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  1. Williams, Burks, Olave, Wilson, Watson
  2. I watched an interview with him a while back he admitted he was mostly a basketball fan till 2 years ago....not that it matters most of these guys are idiots.
  3. HighPitch-Hey mods can you ban people that don't agree with me and don't agree with the information I'm feed by MSM? This war didn't start this week this war started in 2014 when the US backed a coup that overthrew a democratically elected leader and installed a government full of neo-nazis because the previous regime was anti NATO...settle down with the war cheerleading sometimes there's no good guys this is just another war we started to keep the war machine churning and capture more energy. This is far more complicated than reeee Russia bad. Last comment so I don't get banned. lmao
  4. Something about grown men and the over use of emojis really weirds me out. lol
  5. I don't know how anyone can expect WIlson to succeed this year because of this.
  6. I started watching sports on mute over the past few years it feels like all these announcers egos have gotten out of control and they are all more worried about putting on a bad Abbot and Costello routine rather than calling a game. The fact any of these guys are getting 20 mil a year is mindboggling.
  7. Zero chance they draft a secondary player in the top 10.. it's possible they sign a big ticket corner but doubtful. The defense is dependent on pass rush they will most likely focus on that and piece together the secondary with players drafted later and mid level free agents. Just my opinion based on JDs draft history.
  8. No people who think we are taking secondary players in the top 10 and overpaying in free agency absolutely aren't paying attention.
  9. I can't tell if this is a serious comment or not.....it's hard in 2022. lmao
  10. Exactly...If Wilson develops into a a top ten QB plan A was successful if he flames out in two years it's just another disaster.
  11. If you polled the other 31 GMs in the league how many would trade Chase for Zach WIlson right now?
  12. The problem is Hal he views Cashman as family and refuses to fire him and seems content with making the playoffs...Cashman is the most overrated GM in sports history.
  13. People continue to say it was two 3rds but it was really one and a move down 15 spots into the 4th which at that point in the draft is meaningless so we really lost that one 3rd to move into the top 10. Also they said they were shocked Carter fell all the way to the forth and would have taken him in the third.
  14. Meh he's the Jesse Smollet of the NFL I don't like billionaire owners either but that doesn't mean I like scam artists that use race hustles for profit. OK I'm done here before I get banned. lmao
  15. If the plan was to start him day 1 of his rookie season why would you replace him in the middle of this season? There should be no discussion of benching him this season he either sinks or swims.
  16. Another reason to root against the Steelers.
  17. I'm hearing from Joey Bag O Donuts on Twitter Cooper Kupp is available for a 3rd.
  18. Yeah but what would be the reason? I mean do we really believe Chase Young is available or is it just random people posting random sh*t on Twitter?
  19. Chase Young? Why would Chase Young be available?
  20. I don't think this is true you are confusing pre draft rankings and scouting with what actually happens when players get on the field...Revis wasn't a top 10 pick and TJ Watt went 30...some of these players will be superstars there's just not any obvious choices for the masses to get excited about.
  21. Meh non of these guys know anything right now...I'll make a bet with the guys that "know how Joe Douglas thinks" that he's not taking a secondary player with his top two picks.
  22. You think Joe Douglas is telling guys he worked with a decade ago who are now in the media who he's drafting in February?
  23. You need to build a base via drafting first before you go all in trying to win a Super Bowl. Using the Bills or Rams as examples for what the Jets should do right now is foolish we have 75 holes.... when the Bills and Rams started trading for superstars they were already a 9-10 win team with superstars already on the roster drafted by the team.
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