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  1. Good thing we drafted a back up QB 2 years ago maybe we should put that guy in for the struggling rookie.
  2. The good thing is at least we have a 2021 offense with a 2021 QB. The days of ground and pound are over thankfully.
  3. Besides the two awful INTs bunch of positives I see out there. OL looks solid, Carter and Moore look good, D is flying around.
  4. The everything is Darnolds fault crowd has turned into the nothing is Wisons fault crowd.
  5. Wilson is a rookie but lets stop pretending he's making smart decisions out there....on the plus side at least we aren't running Frank Gore into the line all game. lol
  6. Actually after the first few drives I think this is a very winnable game. D is flying around.
  7. How do you know this because Conor Hughes told you on Twitter? lol
  8. The Jets drafted a knucklehead in the second round it doesn't take Perry Mason to figure this out. Either way somebody messed up in this situation JD or Saleh. Think I'm gonna support the coach on this one since we already have evidence of JD not picking the right players. People are just attached to Mims because they thought the trade down and pick was brilliant.
  9. This is the kinda brilliant stuff that makes me want to join Twitter again.
  10. Nobody is giving you anything for Denzel Mims.
  11. I'm disappointed after clicking I thought this was a thread about Eric Deckers hot wife.
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