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  1. Yeah they have no testosterone and act like 12 year old girls. lol
  2. Why don't you leave the soy boy sh*t for Twitter.
  3. Because it's equally as creepy and pathetic....it's not that complicated.
  4. The Sam haters remind me of dudes who can't stop thinking about their exes 5 years later and stalk them on Facebook.
  5. None of those good coaches NFL wanted him starting anymore.
  6. Hurst is solid not every TE is gonna be Travis Kelce or George Kittle plus he's still young... I wouldn't be against giving up a 4th or something. I agree with Ertz tho not paying a injury prone 30 year old 8 mil.
  7. Ertz doesn't fit the profile Douglas has gone after so far...30, injury prone, and making good money....Hurst has two years left on a rookie deal I believe but it would probably cost more then Crowder they just gave up a 2nd for him last year.
  8. Everytime the Jets make a move...."this means the end of Crowder". lol
  9. Lots of very winnable games in the last quarter of the season Jags, Eagles and Texans. I could see us getting out of the gates slow going 2-9 or something then winning 4 or 5 games to end the season on a high note.
  10. everybody is excited about the draft the internet magnifies the 10% of dumb people. Nobody in real life is sitting around talking about PFF scores and upset about a 3rd round pick.
  11. I would assume they signed him as a tight end no one in their right mind is playing him at QB.
  12. I think they want to keep Maye but similar to Adams Maye and his agents are overvaluing him. Which will probably lead to him being traded following a Twitter tirade. I probably would have traded him before free agency and the draft.
  13. I'm ok with whatever Z-Dub chooses but I hope he announces it on Tik Toc soon.
  14. The roster is loaded especially after getting two potential game changers who I love but I think the coach is little overrated especially with in game decisions and Tua looks to me like he may be Teddy Bridgewater.
  15. You didn't name any player that's not mediocre....2019 and 2020 draft classes a year later were ranked in the late 20's I'm talking about after the Allen draft in 2018.
  16. Yeah the point was he would have hired some ancient relic from the past not to name who he hired 4 years ago.
  17. Let's be honest the Johnsons got lucky when they hired JD if Woody was in town he probably would have hired Charlie Casserely or Bill Polian to find a GM.
  18. Cimini sucks I prefer the kid the Daily News just hired who started watching football last year.
  19. Who cares what Boomer and Gio thinks I only care about what Maggie Grey and that kid the NYDN just hired who just started watching football last year thinks.
  20. I think it's pretty obvious they don't look at offensive skill positions in this way....the odds of Joe Douglas and Salah saying in a meeting "we need to find a true #1 WR" or "we need to find a true #1 RB" are close to zero.
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