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  1. Even the guys that are good are 3rd WRs on good teams. Cole and Crowder are jags and Davis is a middle of the road 2.
  2. Imagine getting paid to analyze football and saying the Jets have a good/great WR group? lol
  3. The Gase era sucked all the life out of me I mostly watch emotionless now. lol
  4. I was hoping for things to move in the right direction but it's going backwards.
  5. I feel like i'm watching the 2020 Jets with Gase and Darnold....it's the same sh*t.
  6. Drew Lock must really suck for them to go with Bridgewater
  7. Id actually like to see them for a few more years. lol
  8. What makes me sad as a Jets fan is even the Lions have some good young offensive players....Swift and Hockenson are pro bowl level.
  9. I agree they pulled a Giants thinking they could give it another run with a over the hill QB...but Harris as a player looks pretty good the problem is the whole offense is on his back as a rookie.
  10. Both Ryan and Ben look awful both teams should have drafted QBs
  11. He's not a bad player but the Steelers are giving him 25 touches a game like he's Derrick Henry
  12. Mahomes with the bonehead pick. Lets go Chargers!
  13. Do we know if Denzel Mims found his shoes this morning?
  14. I'm giving the Jets a half if it's the same nonsense switching to Hawks vs Vikings. lol
  15. Yeah I like Waddle and Smith but Chase is on a different level.....and Tua sucks. lol
  16. looks like the Bengals made a great decision paring up Burrow and Chase.
  17. Mayfield is having a terrible season but at least OBJ is back to get the Browns some Sportscenter time.
  18. Yeah I mentioned that....he looks ordinary not the once in a lifetime TE talent I was told he was....looking for like Vernon Davis.
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