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  1. You are just arguing for the sake of arguing.....either that or you have the IQ of a baked potato.
  2. You are arguing with me that Darnold had a good offensive line and proper support? lolz x 2
  3. Chances of this guy knowing the needs of all 32 teams is zero. I just watched a interview with the new Daily News beat guy and he was just as lost. I think they just hired some kid from Twitter. lol
  4. Yeah that happens when you are the most pressured QB in the league for 3 years straight and are expecting pressure and have no WRs who seperate.....again this isn't complicated.
  5. If he has 1.5 seconds to throw the ball for the next 3 years he won't....not sure why this is so complicated. Go look at tape when Wilson faces pressure all game he looks exactly like Darnold playing for the Jets.
  6. If you can get the best RB in the draft with your 3rd pick and it's gonna help your young QB you just drafted you do it......people are going overboard with you cant take a RB high stuff. People would rather take a slot corner or a rusher who has a 75 percent chance of busting. lol
  7. The hot takes after Jones was drafted before Haskins was all time classics. lol Twitter and ESPN are cancers your life will be better when you stop listening to dumb people.
  8. I wouldn't be shocked if the Steelers go center the pick after....their line is terrible and Pouncey just retired. I think both Humphrey and Dickerson go before 34 but who knows. If you love the guy take him at 23 there's no sure things at that spot anyway unless someone like Tucker falls.
  9. I'm not worried about Humphrey being there at 23 ...think there's a possibility he goes shortly after tho.
  10. Low IQ hot takes and pushing agendas ....totally unwatchable.
  11. Najee Harris I think may be a product of Alabamas line I hope Miami drafts him......same goes for Jevonta Williams. If we take a RB I hope it's Etienne, Carter or nobody. Harris also seems like a clown.
  12. I love futures I feel like there's always a few **** ups....I went heavy on Cleveland.
  13. Zero chance this is true but I'm hoping it is so I can watch the JD cult try to explain it away.
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