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  1. Probably his Todd Bowles like game management and blowing all his time outs in the first 10 minutes of the second half on a weekly bases.
  2. The Jets can't have Mike White playing well while Wonderboy is rehabbing so they will play Flacco 19 games.
  3. It's almost like people don't actually watch the games and just like the way he looks mean on the sidelines....we already got one of those.
  4. This is karma for how the Jets treated Mike White last year.
  5. I'm gonna tell my great grand kids about the time Jets fans thought Denzel Mims was a good player.
  6. If would rather watch the WNBA than watch Brian Flores coach this team.
  7. I thought he was hurt also. haha dude was gassed.
  8. Anybody bet the season win total over at 5.5? lol
  9. His pressers last year were alarming...he's just gonna play his defensive scheme and that's that.
  10. If Dee Milner was drafted by the Jets in the past few years people would be crying about other fans calling him a bust....but it's 2022 everyone's a pVssy.
  11. I watched a bunch of Seahawks games last year because it was fun to root against them and what I noticed is Wilson held onto the ball way too long and ran around in circles a lot..... I wonder if that had anything to do with Browns numbers being so bad.
  12. I didn't think Hughes could be less likeable than his is on his podcast but he's pulled it off. lol
  13. Yeah I'm not sure why people keep bringing up things that happened over a decade ago when the process has been overhauled multiple times and collectively bargained.....the process is still a joke but what happened to Ben 12 years ago means nothing.
  14. People heard his name last year during the draft process so they will continue to bring up his name non stop.......it's why Jets fans wanted to trade or sign OJ Howard for 5 years even tho he sucked.
  15. When that positivity turns into getting triggered when people disagree with your football opinions or threats of being banned for being too "negative" we have have reached epic proportions of delusion and cult territory. People need to stop acting like children and have sports debates like big boys.
  16. Smear people as haters or miserable when they bring up legitimate concerns or disagreements then also bash them when they turn out to be right. lol You deserve extra cookies tonight you have proven you are the most positive fan of a franchise who has been the worst team in sports for the past half century. This whole cult of positivity since JD has been hired is beyond bizarre.
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