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  1. I can't tell who's being serious and who's not around here anymore. lol
  2. You don't find it troubling that the GM has given up a 4th and 6th/5th over the past two years trying to figure out the back up QB position? This is something I thought even Joe Douglas truthers could admit is a bad job.
  3. I don't think anyone ever said he wasn't a good coach the problem was he got a big head and thought he was a GM.
  4. Todd Toilet Bowles is the best coach we have had this decade.
  5. I give up with this league....it's actually embarrassing.
  6. I didn't realize we hired an NBA coach maybe we should start letting players take a few games off per year they may need mental breaks.
  7. There's an irrational segment of the fanbase who take it personally when you question any move Douglas has made...almost cult like just a warning. lmao.
  8. Well yeah people have a weird obsession with Minshew around here but there are plenty of career back ups around the league and one of them should have been on the team in training camp like every other team in the history of football. Nobody goes into training camp and the season with Zach Wilson, Mike White, John Morgan and Josh Johnson. lol
  9. Darnold being here would have been a media distraction...Nick Mullens, Joe Flacco, or any other back up isn't a distraction it's why every other team in the league has one. lol
  10. Nick Mullens isn't competition he's a back up....so Wilson is so fragile he can't have Nick Mullens as a back up? lol Joe Douglas has given up a 4th and a 6th/5th for two back ups in 2 years....that's madness.
  11. All of this could have been avoided by signing Nick Mullens or someone like him for a million dollars in May.....why was that so complicated or hard to understand?
  12. You can easily flip this question around and ask why are people who are obsessed with late round picks OK with giving one up for Joe Flacco?
  13. It's legitimately sad that I thought this was a troll post but it really happened.
  14. There's usually groupings of players so trading out and passing on elite level prospects just to collect more picks and lesser prospects I'm not in favor of. Same goes for the opposite you had people crying about a third round pick to trade up into the top 10 and select a better lineman prospect. I didn't know Chase was a sure fire HOFer but him and Pitts were about as safe a bet as there is.
  15. People would rather trade down pass up on a hall of famer because of "value" . LOL Some of you guys watch way too many PFF Youtube videos and try to out think the room. Taking a QB makes sense but trading back because of "value" is overrated.
  16. I think some people thought he was more of a finished product then he is...not sure what he turns into but he's more of a project then initially thought and probably should have spent half the year or more on the bench....especially when the team as a whole including coaching staff is brand new.
  17. Yeah there's a few good young players back there worth keeping....both Carter and Hall you can work with in the future nobody said the team is good you are looking for young players you can move forward with.
  18. The fanbase and organization was scared of passing on another elite QB so they panicked bought into media hype and drafted J.P. Losman with the number 2 pick.
  19. Teams that look like the Jets are failing at every level trying to pin it on one guy is silly. I would put the most on the GM but the coaching is atrocious also.
  20. No because maybe they will be good at playing the position. lol
  21. Crazy idea we should just draft players that played the same position in college that they are gonna play in the pros.
  22. Yeah I heard that was part of JDs genius...that he hired a new medical team and training staff.
  23. He was a chaotic mess before he got hurt.
  24. I think a lot of people are feeling the same way between Adam Gase and the pandemic people are less invested and finding more enjoyable things to do. I still enjoy Sunday football festivities but I'm mostly watching Redzone and placing a few wagers. The Jets are a afterthought.
  25. He's not ready to be on the field anyway they should really hold him out until the last month of the season and sign a veteran back up.....this should have been the plan in May.
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