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  1. positive vibes only no soul searching someone ban this guy.
  2. I mean I could care less who wins but they almost blew it.
  3. with the exception of two minutes this team has played non competitive football...that's the truth
  4. to add insult to injury now I have to listen to boomer say dumb sh*t.
  5. probably should have tried to establish the run before you are down 20.
  6. What scares me about this version of the Jets is it's gonna take another 2 years for a lot of people to realize Saleh is a sh*t coach.
  7. This is the Carl Lawson and CJ Uzuma revenge game.
  8. I'm no play calling scientist but I don't think jump balls to Elijah Moore is a solid play.
  9. last good Public Enemy album was 1988
  10. I actually thought they were gonna play a solid second half. l
  11. Phil Simms- the Jets are putting a lot of pressure on Joe Burrow. Bill Cowher- The Bengals are playing great in this game.
  12. I'm not enjoying this football game at all it feels like torture. lol
  13. If Joe Flacco throws a TD this game do we start Zach next week?
  14. Don't worry guys the vaunted Jets D about to destroy the Bengals O-line.
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