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  1. That's a good stat...I just can't see that team in the SB unless their D is just a lot better then I think.
  2. The game in the NFC is basically a Super Bowl berth. Rooting hard for the Rams and Bills but the Super Bowl is Brady vs Mahomes we already know this.
  3. Joe Burrow reminds me of Mickey Mantle.
  4. Predictable that the media went from ball washing Rodgers and making excuses to trashing him...we all know why.
  5. Field goal kickers are overrated
  6. I usually root for upsets but does anyone really wanna see SF in a championship game?
  7. Completely agree the team should be worried about getting weapons for Wilson and protection...let the defensive coach figure out the D. Picking a safety with the 4th would send me into a severe depression. lol
  8. Jimmy G and Tannehill are the same person...you can't win SBs with those kinda guys
  9. I think people gave SF too much credit for winning last week Dallas was just a mess.
  10. I look forward to Troy Aikman fake laughing at stupid sh*t all game
  11. Tannehill played poorly but the coach went for 2 in the 1st quarter and got cute on 3rd and inches with 2 minutes left.
  12. Yeah that's not what I took out of this game. lol
  13. Titans lost the game on that third and inches...what a brutal play call.
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