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  1. I can't wait till this guy signs in Carolina Jets fans acting like Joe Montana is a free agent.
  2. Doesn't the team that trades for Rodgers have to cut him a large check up front? I don't think Davis has that kind of loot.
  3. Seriously grown men complaining about all star games is pathetic....it's a promotional tool for 15 yr olds.
  4. They benched him and sent him home burning all bidges now you think the best move is to pay him 43 mil and start him again? Part of the problem here I think is some of you guys view Carr as a top QB and others including the Raiders view him as a jag....they don't want to pay a jag 43 mil they want to move on.
  5. I have no idea why the Raiders wouldn't just work with Carr and get whatever compensation they can...playing hardball at this point makes no sense.
  6. I tried to get into the Dragons maybe 15 years ago it was fun live but it didn't stick
  7. Take the guy that falls to you at two because the other option is giving up multiple first rounders to take a QB prospect with a similar grade....there's not a QB that makes sense to do that imo.
  8. Lawrence was considered generational and a sure thing best QB prospect since Luck.....these guys ain't that this would compare more to the Darnold draft.
  9. I'm not sure the Raiders are that worried about what conference a QB they just benched goes to but regardless I think he will be a Panther or Titan.
  10. I agree with this I have been saying we are gonna end up with Tannehill for a while. There's an outside shot Jimmy G might wanna come to NY but I never got the feeling Carr wants anything to do with NY.
  11. None are considered "generational" which is why If I'm Houston I wouldn't care about being at 2 just take one of the two guys that are left.
  12. It's gonna be hilarious when Mike White has a better year than Derek Carr.
  13. Tom Brady and Ozzy Osbourne retire on the same day...terrible day for Satan.
  14. The millionaires on the West side don't care about any of that they don't want a stadium and sports betting sites in their area.
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