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  1. I'm not a Boone fan but the problem clearly is Cashman...he uses analytics in the dumbest way possible and has built teams that do nothing besides hit homers and uses 8 bullpen guys a game. I stopped watching this team a few years ago because it was clear this team and philosophy was going nowhere and honestly its a complete bore.
  2. No I think people are just calling him young because he's 24 and played 3 years for the Jets.
  3. I wonder what the percentage of guys on the list are 1st rounders? We all know the PFF cult loves third rounders.
  4. Caring this much about Trevor Lawrence is more pathetic then hating Darnold for no reason.,,,its a losers mentality.
  5. Which makes wanting to get rid of Crowder then even dumber.
  6. I'm so confused as to why people are wanting to get rid of a proven WR when we are not in need of cap space and have a rookie QB....are we worried about saving Woody Johnson 10 million bucks?
  7. Even if he can only get 5 or 6 mil on the open market right now why would he choose to take that with a bad team, with a rookie QB, and a team that he has no future with rather then a winning team he can put up better numbers with going into free agency?
  8. If I'm Crowder I take no pay cut the Jets aren't in need of cap space... I play it out if I get cut I go play for a winning team.
  9. Remember when 75 percent of the fanbase was pissed we didn't get a 2nd rounder for him?
  10. People have been beating this Crowder is gone narrative for about 6 months....he wasn't going anywhere 6 months ago and he ain't going anywhere now just lots of people overthinking things.
  11. This trade will end up being a robbery just like the Beckam trade was for the Giants and the Porzingus trade was for the Knicks.....never listen to the media or rabid fan bases who fall in love with "stars".
  12. Same tools calling everyone busts have a closet full of these guys jerseys.....so much feminine energy.
  13. Yeah they have no testosterone and act like 12 year old girls. lol
  14. Why don't you leave the soy boy sh*t for Twitter.
  15. Because it's equally as creepy and pathetic....it's not that complicated.
  16. The Sam haters remind me of dudes who can't stop thinking about their exes 5 years later and stalk them on Facebook.
  17. Are people gonna get over giving up a 3rd round pick by then?
  18. None of those good coaches NFL wanted him starting anymore.
  19. Hurst is solid not every TE is gonna be Travis Kelce or George Kittle plus he's still young... I wouldn't be against giving up a 4th or something. I agree with Ertz tho not paying a injury prone 30 year old 8 mil.
  20. Ertz doesn't fit the profile Douglas has gone after so far...30, injury prone, and making good money....Hurst has two years left on a rookie deal I believe but it would probably cost more then Crowder they just gave up a 2nd for him last year.
  21. Everytime the Jets make a move...."this means the end of Crowder". lol
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