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  1. 1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Yeah that's exactly what this is.  The cult of JD. 

    If you can't disagree without polarizing to the extreme, then the discussion really isn't worth the time.  

    My bad you are right....I'm sure Douglas also planned on hiring Sala in 19 it was all part of his master plan.  Probably had his eye on Wilson in high school.

  2. 4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Exactly.  He traded all 3 guys.  That's what we know.  Suggesting we should take Douglas at his word on what he REALLY wanted to do with Adams, Darnold, etc all along is laughable.  Good GM's lie.  A lot.  

    This isn't complicated it wasn't the plan from day 1 that's all i'm saying. Lol  I swear some of you Joe Douglas cult members are so sensitive.   It makes zero sense to want to trade Darnold and Adams in 2019. ,,,it's like if you don't agree Douglas is The Amazing Kreskin people on this board have a kiniption fit. lol

  3. 10 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Adams' rookie contract was coming to an end.  And Douglas didn't draft the Safety OR the QB in question.  Those are enormous factors in the equation. 

    Considering he actually DID trade Jamal Adams, Sam Darnold and also Leonard Williams in the end, it's safe to assume he had plans to re-shape the team according to his vision rather than Mike Maccagnan's.  Adams didn't necessarily need to shoot his way out of town to make a trade happen, though perhaps he made it happen sooner than initially planned.

    Adams had 2 years on his rookie deal plus 2 years of the franchise tag....all of these decisions were made over time thinking they were gone from day 1 is goofy....plus like someone else already mentioned holding onto Darnold so long would have made no sense his value plummeted.  Leo was the only guy at the point who was a goner the other two were considered the future.

  4. 2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Meh.  He might be playing revisionist history, but you're offering up altered universe "history".  We really don't know what Douglas was planning to do with Adams and Darnold had circumstances been different. 

    But I know for sure I rarely believe Douglas at his word, because that's what good GM's do:  Lie. 

    I certainly wouldn't be surprised to learn later on that Douglas never had any intention of paying a Box Safety $17M+ per season.  I also wouldn't be surprised to learn later on that Douglas was lying when he said the Jets wouldn't have traded Darnold had they been picking later than 2.  Maybe they would have pivoted to one of the other QB prospects.  Maybe they would have gone with a vet option while still trading Darnold.  We just don't know.

    I'm pretty confident in saying Day 1 Douglas took over the job his plan wasn't trading his best player who was still under control for 5 more years and a QB the team just trade up to take 3rd a year before.....his plan wasn't even getting rid of Gase at that point.  Everything worked out perfect imo but thinking all of this was his master plan from day 1 is fantasy. 

  5. 31 minutes ago, addage said:

    I live in Seattle and watch the Hawks games with family. 
    That’s the prevailing opinion out here. But they’re nuts. Drank the koolaid. 
    They have a QB screaming about a poor OL and they give up 3 hi value picks. They’re in cap hell. They have to pay him or look like idiots. Their best players are all older. 
    They’re screwed.  Conceivably they can pull it off but I doubt it 

    I checked the Hawks message board after their playoff lose and the overwhelming sentiment was Adams was a stud and we need a new coach and QB....it was mental. lol

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  6. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Joe Douglas was never paying him a penny.  There were 3 players joe had his eye on ditching in order to get picks to rebuild this roster; Adams, Darnold and Leo.

    There were goners from day 1.

    This is such revisionist history...Douglas would have paid Adams eventually if he wasn't such a mental patient and if we won one more game Darnold would be the QB of the team right now.

  7. 19 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Imagine thinking that 99 catches in 3 seasons is 50 balls a year.  He's on his rookie deal for this year.  Bringing him in if he is cut sounds like a plan.  Paying for him when he is available because he is "disgruntled" is probably a mistake.  The Ravens dumped him and the Falcons did not pick up the 5th year option.  This is not a must have player. 

    He caught 50 balls last year in his third season....the 11th most productive TE in the league....your right bro lets go with the guy who averaged 12 catches a year over 6 seasons and stone hands Herdon.  We aren't talking about a high draft pick or a investment worth worrying about to bring in a young good TE.  The problem here is some of you guys have become obsessed with 5th and 6th round picks.

  8. 22 minutes ago, slats said:

    The WR market is about to start experiencing a downturn similar to the downturn the RB market experienced. This past year was very weak, with Corey Davis’ deal being one of the biggest of the offseason. It won’t be as pronounced as for RBs, but I suspect that second contracts for non-superstars will be tough to come by as colleges continue to produce NFL ready players in large numbers every year. Crowder probably wouldn’t’ve gotten $5M back in March, no way he would’ve gotten anything close to that this time of year. That’s the leverage the Jets had and used. 

    I get what you are saying but if Cole got 5M then Crowder would have got at least 5M he's a similar player if not better...also guys like Samuels and Davis both got 10M per in the offseason so I'm not so sure the WR free agent market is as weak as you think.  I don't disagree salary cap strategy wise I wouldn't be paying guys like Crowder much but if I were him I wouldn't be accepting 4.5 mil from a bad team going into free agency. ...I think it's more likely Crowder has bought into the system rather then thinking he can't get 4 or 5 mil from a good team.

  9. I'm not a Boone fan but the problem clearly is Cashman...he uses analytics in the dumbest way possible and has built teams that do nothing besides hit homers and uses 8 bullpen guys a game.  I stopped watching this team a few years ago because it was clear this team and philosophy was going nowhere and honestly its a complete bore.

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  10. 18 minutes ago, PS17 said:

    Darnold will throw for 60% completions with 16 TDs and 21 INTs when he’s 27 and people will still be like “but he’s still so young!”

    No I think people are just calling him young because he's 24 and played 3 years for the Jets.

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