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  1. The reason I posted that is because it was becoming apparent he's not very motivated and not a football guy....might be a better idea to cut bait before his value is nothing.
  2. Something was definitely off about the philosophy in 2020.....if he nails the upcoming draft and Wilson isn't a bust I'll throw 2020 out.
  3. I feel like Douglas just drafted talent in the 2020 draft and threw background checks and interviews out the window...maybe Covid had something to do with limited info but he drafted like a fan who watches Youtube clips and reads PFF.
  4. I gave up trying to find a good one...it was either smug beat writers or Jets fans cheerleading the team.
  5. I think people like you read peoples tone wrong because you are so emotionally invested and hero worship players......this is probably why any sort of criticism is met with hysterics.
  6. What's the rushing record cause that has a chance of being broken also.
  7. Yeah it makes very little sense for guys who aren't projected 1st rounders to sit out. Tons of guys have been sitting out and entering the transfer portal also.
  8. Yeah we are definitely living in the movie Idiocracy....it's both funny and sad at the same time. lol
  9. The media celebrates guys sitting out now....watching the Pitt game and they are praising Pickett saying " he's just protecting that bag"....it's so cringe.
  10. Fun game to watch but just putrid defense...I think there was like 4 80 yard plays in the last 5 minutes. Also terrible call by the refs blowing the play dead on the Vols last running play.
  11. Who's making excuses? It's seems Becton may not be the hardest worker and maybe a little flaky so I'm wondering how he would react to the switch.
  12. Hopefully it's a motivating factor. I'm sure he wants that left tackle money.
  13. I would be interested in how Becton would react to being moved to the right side...would he embrace the change and act like a pro or sulk and mail it in?
  14. Is there a reason this thread is in the Jets football section? Asking for a friend.
  15. All this says is the Jets have the most 50 yr old fans who have no life and hang out on Twitter.
  16. I'm so excited we have finally reached year one of the Joe Douglas regime.
  17. Who was on the books from the Mike McCagnan era that prevented us from signing players this past off season? Didn't we have the most cap space in the league?
  18. The bar is low that looking like a professional QB and throwing a few accurate balls constitutes progress. I agree he looks better then the dumpster fire that was his first 6 games but at some point it would be nice if he puts up Davis Mills or Josh Johnson numbers....I didn't mention Mike White because i don't want anyone having a conniption fit.
  19. So you're telling me Kenny Yeboah isn't gonna be Tony Gonzalez?
  20. Pretty bummed there isn't any high end offensive weapons in this draft like last year. From what I'm reading looks like lot's of edge and secondary talent at the top of the draft and it's a really weak WR and TE draft. Hopefully Pickett, Howell or a few of these QBs start flying up the board so we can trade back and have multiple ones in 23 or one of the top ends drop.
  21. People are really beating their chest around here over a 100 yard passing game.
  22. Time of possession was virtually even ,total plays was virtually even, and they both had 9 drives. Time of possession average for the season is Jets 28 minutes opponents 32 minutes.
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