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  1. You don't need to be a QB guru to think the last two first round picks are gonna be better then Wilson....the only people who don't are delusional Jets fans.
  2. celebrity/media Jets fans are just another excuse to eventually switch teams one day....I'll see how Darnold looks vs Dallas. lol
  3. I think Higgins is out and Mixon is banged up...they still win by 7 tho.
  4. Burrow wins and is the better QB but in the end they both are gonna turn out better then what we got.
  5. You have no idea if this was a good draft or not...and the same people saying 2021 was a good draft loved the 2020 draft.
  6. Never jumped on the JD bandwagon but I'm judging this whole crew as one if it doesn't look like Wilson is the guy by next year and JD and Saleh don't turn this team into a playoff contender it's time for a complete reset after next season......again.
  7. When you finally decide to draft a QB in the top 5 the most talent guy you have probably had in 50 years you have to come up with a better plan then hiring Adam Gase....that decision and the 3 years that followed just sucked the life out of me. lol
  8. Yeah I haven't been emotionally invested in this team since mid season last year...the Gase era really turned a lot of people off it wasn't only the product on the field that was the problem for me it was that it was totally predictable that Gase would be a dumpster fire and ruin Darnold.
  9. The Jets have a collection of marginal players that people convinced themselves were stars over the summer.
  10. I just lost all my brain cells reading this thread.
  11. I look forward to Jets fans wanting to take a corner or defensive lineman first overall.
  12. We need to bring in more solid vets to hold the fort and mentor the younger players...I understand if the top end players aren't interested in coming here or are over priced but there was a few guys like Kevin Zeitler who were available.
  13. I remember being pretty upset during free agency that the o-line was ignored and trashed for it...people were saying it would be addressed during the draft. IMO there should have been at least a solid guard brought in along with drafting another lineman in a o-line heavy draft.
  14. I never thought I would say this but so far JD has done a worse job then Idzik and Mac player personnel wise. I understand what his philosophy is building through the draft and not overpaying free agents over 30 but so far it hasn't worked even a little bit. People who jumped on the Douglas bandwagon really should have waited to see if he was a good drafter before washing his balls.
  15. The first thing they need to do is find a QB that's familiar with Lafluers system and let WIlson learn on the bench for the year...since I don't think JD or Saleh are getting fired anytime soon they need to go all in on offense in next years draft...take a stud WR with the number one pick followed by two o-linemen a TE and another RB.
  16. I'm not a big McCarthy guy but arguing a failed coach from Miami whos anti social is a better choice to mentor a young QB over a guy who won a SB and made the playoffs 9 years in a row is such a Jet fan argument. lol
  17. Yeah the whole GB narrative that's always pushed is a crock....first it was McCarthy was holding him back then it was there's not enough talent on the team. The team literally has a top 5 WR and RB and a solid D every year yet he still holds out and complains.
  18. I'm not trying to minimize this sh*t show but the lack of talent that's on the field is alarming until that is fixed it's impossible to grade the QB or coaching staff imo. JD is the one who should be taking all the bullets right now.
  19. Cool I wonder what Fireman Ed thinks.
  20. I love how some people act like the intelligent reasonable response to the Jets sucking for 50 years is being positive and trusting the process.....I heard a lot of this kind of stuff over the summer when JD was treated like a God and you weren't allowed to disagree with any moves made. The Jets have now been non competitive for over a year and when somebody proves to me they know what they are doing is when I'll get behind this sh*t show. lol
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