot elsewhere. Starters Quinnen WIlliams and Sheldon Rankins. Backups Fatukasi and Shepard. If Franklin-Myers proves to the coaches he can play inside, they we cut Shepard instead. Marshall and Dwumfour to the practice squad. There is an outside chance that Marshall makes the team and joins the rotation if we trade Fatukasi and Franklin-Myers cannot hold his own inside (a distinct possibility). I sincerely doubt that Franklin-Myers can set the edge on running plays at defensive end. If he stays, it is as a penetrating tackle. LB: 5 Mosely, Davis, Nasrilideen, Sherwood, Eifler. Cashman is a tough cut but the kid is never healthy. Starters Mosley, Davis and Sherwood. Backups Nasirildeen (replaces Sherwood on passing downs) and either Eifler or White. My money is on Branden White as he is a fine special teams player which is something Sherwood, Mosley, Davis, Eifler and Cashman cannot equal. I too cut Cashman. He has to stay healthy and PROVE he is better than Sherwood and Nasirildeen. I doubt he can do that. Eifler to the practice squad. CB: 7 Hall, Austin, Jackson, Guidry, Dunn, Carter. Whooo ... some tough cuts here. Echols and Pinnock to the PSquad, but the only CB who is pretty much guaranteed a roster spot is Hall. This competition will be fun to watch, and there may be some special teams spots open for these guys. Starters Hall and Austin with MC2 at the nickel. Backups Jackson, Pinnock, and Dunn. I list Hardee here too since he is a DB but will play only on special teams. Guidry is a very tough cut. I add him to the practice squad if he clears waivers (which I doubt - too much good tape on him). S: 4 Maye, Joyner, Davis, Bennett Jackson. JT Hassell is a tough cut and may take Jackson's spot. Starters Maye and Joyner. Backups Davis and Echols (Yes, fellas - he can play safety. Says so in the draft guide. There is no way we cut Echols - either he or Crowder will return punts imo). Bennett Jackson is a tough cut. JT Hassell to the practice squad. Total DEF: 24 ST: 4 Hennessey, Mann, Naggar, Hardee. Yep, Ficken gets cut. Hardee makes the roster as the ST ace. I believe the kicker will be claimed on final cuts unless somebody clearly wins the job. Mann will punt and Hennessey is a lock. These cuts will take the Jets' roster to 50 players (51 if Yeboah forces the Jets to keep him). I fully expect the Jets to play rotisserie football throughout the season. We will move players from the practice squad to the roster and visa versa. We will pick up and waive claimed players without mercy. This is especially true at final cuts which I expect Douglas to approach as if it was an expansion draft. He is going to milk our waiver priority all year long. Just like he should. To do that, you must expose the back end of your roster. I expect us to do that. I fully realize I made some tough cuts. But the better teams are going to be making far harder choices. It is time to raise the Jolly Roger to plunder the wealthy teams. I also fully expect Douglas to pounce on salary cap cuts. This happens when teams realize that this year's third round pick is as good as their well paid starting guard. Between our #2 waiver priority and our oodles of salary cap space, the future is not set.
  4. Let's have some fun with Cimini shall we. My commentary is underlined: FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- A look at what's happening around the New York Jets: 1. Fountain of youth: The Jets are three months away from the start of an unprecedented 2021 NFL season. For the first time in franchise history, they have a first-year coach, a rookie starting quarterback and a young roster. The roster characterization is subjective, but a quick review of seasons past confirms there has never been a season quite like the one on the horizon. The Jets had two out of three in 2009, with coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez as newbies, but that was a veteran team that made the playoffs after narrowly missing out in 2008. They came close to the trifecta in 1977, with coach Walt Michaels in charge of a youth movement, but quarterback Richard Todd had started six games the previous season as a rookie. So buckle up, folks. This is going to be a wild ride -- and Robert Saleh is all for it. "Pete Carroll once said, 'You can't be afraid to play young guys,'" the Jets' coach said, quoting one of his mentors. "They're hell on wheels and they're fun to watch." Of all the things that Saleh has said, I liked this one best. We will never get better playing retreads from around the league. You must build through the draft and make strategic additions. There is no panacea. The Jets should have at least a half dozen rookies in prominent roles, led by quarterback Zach Wilson. Currently, they have four players in the 30-and-up club, which makes them one of the youngest teams in the league. They have a handful of players who were in diapers when Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady broke into the league in 2000, which should make for some fun "age" jokes for the Week 17 matchup. That we have only four players who are 30 and over means that we have drafted poorly and are not very good. Who are they anyway? McGovern, Mosley, Shepherd and Curry? Saleh knows what's ahead: There will be growing pains, even for the coach, but he relishes the opportunity. The challenge for the coaching staff is to get the young players thinking and playing like veterans. When that happens, "You become an explosive team in a hurry," he said. "But to get to that point takes some trials and tribulations, some bumps in the road and some headaches. You can't, as a football coach, be afraid to go through those bumps because there's light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a freight train or actual light, but it doesn't matter. We're going through that tunnel and you just got to go." Ready or not, here comes the youngest team in the NFL. For their sake, you hope it's not the Lincoln Tunnel at rush hour. 2. Scouting the Jets: Some personnel-related notes/observations from last week's minicamp: Linebacker C.J. Mosley, who opted out last season, slimmed down and looks quicker. ... Outsiders might consider Ty Johnson the forgotten man at running back, but he's still very much in the team's plans. He made a strong impression. ... Nice to read that Ty Johnson is making the most of his opportunity. I expect us to keep four halfbacks and he is one of them. Another forgotten player, defensive tackle Nathan Shepherd, turned heads. ... I respect Cimini, I do. But how on earth can anyone tell anything about the lineman on either side of the ball? There are no pads and no hitting until training camp. Honestly, I do not see how anything can be judged in tee shirts aside from who puked during the conditioning run. No pads, no hitting. No hitting, no violence. No violence, no NFL. I am glad to see that the guy looked good in shorts. Lamarcus Joyner could end up being a sneaky good free-agent signing. He played mostly free safety in minicamp, but his ability to cover slot receivers opens up different possibilities. ... I was thinking this too until I realized that Saleh does not play free safeties unless it is a prevent defense. Otherwise, the safeties are interchangeable. I think Joyner will prove to be a good signing when he proves he can tackle near the line of scrimmage (he has a reputation as a good cover safety). Speaking of sneaky good signings, Keelan Cole can ball. He will be in the wide receiver rotation. ... Cole has produced every year he has been in the league. I expect more of the same. I also think we got him cheap when you consider his versatility. Denzel Mims, who started eight games last season, isn't even among the best five receivers on this year's roster. Fiddlesticks. Mims started every game last year when he came off the disabled list and will be just fine. This is not Laquan Treadwell and other big receivers who did not have the overall skill level to separate in the pros. Mims is 6' 2.5", runs a 4.37 40, has 34" arms and 9.5" hands. A prototype outside receiver build. He is also a hands catcher and a tough guy blocker. I expect him to start on the outside along with Davis. Moore will play in the slot and be the gadget player. Let's wait and see until training camp before we start shoveling dirt on him. The Jets knew Elijah Moore was good -- they had a first-round grade on him -- but they were blown away by the rookie wide receiver. ... If Moore wins the job on the outside then we really have something. If he does not, he will still be deadly on end arounds, screens, and shovel passes. Anything to get him the ball in space. The early returns on first-round pick Alijah Vera-Tucker are extremely positive. I know, I know; it's early, and they weren't in pads, but he might be the best offensive lineman on the team. ... Let's hope so. He was expensive. We can find starting guards in the third round. Those two 3d round choices would have yielded exactly that. Fortunately, all indications are that this guy is the cat's pajamas. This coaching staff likes to employ a fullback, which allows them to control angles in the running game out of a two-back package. The leading candidate (actually, the only candidate) is Trevon Wesco. Funny, I was just saying that. It really does bode well that Wesco does not have competition. Hopefully the coaching staff sees something there. Remember when tackle Chuma Edoga was considered a potential full-time starter? His roster spot is tenuous. He could be toast if the Jets sign free agent Morgan Moses. ... Funny, I was just saying that too. Edoga is sweating. Four of the 12 cornerbacks are rookies, and Isaiah Dunn (undrafted) might be the best of the bunch. The Jets almost drafted him in the sixth round. ... If Isaiah Dunn is a find, final cuts will be tough, tough, tough. Tight end Chris Herndon, who sat out the final day with leg tightness, failed to distinguish himself this spring. Let's just say he needs a strong training camp. Starting tight ends are found when they put on the pads. I do not believe that any of our tight ends will dislodge Herndon and his fine inline blocking. The real battle is for the backup job(s). 3. Silent safety: Marcus Maye blew off the media in minicamp, certainly out of character for him (not to mention a violation of the NFL media policy). Clearly, he didn't want to answer questions about his ongoing contract negotiations. Players answer contract questions all the time, especially this time of year. His silence spoke volumes. Maye, who attended the mandatory camp after skipping the voluntary portion of the offseason, will play for the franchise-tag tender ($10.6 million) if he doesn't agree to a long-term deal by the July 15 deadline. This is a tough one to predict. Like most negotiations, it probably will go down to the deadline. "We did miss him, to be completely honest," Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich said. "But he's a guy that, in my short time getting to know him, is super eager to get caught up and to get up to speed with what we're doing. I'm excited about moving forward in training camp with him because he definitely will elevate this group in every way." The poor starting safeties of the NFL. Teams are tagging them since their tag number is lower than their fair market value. Which is ridiculous. I do not blame Maye for being perturbed. I would be too. That goes double since the Jets really need his leadership and he is a great fit for the Saleh scheme since he is good at both strong and free safety. His all around skill set is perfect for an interchangeable safety. 4. Backup plan: It doesn't sound like the Jets are planning to add a veteran quarterback, at least not based on Saleh's comments. "I don't know if there’s much value, aside from being comfortable that, if the crap hits the fan, you have a veteran who's played football," he said. But that's precisely the reason to add a veteran. If Wilson gets hurt in the preseason, would the Jets really open with James Morgan or Mike White, neither of whom has taken a regular-season snap? What kind of message does that send? It sends the message that if Wilson goes down, none of the available veteran QBs are going to turn us into a playoff team so we might as well find out about Morgan and White. Saleh should know this better than most because of what happened with his previous organization. When the San Francisco 49ers had to go to the bench in 2017 and 2018, they turned to C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens, neither of whom had played before. The 49ers were 6-10 and 4-12 in those seasons. Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt again in 2020, and they went 6-10 with Beathard and Mullens. Yeah, but the 49ers were a good team. We are in full rebuilding mode complete with a tear down and a new offense and defense. Why on earth would we bring in a veteran QB? Some coaches like to have an older quarterback in the mentor role, but the value in that is debatable. What's not debatable is having the benefit of an experienced backup in case ... you know, the starter gets hurt or slumps. It's admirable Saleh wants to give White and Morgan a chance to develop, but the bottom line is winning games. As I've said before, the Chicago Bears' Nick Foles should be a trade target. There's not much left in the free-agent cupboard. Robert Griffin III is the biggest name, and he hasn't done anything in a few years. Brian Hoyer, who piqued the Jets' interest last month, could shake free from the New England Patriots, but he has lost 17 straight starts. Yeah, that's the ticket. Cough up draft picks to acquire a veteran retread who is not going to turn us into a playoff team if Zach Wilson goes down for the count. Remember your Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does". If we can get Foles for a sixth round pick, then perhaps depending on salary. Otherwise, roll with Morgan and White. If Morgan and White fail to impress in training camp, then cut deeply and pick up what gets let go. Waiver wire stuff is cheap. Unless they change course and make a run at Foles, it looks like White and Morgan. That would be nice QB insurance in 2022, but not now. This is why you write for ESPN. 5. Gang's all here: You may recall the NFLPA, citing health concerns, encouraged players to skip voluntary workouts -- and yet the Jets averaged about 80 players per day. Why? Guard Greg Van Roten, the team's union rep, told teammates it was in their best interest to attend. He cited last season's disappointment, the new coaching staff and the roster turnover as reasons why they needed to be there. It worked. "I didn't think [staying away] was a good recipe for the players to follow," Van Roten said. Not if they want to make this roster it wasn't. The Jets have a ton of young players and a lot of decisions to make. Be there or be square. 6. Q factor: Quinnen Williams, who sat out the offseason as he recovered from foot surgery, is expected to be ready for training camp. This is a big season for Williams, who is eligible for a new contract in 2022. If he delivers an encore performance, it will be interesting to see if the Jets pony up. If he has an encore performance, we had better pony up. "I'm taking the steps to become eventually that dominant defensive tackle in the NFL," Williams said. Amen to that. 7. The last word: "It's like this is the world's greatest honeymoon. Whenever a new group comes in, there's the benefit of the doubt, but adversity will be the cement that solidifies everything that's been built, going through those tough times." -- Saleh. The man is great with the quotes.
  5. Basically what I expected to happen based on the Cole contract. I had hoped that we would have converted his $10 million due this season into a two-year contract with the first year guaranteed at $5 million. Instead we decided to let him walk after the season. OK with me. Glad to have him. PS - Note how the remaining portion of his signing bonus is still there mucking things up? It is always better to front load deals if at all possible instead of giving signing bonuses imo. If you must pay the player up front, then front load the deal. Forget the signing bonus.
  6. Wesco is competing against himself. I believe that the Jets will carry and use a fullback. If Wesco can convince LaFleur that he is the guy, then he will make the team. If not, then we will pick up a fullback after final cuts. These guys are always around. It bodes well for Wesco that we did not try to bring one in as an UDFA imo. Daniel Brown is up against it. Not only is the roster filled with tight ends but one of them is clearly a fine long term prospect in Yeboah. Further, we drafted so many tough special team's players and invited several as UDFAs that he is going to have beat them out for a final roster spot. I would not be surprised to see him get cut in the final cutdown and then brought back onto the roster or practice squad as a regular call up since he has been a solid special teams player for us. But the final roster? I kind of doubt it. For the same reason I suspect he will remain available for us to resign after cuts. Berrios is in trouble. Yes, he is the punt returner and clearly outplayed his contract last season. But when Crowder accepted the paycut (any word on what we are NOW paying him fellas?), the handwriting was on the wall for Berrios. I think we will carry five wide receivers and we already know who they are. If Berrios survives final cuts, we will bring him back on the practice squad along with the Smiths. Vyncent Smith (and Jeff Smith) are not going to make the team unless there is an injury. But I think they have the most potential of the remaining players since I see Berrios as a slot only player. Davis, Mims, Cole, Moore and Crowder will be the receivers for the 2021 Jets. Not much else to say imo. Nor do I think any of the wideouts are going to beat out people like Perine since ability to play on the coverage units determines who makes the team as a backup. Ditto for Matt Cole. There is a serious numbers game at wide receiver. I believe we will carry four running backs which dooms the chances for a sixth wide receiver. Alex Lewis took a paycut and should make the team. But he did miss time last season for unknown reasons. What were those reasons? It might impact his chances to make the team. Edoga is up against it. If we sign Morgan Moses, then he is goners unless the Jets see him as a candidate at guard. Personally, I am leaning towards bringing in Moses and goners. Clark will make the team unless there is something we do not know. He has inside out versatility and the Jets did not draft anybody late who is a threat to his spot. If there was no faith in him, I believe we would have drafted one of the guard only players. They were there. Shepard's chances of making the Jets will be determined by whether or not there is interest around the league in Fatukasi. If we can find a trade partner who will give us something we can use, then Shepard makes the club at defensive tackle. If not, then we keep fats. Simple as that. Franklin-Myers is in a tough situation with the switch to the 4-3. Personally, I do not believe he has the lateral agility to set a hard edge against the run at defensive end. Remember, in a 3-4, setting the edge is the job of the outside linebacker. In a 4-3, it must be done by the defensive end. I also question if he has enough bulk and/or quickness to make the team as a defensive tackle. Can he hold up inside? I kind of doubt it. One thing is certain. If he is cut, he is gone for good. He can play 3-4 end and is well suited for it. Shepard will not beat out Fatukasi or Franklin-Myers if the coaches decide they can hack it as 4-3 lineman. His best hope is for one of them to be traded. Kyle Phillips will make the Jets. I have no doubt at all. He is better suited to the 4-3 than he is to the 3-4 which he played remarkably well. He even offers inside out versatility despite having excellent lateral agility. Let's not forget, in his rookie year he clearly outplayed Quinnen Williams and Leonard Williams. It was an injury that took him out of the lineup last season. I believe he will turn away all comers and start at strong side defensive end. Ronald Blair is caught in a numbers game. If he makes the team, I would be very surprised. Too much competition. Same with Bryce Huff. Blake Cashman has flashed whenever he has been on the field and he runs well enough to play in a 4-3. He will start at the Will or get cut and retire. I see little chance of any other outcome. He simply must shine in training camp and stay healthy. He is truly competing against himself. His competition for a roster spot is Branden White and/or Milo Eilfer. He can beat them out and make the team even if the Jets carry five linebackers (Mosley, Davis, Sherwood and Nasirildeen are locks if healthy imo). I suspect the roster spot will go to White. He is too useful as a run smashing Strong Safety AND linebacker AND special team's player. Again, the backup spots will go to special team's players. At the final cutdown meeting, can you picture the special team's coach saying "I want Cashman". I cannot. Can I picture the special team's coach saying "I want White". Yes, I can. He is both experienced - he played them in college - and violent. Lamar Jackson has the inside track to make the Jets if final cuts go as I envision them. I expect the Jets to go heavy on corners. I could easily see us keep seven plus Hardee (along with four safeties, five linebackers and eight defensive lineman). I see Echols and MC2 as nickels/safeties. Jackson is an outside boundary corner with nine games of starting experience. He is the biggest corner on the team and will never again be asked to play in off coverage or man to man. He is solid in press and bail zone coverage against big receivers. Hall, Austin and Pinnock are the only other guys who can play press zone on the boundary and they are not as big. Whether Jackson makes the team will heavily depend on how many corners we keep. One thing is certain. If we cut Jackson, he will be picked up and we will lose him. Big corners are hard to find and he was solid last year when used properly. Putting him in man to man was the problem, not Lamar Jackson imo. Javilin Guidry should have the team made. He played really well last season imo. But Echols and MC2 are a real threat to his job. How many nickels can one team carry? Worse, Echols can play safety (and might make the team there fellas) and MC2 can play boundary corner in man to man. Versatility is his real problem due to the competition. Particularly Echols who can also return punts and kicks. We are not cutting MC2. Whether Guidry makes the team depends on whether we keep seven corners and then only if he can beat out Isaiah Dunn. If Isaiah Dunn forces his way onto the team, then Guidry and/or Jackson/Pinnock are in trouble. Even Davis might be in trouble. Any way you slice it, even if the Jets keep seven corners and four safeties, somebody is not making the team and Guidry is limited to the nickel. I see his lack of versatility putting him in danger. Unlike Echols and MC2, he is not versatile. Unlike Jackson, he does not offer something unique.
  7. It was a thread. Here you go. From a poster on yesterday's practice thread before it got locked. Let's take a look at the all-out-war for roster spots and starting jobs afoot this season on the Jets. The list is from Spotrac, the comments are mine: Marcus MayeFS - Starter LaMarcus JoynerFS - Starter Justin HardeeCB - Gunner on special teams Ashtyn DavisFS - backup likely roster spot Blessuan AustinCB - Starter candidate at corner. Likely to make roster. Bryce HallCB - Starter candidate at corner. Likely to make roster. Corey BallentineCB - Fighting for roster spot at corner. J.T. HassellS - Camp body, longshot to make roster. Bennett JacksonCB - Veteran corner, longshot to make roster. Elijah CampbellS - Camp body, longshot to make roster. Javelin Guidry Jr.CB - Nickel corner, fighting for roster spot. Lamar JacksonCB - Fighting for roster spot at corner. Jamien SherwoodS - Starter candidate at WILL linebacker. Likely to make roster. Michael CarterCB - Starter Candidate at corner. Likely to make roster. Can play nickel. Jason PinnockCB - Starter Candidate at corner. Likely to make roster. Hamsah NasirildeenS - Starter candidate at WILL linebacker. Likely to make roster. Brandin EcholsCB - Nickel corner, fighting for roster spot at Safety, Corner and Nickel. Isaiah DunnCB - Fighting for roster spot at corner. Jordyn PetersS - Fighting for roster spot at Safety. Zane LewisCB - Camp body, longshot to make roster. Brendon White - Fighting for roster spot at Linebacker and Safety. Milo Eifler - Fighting for a roster spot at linebacker. Let's unpack it: Marcus Maye is likely one starter with Lamarcus Joyner the other starter. But Saleh is known for multiple looks so I think we can expect other players to get onto the field. Particularly the more versatile guys. Justin Hardee got on the field last year due to injuries in the Saint's secondary. I think he will be a core special team's player who is unlikely to play on the regular defense. Bless Austin and Bryce Hall are both presumptive starters but are under plenty of pressure from all the new arrivals. Both offer big press coverage and press and bail for a cover three look. Here is the Ourlads write ups on both players from their website (they post them sometime before the season). This year's picks are not up yet. BLESSUAN AUSTIN: Rutgers, 6005 198 4.50. Four year starter from Queens, NY. Injuries have cost him a substantial part of his junior year and all but the opener his senior year. Tall slender prospect with athletic ability and technique. Has played a variety of coverage and technique. Often aligned in press in zone and man. Adept at press, press and bail, and off technique in quarters. Pacing in pedal and bail technique maintains the cushion for effective turn and run. Fluid in transition with loose hips. Moves well laterally to close voids in between zones. Sees the quarterback and threats with quick reaction to delivery key. Has ball skills for the interception and pass break. Gets to the high point and challenges the catch. Solid reactions to intermediate throws in the outside third. Can undercut a route on the sideline. Has agility to mirror multiple cuts. Has enough speed to handle vertical routes. Tackles well with form and finish. Lacks power to shed blocks consistently and can get tied up. In limited exposure Austin shows the tools of a solid NFL prospect. Needs strength development. The medical report will dramatically affect his draft status with three major knee surgeries. Limited playing time the last two years already factors in. That aside he offers value as a tall corner with upside and special team skill. Could be a steal in the late rounds. 2018 stats: (1 game) 3 T, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 1 INT. Medical exclusion at Combine. Sixth/seventh round. (A-32 1/2, H-10, VJ-35.5, SS-DNP). BRYCE HALL: Virginia, 6012 202 4.55. Four-year starter, Harrisburg PA. Played six games in 2019 before a season-ending ankle injury that required surgery. Has length and experience in a variety of techniques including off zone, man press, and press and bail. In off coverage maintains cushion. Reads route in off zone coverage and has vision to see the quarterback delivery key. Sudden to break on the throw with ability to get his hands inside to the catch point. Productive ball skills for the pass break in his career. Effective playing zone with press and bail with a quick lateral run. Can re-route as a hard corner and sink under intermediate route. In press man can be physical with long arms to jam and disrupt a route at the line. Stays in phase on vertical routes. Quick reactions to outside run puts him in position for wrap tackles. Can give up yards after contact as gather and finish is inconsistent. Occasionally in press gives up inside leverage at the snap creating immediate separation. Inconsistent to react in press and is vulnerable to quick double moves. Questionable recovery speed versus speedy NFL receivers. Length and cover skills fit well with a team that primarily plays zone. If healthy could be a solid option. 2019 stats: 20 T, 3 TFL, 1 sack, 4 PBU. Medical exclusion at Combine. Second/third round. (A-32 1/4, H-9 5/8, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP). Corey Ballentine is a cornerback that was a late round pick in 2019 for the Giants and is clearly under pressure for a roster spot. Reports are that he has looked good so far. He is still young and has some skills. Here is his scouting report from his draft year. COREY BALLENTINE: Washburn, 5110 196 4.46. Two year starter from Topeka, KS. Division II prospect that was a decorated track athlete in high school and college. Will be a raw prospect but has the speed and agility needed. Played more off than press and was at his best as a deep third corner. Processes route combinations and balances multiple routes. Quick in his pedal to maintain cushion to create time to react to intermediate route breaks and break on sideline and inside comeback routes. Gets a good read on the quarterback. Turn and run is smooth allowing him to stay in phase up the field. Solid off man skills with timing his turn as the cushion starts to break down. Has lateral agility to react to inside cuts. Solid ball skills to challenge the catch point. Gets to the high point defending deep balls. Can be disruptive in press man and Cover 2. Uses his long arms to stun and separate versus a stalk block. Can tackle in space making adjustments to movement. Explosive tackling, going low. Not as good in press man as he can be hesitant and prone to double moves at the line. At the Senior Bowl he struggled early, but as the week progressed he flashed what he can be. As good as he was at the Division II level he will have to upgrade some technique and awareness. Will see more speed, better route running and spacing. Has played well on all special teams including as a returner. 2018 stats: 50 T, 3 TFL, 4 PBU, 2 FF, 3 BK, 3 INT. BTR:left 4.75, right 4.90. OSR:8/33. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 5/ 8, H-9 1/2, VJ-39.5, SS-4.16). JT Hassell went undrafted and we picked him up after Cleveland waived him. He is clearly fighting an uphill battle for a roster spot. Bennett Jackson has been in the league since 2014 and is on the bubble. Despite the long time in the NFL, he has been waived repeatedly and he too is fighting an uphill battle. Elijah Campbell is a Safety who went undrafted in 2018 and has yet to stick on a roster Another camp body fighting an uphill battle. Javelin Guidry is fighting for the starting job and a roster spot as the nickel back. He has the inside track. His review from last year: JAVELIN GUIDRY: Utah, 5090 191 4.25. Junior entry, two-year starter, Murrieta, CA. Honorable mention All-Pac 12 the past two seasons. Outstanding track sprinter that transfers his rare speed to the football field. Used extensively as a slot corner, he has played a lot of press man using a variety of technique at the snap. Shows quickness and agility out of press and can be sticky. Flashes a stiff off hand stab on the first move away from leverage and is quick to turn and run. Stays in phase for the most part and can mirror cuts. Also shows a quick balanced pedal from press allowing a tight two way reaction on route breaks. Has outstanding recovery speed if separated. Has some outside hard corner and flat cover experience from the slot. Willing tackler and will lay a hit. Lacks power to light up a big receiver after the catch and will give up yards after contact. Not asked to play a lot of zone and struggles with route combinations. Tends to get attracted to the shallow route and has trouble balancing high low. At times takes false steps in transition and is often in recovery mode. Lacks ideal size for the position and can be walled out by a big receiver. His speed projects well to a gunner in kick coverage. He projects to slot corner on a team that emphasizes press man. 2019 stats: 48 T, 6 PBU, 1 QBH, 1 INT. No jumps or shuttle-left hamstring. OSR:1/29. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 1/4, H-9, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP). Lamar Jackson is fighting for a roster spot and started most of last season (nine starts). He is a big ornery corner. Just how Saleh likes them. He is very similar to Hall and Austin in that he is a big press corner who is good at zone. 2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about LAMAR JACKSON: Nebraska, 6020 208 4.59. Three-year starter, Elk Grove, CA. Second-team All-Big 10 in 2019. An imposing cornerback with unique size and length. Played boundary corner and was in press man for most reps. Can be physical with two and off-hand jam disrupting routes at the snap. Smooth turn and run for a big man. Physical play helps him stay in phase on vertical routes. Flashes mirror ability on route breaks and challenges the catch point. Finds the ball in phase and high points the interception opportunity. Productive ball skills for a press corner. Shows eye discipline in trail technique keeping focus on the receiver. Length creates issues for quarterbacks as a short zone defender. Will give up leverage at the snap at times. Has not shown great pattern recognition in limited zone reps. Recovery speed is average and can get separated. Double moves can be an issue. Gets grabby at times if beaten on a route break. Not aggressive taking on blocks and will pass up a tackle opportunity. Tends to lunge at tackles. Size makes him attractive for a team that plays a lot of press. Will need to develop as a zone corner. Senior Bowl notes: Physical presence at corner with some big hits in the game. Solid disrupting routes at the line with off-hand jam. For the most part stayed in phase on vertical routes. Struggled to mirror route breaks in practice. Was grabby at times. 2019 stats: 40 T, 3.5 TFL, 1 sack, 12 PBU, 1 QBH, 2 FF, 3 INT. OSR:24/29. Sixth/seventh round. (A-32 1/4, H-9 1/2, VJ-36.5, SS-DNP). Jamiem Sherwood is a safety/ linebacker we took in the fifth round. He has the inside track to start at the Will. Here is my review from draft day: Jamiem Sherwood is 6' 2" 220 and carried a 4th round grade. While he was listed with the strong safeties, he is really a hybrid safety/linebacker. He has rare physical traits with 34" arms and 10" hands and projects to WILL in the Saleh attacking scheme. He is experienced in the box but also played well in pass defense. Ourlads said he was "at his best in the box or as a tight quarters safety". "Has linebacker like reactions getting downhill and uses his long arms to separate from blocks working to the ball." "Tough to block in space" and has "solid tackling skill". "His future may be as a hybrid/safety or situational linebacker to take advantage of what he excels at." He is good at covering tight ends as he is rarely outmatched by strength or size. Good special teams player. I preferred other players since he only runs a 4.76 40. He fits the Saleh mold of a big defensive back who can play a hybrid role as a linebacker in certain formations. He is a tough box safety in short yardage situations. I expect him to battle Nasirildeen (see infra) for the job as the starting WILL in our new 4-3 defense. Michael Carter is a Corner we took in the 5th round. I expect the Jets identified Carter early and clearly wanted him. This year was funky without a combine and it affected day three players. Here is my review from draft day: Corner Micheal Carter is 5' 11" 180 and runs a 4.36 40. He is a candidate for a starting job at corner. Unlike the incumbent corners, he features man to man coverage skill when we wish to feature that look. He can also play the Nickel and will battle Javelin Guidry for the starting job there. Like Guidry, he has great speed and is a good tackler. He was a surprise pick in the 5th round as he did not carry a draftable grade with Ourlads who gave him a mention as an undrafted free agent candidate. Good special team's player. Jason Pinnock was drafted in the sixth round and was a surprise pick. Joe Douglas clearly likes RAS scores in his prospects. Unlike Michael Carter, Pinnock offers height and length to go along with good speed. He will battle for the starting job at corner along with incumbents Austin, Hall and rookie Carter. My review from draft day: Corner Jason Pinnock is 6" 200 lbs and runs a 4.5 40. Another surprise pick as Ourlads did not give him a draftable grade and gave him a mention as an undrafted free agent candidate. A top athlete, his RAS score is worthy of note: He will battle Lamar Jackson for the role as third boundary corner on the Jets. Hamsah Nasirildeen is a strong safety/linebacker hybrid we took in the sixth round. He is 6' 3" 215 lbs and carries a 3d-round grade. This versatile player can line up deep or in the box and is a candidate to be our starting WILL. Ourlads said he is a sound "fundamental tackler" and is a "solid zone defender". He has the ideal prototype with can't teach skills like his 34.5" arms and 10" hands. He is a good candidate to wear the Green since he is a great fit and can fill several roles. This is true whether we are in the 4-3-4 or the 4-2-5 or 4-1-6. He is experienced on the coverage units. I would be surprised if the Jets took him in the 3d since we have other pressing needs, but starting with pick 108 in the fourth watch for his name. To my knowledge, he has not been linked to the Jets in pre-draft interviews. I think the Jets got a steal here and I expect him to battle Sherwood for the job as the starting WILL. He is a lot faster than Sherwood but needs to keep blockers off him better if he wants to win the job at WILL. Corner Brandin Echols is 5' 10" 185 and runs a 4.45 40. He had a 5th round grade and we took him at the end of the 6th. He played in a heavy zone scheme at Kentucky and has experience in quarters, cover two and cover three. He is a disruptive press corner with outstanding lateral movement in zone coverage. Ourlads said "he has safety characteristics" and is "solid in run support". He has skills as a returner. While he is small for a Saleh corner, he is a good tackler and has a lot of experience in zone schemes. Like Pinnock, he has an excellent RAS score. That is some broad jump for a player who is only 5' 10". I expect him to fight for a roster spot at both safety and corner. Isaiah Dunn is 5' 11 190 lbs and is a corner out of Oregon State. He received the highest bonus for an undrafted defense back in NFL history. Ourlads ranked him as an undrafted free agent. He is comfortable and patient in zone coverage and has experience in deep thirds and quarters. He has a good RAS score at 8.92. The Jets may see him as a safety and he is another candidate for the all-out-war for roster spots underway with the Jets. Given the money already spent on him, he is a threat to the draft picks for a spot on the roster. His deal included $185,000 guaranteed, including a $160.000 base and a $25,000 signing bonus. Milo Eifler is 6' 1" 223 and runs 4.6. He is an inside linebacker prospect with a decent frame. Good against the run, he is a candidate to make the roster in the back up derby at linebacker. He has as good a chance as any. He played college football at Illinois. Ourlads ranked him as an undrafted free agent. Another small fast linebacker with good run stuffing skills and experience in zone. He has a decent RAS score: Brandon White is 6' 2" 220 lbs and carries a 7th round grade. This hammerhead safety hit like a truck in run defense and in pass defense Ourlads said "he is at his best in zone coverage". Like Ourlads, the Jets see him as a hybrid prospect at linebacker/strong safety. Originally with Ohio State where he was defensive MVP in the Rose Bowl, he transferred to Rutgers last year. A former Quarterback and Wide Receiver, he is an outstanding special teams player. I would not overlook his chances to make the final roster at linebacker or safety. Another candidate for the all-out-war for roster spots at safety and linebacker. His father played in the NFL for 11 years. Jordyn Peters is 6' 185 lbs and runs 4.55. A former Nickel Corner, he moved to Safety last season. Noted for his special teams play, he blocked four kicks last season for Auburn. His continued playing time with a big-time program like Auburn shows he has some skills. Before the draft I predicted that we would see all-out-war for roster spots at linebacker and safety. He is a candidate for those wars. He has some real hop as he put up a 39.5" vertical jump along with a 10' 4" broad jump. The RAS score people missed the boat on Peters as their numbers are wrong. Ourlads ranked him as a undrafted free agent. Zane Lewis is a safety out of the Air Force Academy last year. He is a longshot to make the roster. Well, that's what I think. What do you think? Have at it fellas!
  8. "Bucked at him". Uh, would one of the younger crowd who is fluent in tweetese explain that one to me?
  9. Hey kizzy, proofread your posts. (Did I do that right?) PS - In all fairness, he appears to be the only beat reporter covering the practice and is clearly attentive to his job. He is doing well. I hope it continues.
  10. I did not mean to minimize that lunatic. As I understand it, Buzz was lured there by that animal for the exact purpose of cornering him on camera. The whole thing was a ruse. Aldrin thought he had been invited to an interview about space for a Japanese children's television show. Evidently, that is how that idiot makes his living. Duping people to get film footage he then edits to promote his theorys. He then sells videos to people like Geno Smith (the fake moon landing nimrods are similar to the flat earth nuts). That he chose to go after Aldrin was an outrage as all American Astronauts are true heroes. I once had the absolute privilege of watching a space shuttle launch from NASA property in Florida. I was given the NASA invitation by a close friend as his brother was a payload specialist on the mission (also a friend and a truly brilliant man). We were really close to the launch. It was one of those experiences that leaves you speechless (yes, even me). As for the video, ole Buzz threw a fine right cross. I like the repeat towards the end of that video clip.
  11. My favorite of this type. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin socking a moon landing skeptic. Ole Buzz was 72 at the time lol.
  12. Well if Watson ends up in Florida, Robert Kraft can tell him where to go for a rub and tug with a happy ending.
  13. We need a new positive rep button. One with a mouth that is gaping wide open in astonishment. NINE? Can you imagine our message board?
  14. They are going to name the rehab area the "Blake Cashman" memorial parking lot.
  15. I suspect we will not run a lot of looks where he is a traditional slot guy. Instead I expect a lot of gadget plays. Everything from the end around to shovel passes between the tackles. Anything to get him the ball in space. He is a natural for that kind of role. It also fits with a wide zone blocking scheme. When we envision the Jets lining up on offense, we should look towards each offensive player having a possible dual role. One that disguises run or pass and keeps the defense guessing. It is what the Shanahan offense is all about. It keeps the base defense on the field because they never know if we are going to run it or pass it.
  16. Bruce Harper was a little guy who came out of nowhere. He improvised, adapted and overcame. I loved him for it.
  17. A #2 with a history of hit or miss effort, a complete unknown with an injury history, a #3 of no special note and a complete unknown rookie. Davis is a solid #1. A savage blocker with enough size to be a credible H-back, Davis has produced 200 catches for 2800 yards as the #1 receiver over his first four years. An average of 50 catches for 700 yards per year. While anyone could wish for more production, nobody - except you - has criticized him for a lack of effort. Just the opposite, the man lays serious wood. Mims got hurt in his rookie year and produced 23 catches for 357 yards in half a season. Over a full year, that is 46 catches for 700 yards. I am satisfied and am looking forward to this year. After all, he fits the prototype for the X or Y, just like Corey Davis and is not a limited slot player like Crowder. Furthermore, Mims will be more productive when he has another prototype receiver on the field to give him a chance at single coverage. As for Moore, we agree he is an unknown NFL quantity. But you are not being fair. He was the 33d pick in the entire NFL draft and was highly coveted by the NFL. That is of "special note". You also have to accept that Moore's 4.3 40 sure beats the heck out of Crowder's 4.56 40. Could be a great group, could maybe not. My point was that we have four players to go to war with this season. Last year, Crowder was alone (Perriman had never started an entire year). We do not need the cap space. This is penny wise, pound foolish. We have the leverage. As we type, Crowder's agent is testing the waters to see what they could reasonably expect to get on the open market and are comparing it to what the Jets are offering. Remember, when last season began we were without Mims AND Perriman. We were forced to play Crowder on the outside and HE FAILED. The whole league saw it. That hurt his value. In a year where everything should be about giving Wilson the maximum weapons, cutting Crowder is just dumb. The Jets would have cut him if that was the case. We want him to stay but at a lower salary. Given that he has proved to be limited to the slot, it is fair. Plus you are forgetting about Berrios. Last season he produced 55 catches for 400 yards and played all 16 games. Crowder got hurt after 12 games. Is it not? What if Mims is Mins and gets hurt and misses time, and David gets hurt. Both reasonable possibilities. It it true that Mims could get hurt. It is true that Davis could get hurt. But it is true that Crowder could get hurt. After all, he got hurt last year after 12 games and we LOST every single one of them. It took Mims to get us victories. Without Crowder who was on the DL for both victories. You feeling good about Cole as your #1? Moore the slot. Berrios the #3? I feel a whole heck of a lot better about it than I do about Crowder at the Z, Chris Hogan at the X, and Berrios at the slot. Last year we played three slot receivers and reaped the whirlwind. Crowder got his chance to be the man last season and failed. He is an above average slot receiver. But there is also the added dimension of the Shanahan offense. It does not like to use slot receivers. It prefers a fullback or two tight ends. That way the defense cannot guess run or pass. With Moore, Davis and Mims the Jets can play Davis as the H-back and run it. The defense has to fear it too. Nobody fears Jamison Crowder is going to stone the linebacker on a running play in the slot Warfish. Cause I don't. Not at all. All in all, this reminds me of the famous conversation between Branch Rickey and Ralph Kiner. Rickey told Kiner - after a fine statistical season - that "we finished last with you and can finish last without you". I would like to keep Crowder but understand why Douglas does not think he is worth #10 million per.
  18. So far in his career Keelan Cole has 159 catches for 2242 yards in four years. An average of 38 catches and 550 yards per season. So far Crowder has produced 358 catches for 4160 yards over five years. An average of 70 catches per year and 800 yards per season. Crowder has been more productive than Cole, there is no doubt about it. But stats do not tell the whole story. Crowder is exclusively a slot receiver and has had that job all to his own throughout his career. Cole - at 6' 1" - has PROVEN he can play outside as well as the slot. Thus, he offers versatility that Crowder does not. Crowder received the rare opportunity to transcend his slot status last year when the Jets played him outside due to injuries. Crowder failed miserably and that failure is the main reason we signed Davis AND Cole. We compromised out prototypes and it hurt us badly. Do not get me wrong, I like Crowder. I want to keep him. But the addition of Moore makes him a luxury. We disagree on his worth around the NFL. Nobody is going to give him a three year $30 million dollar contract. He offers experience and quickness but lacks size and speed. It is why I think giving him a guarantee of $10 million in exchange for an extra year is a fair offer. It is all he is going to get on the open market imo. Remember, the Jets now have Davis, Mims, Cole and Moore. I would like to keep Crowder too, but it is no longer a necessity.
  19. Reminds me of those guys who jumped Mike Tyson at an airport. He knocked both out. Brought before a judge the charges were dismissed. The judge expressed incredulity at the lack of wisdom exhibited by the clueless pair.
  20. Hopefully we extend his contract for one year and keep the money the same. That way Crowder gets his 10 million and we keep him for two seasons. It seems like a fair compromise. He is a solid slot guy. We could do a lot worse (and have). Working against it is Keenan Cole who signed for short money and has always played well. Methinks Cole signed for too little.
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