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  1. He's not a bad player but the Steelers are giving him 25 touches a game like he's Derrick Henry
  2. Mahomes with the bonehead pick. Lets go Chargers!
  3. Do we know if Denzel Mims found his shoes this morning?
  4. I'm giving the Jets a half if it's the same nonsense switching to Hawks vs Vikings. lol
  5. Yeah I like Waddle and Smith but Chase is on a different level.....and Tua sucks. lol
  6. looks like the Bengals made a great decision paring up Burrow and Chase.
  7. Mayfield is having a terrible season but at least OBJ is back to get the Browns some Sportscenter time.
  8. Yeah I mentioned that....he looks ordinary not the once in a lifetime TE talent I was told he was....looking for like Vernon Davis.
  9. The Falcons legit look like the 2nd worst team in the league but yeah lets take a TE instead of a QB or a tackle. lol
  10. I don't have Giants hatred like most Jets fans but Joe Judge is quickly becoming the worst coach in the league...he's just another BB disciple with identity problems.
  11. I'm not saying Pitts isn't going to be a star but so far I haven't seen anything that would warrant taking a TE that high.
  12. Yeah Usyk is impressive. Ruiz only lost a few fights the Joshua rematch when he didn't seem to train and got fat and Joseph Parker which I actually thought he won. I think Ruiz vs Usyk would be a war they are similar height and Ruiz has the hand speed and power to make it a classic. Like I said I just think more of Ruiz I guess.
  13. Joshua has always been a bit overhyped as are most guys from the UK...I mean he has power and skills for a big man but he's extremely chiny. I have a lot more respect then you do for Ruiz I would like to see a third fight.
  14. Chances of this being true are close to zero. The media knows Jets fans eat this sh*t up and are just looking for clicks. Jets fans always being played like the town drunk.
  15. I've always said the Jets need to hire a young offensive innovative coach but then they went and hired Adam Gase.
  16. Having both of them on the team at the same time would have been impossible and a example of why is how people react when the coaching staff benches a mediocre 2nd round WR. The other option would have been to keep Sam and trade down for a haul...that would have kept multiple options open at QB for the future. JD put all the eggs in the Zach Wilson basket so let's hope that works out better then most of the other moves he's made.
  17. I should take a video of my mailman and post his opinions.
  18. Even if you think Darnold will only be a league average QB it would have still made him the second best QB in Jets history. lol
  19. Sam is never going to be a top 10 QB but he was never the worst QB in the league obviously....I think when all is said and done he will be a Kirk Cousins Ryan Tannehill level QB.
  20. Sam is far from a finished product he's only played 3 games for a professional team.
  21. Sam looks pretty good for only his 3rd game playing for a professional team.
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