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  1. I never understood what the beef was with him and Pittsburgh and why he never goes back.
  2. I think the point is these teams aren't playoff caliber historically not that one deserves to be their because of a story line you like.
  3. Yeah I agree there's not many guys that can put a team on his back but the question is do you play it safe and ride with a guy like Tua, Mayfield, or Tannehill for 10 years or do you continue to take shots and hope to land the next Mahomes, Allen, or Hurbert...personally I would continue to take shots.
  4. You can consistently make the playoffs and win 9-11 games but can guys like that or Ryan Tannehill win you a Super Bowl? Long shot imo.
  5. Is it just me or does Bradshaw get more immature the older he gets?
  6. This Tweet sums up PFF and it's subscribers in a nutshell....all it's missing is pumpkin beer and some lube.
  7. I'm shocked the guy playing football with a gold grill took a dumb penalty.
  8. Hurts is one of these guys like Tua or Mayfield who's good enough to trick you into thinking you have a franchise QB but you are really just wasting time.
  9. Philly was mocked for hiring their coach and was predicted to win 3 games so this game is really gravy.
  10. Yeah cause I guy who's never missed a game is the same as a guy who's never on the field.
  11. It's become the NBA they just pick and choose when they want to throw flags.
  12. Exactly people celebrating and we are like 3 years from even being the Patriots. lol
  13. Yeah I agree..if anything the division looks like it's gonna be impossible for the next 10 years when just a few years ago we thought it might be there for the taking.
  14. The amount of joy some Jets fans get out of other people QBs and coaches sucking is disturbing. lol
  15. I was gonna bump a Denzel Mims thread but there's literally 20,000 of them I couldn't choose.
  16. The only change in the order would be SF would have taken Jones and Lance would have gone a few spots later...Lawrence didn't look like the generational talent he was billed as but still would go 1.
  17. I always thought Singletary was a good runner they were just pass happy...looks like the play calling has been more balanced the last 6 games of the season and they are unstoppable now.
  18. I understand what the technicalities were it just didn't effect the play and he didn't step out of bounds so it would have been a bigger screw up to take the TD away IMO. Refs suck I agree but it was a TD.
  19. can't really complain about that he was in bounds and whistle was blown same time the ball was caught ...it had zero effect on the play and the whistle shouldn't have been blown.
  20. Douglas drafted a bunch of lazy guys in 2020 I think that much is clear.
  21. Cincy -5.5 and NE + 5 I don't know if I have recency bias but I think the Pats just run the ball down Buffalos throat again in the bad weather and I think the Bengals get ahead early and sack Carr 10 times in a blowout.
  22. Yeah there's a handful of headscratchers that prevent me from fully buying into the genius of Joe Douglas....the handling of the back up QB, FG kicker, and the WR position in Darnolds 3rd year come to mind.
  23. Hopefully they let these guys throw the ball further than 5 yards.
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