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  1. It's gonna get messy around here when people come to terms with the fact we didn't draft Aaron Rodgers or Josh Allen last year. lol
  2. Our smart GM gave Corey Davis 13M a year and drafted Denzel Mims. He also signed Breshad Perriman and Keenen Cole. The Moore pick was a good one but I don't think he's proven he's the wide receiver whisperer. I think it's time for Douglas to start spending on sure things the time for being cute is over.
  3. Packers over Chiefs Lot's of fun teams to root for tho Bengals, Chargers, Cards, Vikings.
  4. They will tell stories decades from now about how in 2021 the Jets battled a cold and beat the worst football team in the NFL....it's another Rudy beating the odds story....miracle on ice if you will.
  5. I agree with the rules but the officiating is worse in the NFL to me and the replays are quick...I probably misspoke when I said they are quicker I just find myself less aggravated I guess.
  6. Biggest problem I have with Zach is he has a shaky pocket presences...his uneasiness in the pocket is probably what's effecting his accuracy. I'm hoping reps and time make him more comfortable but I'm not sure if I've ever seen someone look so uncomfortable then become elite.
  7. It also took them 15 minutes to not change the call....I watch college football every Saturday and the games move along nicely and I'm not aggravated by bad calls.
  8. It's kinda like Jets fans making fun of the Jacksonville Jaguars
  9. Two months ago everyone wanted him cut and off the team to make room for Mims now he must be resigned for big money......I love this fanbase. lol
  10. I agree with this 100 percent. This team needs at least one strong unit and the line accomplishes the most right now. I would solidify the line and then draft offensive weapons. The defense is horrendous but I would try and improve that in free agency and with returning injured players.
  11. Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones bad Zach Wilson good everyone gets it. lol
  12. I don't have a problem with what people's opinions are one way or the other...but draft order is either important or it's not it doesn't change based on what makes you feel good atm. lol
  13. The last 4 games of Darnold's rookie season he was the best QB in the league....It's hard to have conversations with people when they aren't living in reality. The only way you are seen as not negative around here is if you are blown away by a QB that faced the worst team in the league and threw for 100 yards. He didn't suck that's the best I got. lol
  14. Jet's fans are obsessed with other teams failures and comparing them to ours....the only organization that has less talent then us is Houston and at least they are playing hard and being coached well.
  15. I would have been happy with Van Jefferson.
  16. This game is painful...you see a lot more teams not showing up lately.....you have to wonder if it has anything to do with all the Covid stuff going on behind the scenes.
  17. It's not even about results it's about the thought process behind the hire....of course a Super Bowl winning coach who made the playoffs 10 times was a better choice to develop the first franchise QB you drafted in 50 years.... over a failed Miami coach who is anti social? The debate was always silly.
  18. Our king Zach? Yikes I think that pretty much says it all. lol
  19. Jets fans- Yay we win draft order isn't important. Same Jets fans - Yay Seattle loses higher draft pick for us.
  20. I would pay money if I could see a Denzel Mims spoon feeding celebration.
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