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  1. Nah I support unions and the threat of striking to get better collective bargaining agreements I'm a union member....I'm not gonna cry because a 35 million dollar athlete doesn't get his way tho I'm not a celebrity/athlete sycophant.
  2. He would have been able to be franchised two years and would be a free agent free and clear in a year or two...the players have a union that negotiated the collective bargaining agreement so they should negotiate a better dea if they don't like itl...this isn't complicated.
  3. Or like an adult you can just go to free agency and sign with the team of your choice....and if you make a mistake and sign with the wrong team oh well make better decisions next time.
  4. No one forced him to sign a contract extension that pays him 35 million a year......pretending dudes with millions of dollars in net worth are Amazon factory workers fighting big corporations for $15 dollars an hr and health insurance is mindless drivel for low IQ morons....Deshaun Watson isn't oppressed stop it. lol
  5. It means that I hope that the sport doesn't turn into a bunch of spoiled players holding out until they get traded......do you understand what the hell that means now?
  6. I want my QB to look like James Hetfield could care less about wins.
  7. Reports are the owner told him he would be consulted about hires when he signed his contract extension....maybe that's where he got that idea from? But yeah hopefully the NFL doesn't become the NBA.
  8. Zack Wilson looks like he belongs in N'Sync.....PASS!
  9. Agree 100 percent....what people don't seem to realize is picking the wrong QB at 2 sets the team back MUCH further then giving Sam another year and that not working out....also there's QBs in every draft rated just as high as Fields and Wilson they aren't a once in a generation prospects like Lawrence so you better be in LOVE with whoever you pick.
  10. I agree but why are people so obsessed with these dumb analysts and low IQ sports shows? It's like getting your political opinions from The View.
  11. I agree I'm one of the few fine with giving Darnold another year under a new coach....My point is none of these opinions are facts or inside info it's speculation both by fans and media members.
  12. Media members are leaping to conclusions because Darnold fits Kyle Shanahans style of offense.....that's all they know.
  13. You sound like someone who gets upset when someone doesn't wish you Happy Birthday on Facebook.

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