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  1. Imagine a world where people can comprehend one has nothing to do with the other?
  2. I'm guessing you were a big Todd Bowles fan.
  3. Brian Flores is like a thousand other good coordinators who turned out to be below average head coaches. If you are a Jets fan you wanted him as head coach as long as possible not them trying to find a better head coach.
  4. Believe like me or you are excommunicated from the cult.
  5. It's hilarious how people get so hysterical about trading up...it worked out pretty well last year when AVT was targeted and people cried about that.
  6. Meh we have no clue what the GM thinks and if they cut bait with Tua now it will prove they actually know what they are doing and are choosing not to waste another year to get to the same place anyway.
  7. The fact so many people think Brian Flores is a good head coach proves people don't know what they are watching. lol Miami deserves credit for having the balls to fire him a year early.
  8. Honestly I don't feel any different then I did before the season...I still have no idea if we have a good GM, coach, or QB and neither does anybody else.
  9. Meh I could care less either way...I like Ben tho been watching him since his MAC days.
  10. End around on 2 and 1 when a first down seals the game was a pretty dumb call by the Raiders coach.
  11. I watch these games and it just becomes a who's the dumbest coach contest.
  12. It's an example of using analytics in the dumbest way possible and having no understanding the game isn't played by computers. The only dumber example I can think off is when Kevin Cash took out Snell in the 5th inning of game 7 of the World Series when he was dealing.
  13. That is a big difference the QB is the most important piece...I just think some fans overestimate the amount of young talent on the team we are still pretty far away and it's still up in the air whether or not the GM is any good.
  14. I'm gonna ignore all draft talk because I'm already hearing how we should take a safety at 4 like it would be a really intelligent pick.....It's gonna be a really long 4 months. lol
  15. The emergence of Berrios makes the Mims pick hurt less I think the Jets are in good position at WR if they go into next season with Moore, Davis, Berrios a free agent acquisition and another guy drafted in the top 3 rounds.
  16. I hope we are headed in the right direction but everybody has a few young players that look like future stars...I'm sure Detroit Lions fans think Swift, Hockenson, and St. Brown are the core to their 2024 Super Bowl team....If we are living in the real world we still have bottom 3 talent with questionable management.
  17. The mob? lol Jesus stop playing victim there's like two guys on the board not ball washing WIlson and your crying about it like a 4 year old.
  18. Addison is gonna be a star...not sure if he's a great fit with Moore tho.
  19. Then they graduate to fantasy football then to degenerate gamblers. lol
  20. Is a 15 minute review really needed 34-3 7 minutes left?
  21. Are you trying to say that there are more examples of WRs elevating the play of QBs and not vice versa? I can think of 50 WRs whos careers were made by a HOF QB and can't think of one the opposite way. Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Jordy Nelson, Troy Brown, Dion Branch, Greg Jennings, John Taylor, I mean I could go on forever here. What receiver or group of receivers has made a QB?
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